Top 3 Paddle Board Destinations in South America

costa verde

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Ready For an Adventure?

Taking your best paddleboard to an exotic continent, what could be more exciting and adventurous than this?

South America is full of great destinations, delicious cuisine and tons of entertainment, but in this opportunity we are going to review the top 3 SUP destinations in this continent.

If you are looking for something daring, different and new, then you need to stay here to see why visiting these amazing places must be on your bucket list!

Chicama, Peru#1 – Chicama, Peru:

Peru is famous for its delicious gastronomy and for Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. But in this opportunity we are going to talk about Chicama, an amazing destination for paddleboarders.

It is located in Trujillo, a city located at the North of Peru, we find Puerto Chicama, also known as Puerto Malabrigo.

Why is it special? It is simple: the waves are out of this world. If you are the kind of paddleboarder who loves surfing, then you are going to have much fun while riding mile-long waves, which according to many, are the longest waves in this world.

What paddle boards would be ideal for Chicama? I’d recommend you to bring a 12’6” Surftech Lard Bark Tuflite Surf paddleboard or a 12’6” Bark Pro-Elite Competitor. As they are especially designed for surfing, you should have a pretty good time with any of them in this amazing spot.

It is also a very tranquil coastal town, therefore, if you are looking for amazing waves and a pretty relaxed environment where you can simply paddleboard and eat a delicious ceviche later while looking at the sunset, then Chicama is the place to be!

Costa Verde, Brazil#2 – Costa Verde, Brazil:

Unlike Peru, where the paddleboarding sport is still kind of new, here in Brazil it is gaining tons of practitioners very fast. And the bays around Costa Verde are where most Brazilian paddleboarders go to paddle and enjoy their day.

Costa Verde is special because its water remains warm and its clear turquoise color make it an ideal place for you.

The whole environment is like a fantasy, because of the beautiful water, trees with blooming flowers and towering cliffs.

It is perfect for touring, because you have so many beaches and bays at your disposal that you can’t do other thing than exploring all of this marvelous place.

A great community, nice waves and a precious environment… what else could you ask for?

Patagonia, Chile#3 – Patagonia, Chile:

Now, if you are looking for a completely different experience, then pack your bags and head to Patagonia in Chile.

Here you won’t find warm turquoise water or trees with blooming flowers like in Costa Verde, nor arid cliffs and super-long waves like in Chicama. Here the cliffs will be replaced by towering icebergs, the warm for freezing-cold and the turquoise for enigmatic blue water.

You will have to wear a winter coat for this amazing experience. If you are up to it, then you will be rewarded with amazing landscapes and the opportunity to paddle through the waters of one of the coldest yet most beautiful places in this planet.

Just take into account that this kind of adventure is not for the light-hearted, because the cold weather and the daring environment will play against you.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Now you have three excellent paddle boarding spots to visit in South America. Again, if you are pursuing a new paddle boarding experience, then you must visit these places!

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