Zray X2 10’10” Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Zray X2 padde board review

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The ZRAY X2 Paddle Board ISUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board) is an all around paddle board perfect for all skill levels. This paddle board makes it easy to get on and start paddling, all without the hassle of a big, bulky board to carry with you.


Zray X2 Overview

The ZRAY X2 ISUP is an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. It’s a versatile paddle board. This ISUP is extremely rigid, with a solid and reliable platform once inflated. The ZRAY X2 paddle board proves as dependable as it’s hard board counterparts with the convenience of easy transport because of it’s size.


  • Dimension: 10 foot 10 inches of board length, 30 inches of deck width and 6 inches of board thickness
  • Board Weight: 18 pounds
  • Max Weight capacity: 320 pounds
  • Included Accessories: Paddle, Foot Pump, Backpack Carrying Bag
  • Color: Yellow with Gray Wave Design

Details of The Complete Set

The ZRAY X2 paddle board includes several items with purchase:


For a priced right, inflatable paddle board, the ZRAY X2 did not skimp on construction. It inflates to 6 inches thick providing the user with stability while on the water. It is designed with a traction deck pad for secure footing while the board is wet. The board will be wet, so this is a necessity for a successful ride out on the water. The ZRAY X2 is strong and durable. It is constructed with premium double layers. The ZRAY X2 paddle board is manufactured with quality, heavy, military grade PVC. The interior of this paddle board has a Korean drop stitch for strength.

Board Design

This board includes 10 attached, stainless steel D-rings from the manufacturer. 4 of these D-rings are located on the top, front of the board. These have bungee cord strung through to create a functional storage area at the front of the board. It’s perfect to store your sunscreen, water shoes, flip flops, hat and hydration bottle, all while keeping them safely out of the water during your outing. The other 6 rings are placed at the back half of the board. One D-ring is placed on the end of the board to clip a safety leash onto. This safety leash is highly suggested, but is purchased separately. Directly underneath this one, on the other side of the board, is another ring. This one is designed to secure your paddle board down in windy conditions or while pulled up to the pier. Several are also placed accordingly on the top side to accommodate a kayak seat, which is sold separately. In the center of the ZRAY X2 board is a soft, fabric handle that provides comfort and a secure grip for the user.

Underneath the board is a central fin for tracking and mobility while on the water. While other boards may boast three fins, this single fin design does it’s job of tracking the board. It is a removable fin. It takes a little effort to secure it properly and lock it in, but once in the correct position it is firm and stable.

This inflatable paddle board comes in an attractive and easy to see yellow color, with an eye-catching wave design.

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This inflatable paddle board proves functional for users of any age or skill set. It’s stability makes it a great candidate for teenagers through adults. Both beginners and more experienced riders will enjoy this all around inflatable board. It glides through the water. Although it is not a speed board, it is capable of a decent speed in the water. Due to it’s size, stability, thickness and weight capacity this board can easily accommodate 2 people at once, or even one rider and their dog, making it possible for the rider to share the experience with others.Zray X2 Paddle Board Review

Storage and Transport

Roll, stuff, and go!

The ZRAY X2 inflatable paddle board comes complete with it’s own carry bag that simplifies the process of bringing along your paddle board.

Simply roll it up to sleeping bag size, then easily fit it into the carry bag. When you get to your recreation location unzip the bag, pull it out, unroll the board, inflate with the included foot pump or one recommended electric pump and youre’ on the water in no time at all! When your outing is complete, deflate the board, roll in a similar manner to a sleeping bag and return to it’s carrying bag. Inflation with the included foot pedal will take about ten minutes.

It inflates to 15 psi and will feel just like a hard board. It does have some flex, which is typical with inflatable boards. The same goes for deflating the board after use, they have simplified the process to make it easy to do so. There is a large valve on this inflatable and once opened, it releases the air and you can begin rolling it up to expel all of the remaining air out of it, keeping the valve open during storage will allow it to roll up tightly.

Water Type

The ZRAY X2 inflatable paddle board is considered an all around paddle board. All around paddle boards are built for recreational use in mind. All around boards provide riders with all riders, whether it’s a rider with a beginner skill set or the more experienced, veteran rider, a top quality experience during any occasion on the water. These type of boards are typically 10-11 feet long and 30-34 inches wide. This paddle board falls right into this category. As a good all around paddle board, it is ideal for teenagers through adults. It will perform well on all types of waterways including lakes, rivers, flat water spots, as well as the ocean. This board is a great board that will offer recreation in many different water environments.


The ZRAY X2 Inflatable Paddle Board is an all around type paddle board offering stability and functionality for a broad range of riders. Many will find enjoyment with this board because of it’s ease of use. It’s lightweight, compact features and easy transport bag makes it a great candidate for those with little space for storage and for those who want to be spontaneous. Perfect for all waterways, and while not a racer it does offer a smooth ride and some speed. It’s the perfect board to enjoy a day out on the lake, river, or ocean.

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