Reasons To Do SUP Yoga

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Reasons To Do SUP YogaObviously, there’s more to than just doing complicated poses on your yoga board. Here are my personal reasons for doing it from time to time:

Good for the Health

Health is well. When you invest on the best SUP for yoga, you aren’t only doing it for the sake of the name. But it’s an investment for your long-term health.

It greatly reduces stress. Okay, maybe when I first tried it, I was stressed out because of these poses. But it was mainly because of my stubbornness of wanting to jump right off the process and wanting to do advanced poses.

It can easily be fixed though. By taking time to process your abilities, a step by step process does the trick. It strengthens both your physical and mental health and it allows your body to stretch. The beach is already beautiful as it is. The moment you mix everything some sunshine, fresh air, and the beautiful scenery of paddle boarding. You’ve got yourself a deal of a lifetime.

Enhances Core Strength

You already know how hard it is to maintain balance even when you’re not doing yoga. In general, paddle boarding requires time and skill to get used to balancing. It especially needs A LOT of training of your core.

Just imagine: doing yoga on an unstable platform. It clearly changes the playing field to a certain degree. We can all agree that yoga itself for beginners on a stable ground is already challenging. If you take away what most people depend on – a sturdy ground – you’re left to rely on your core muscles. If you don’t have enough strength, let’s just say you’ll be in the waters rather than be on it.

The techniques being used are different. Your idea of doing what traditional yoga entails might be different when you’re already on board.

But once you’re really advanced and have mastered the poses, the possibilities are endless. Maybe using a board might be difficult, but no one can deny that it definitely is more interesting than being on the ground.

Just About Anyone Can Do It

Contrary to what the popular belief is, anyone can do it. No, you don’t have to be part of some SUP Yoga clan or become the next yoga sage or something.

Although that would be cool, but things are pretty simple. Even a toddler can do it! There’s not an age limit or restriction when it comes to SUP yoga. This offers a totally different light than most board sports. The reason why is that it doesn’t really require technical skill to get into the game.  So yes, be it a 70 year old grandma, it’s still possible.

NOTE: The key factor which affects your paddleboard yoga career is solely based on your dedication. You need time to practice for this one, but if given enough allowances, advanced poses aren’t too far to reach.

If you’ve already tried doing yoga on the ground, being on board is going to be easier than those who haven’t yet. Honestly, when you compare SUP yoga to other board sports like kite boarding, it shines.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money for paddle board. And for the most part, Stand up paddleboards are really light. Kayaks, on the other hand, is pretty much heavier. Transportation is going to be a hassle.

Yoga Poses You Can Try Out

Now that we’ve all agreed that there are no downsides on trying out a new hobby, let’s talk about the possible poses you can try out.

It’s time to open your mind to other possibilities and try out fun, useful, yet weird poses on the board. This will help you be the best at what you’re doing.

About the weird part, it’s only going to be weird until you’ve finally gotten used to it. It might take some time though.


UstrasanaOkay, as for our first lesson, let’s try this out. You can actually call this as a camel pose. People are doing this to achieve a perfect bend on their back. At the same time, it’s an excellent chest opener.

This is something anyone who’s experiencing lower back pain would be asked to do. It’s a great treatment for getting rid of the pain. Spine extensions are the way to go.

Do This To Start Feeling Great!

The first step is pretty basic. All you have to do is to kneel down on your board. Your body should in proportion, meaning your knees should be aligned down to your hips.

Of course, your feet should on the deck pad perfectly. Gently put your palms to where your lower back is. When you do this, remember that your fingers shouldn’t be facing upwards. Instead, let it face down.

In order to get your arch of your spine right, you would have to inhale while you work yourself to leaning back. Your hands should go and grab your feet to complete the pose.

Don’t do anything that is uncalled for. Make sure that you don’t strain your neck whether it is intentional or not. It’ll take effort, but keep it neutral position. You’ll eventually get used to it one day. Also, while practicing the position. It’s essential that you’re your hips are right above the knees. You can do so by making sure your hips are moved forward.

After you’ve done everything that’s being stated above. Just remain in the position a little longer. It’ll take several of breaths before you start moving.

Once that has been achieved, breathe out and slowly but surely go back to your primary position. Pull out your hands and place them at your back as you securely unbend yourself back.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

You’ll get a lot, really. This does a lot to your body and muscles. For instance, it stretches your neck, chest, core, things, and a lot more. It even includes your ankles and groins along with it, too.

Your back muscles (Yes, it’s going to bring sexy back) fortifies. It makes your gluteal muscles firm and sturdy as well. And who doesn’t want to get an awesome looking triceps as the aftermath? Talking about flexibility, this simple yoga technique, does already wonder for your spine. If you do this regularly, your posture will noticeably start to enhance as time passes by.

Proper digestion is everything. Luckily, this professionally stimulates your organs found in the abdominal area. Your metabolism will improve along with a healthier system. If you have been having a problem with your posture, this is really recommended for you. Try to do this thrice a week.

If possible, you should do it on a regular basis. It treats your concerns with your upper back.  Of course, this goes without saying, but it does work on your shoulder rounding as well. For girls out there who hates THAT time of the month, because no one really likes it in the first place, this is your remedy right here.

It’s able to overcome your discomfort. It means you don’t have to lie helpless in bed while sobbing on some sappy love story. You can enjoy the great outdoors with comfort now.

What’s The Catch?

Although this is a really nice pose to try out, but it only limits its possible number of users. If you happen to have insomnia, don’t do this. You may check out the other posts on the list.

Again, for people who have back and neck injury, this isn’t the right one for you. Also, people who have high or low blood pressure is advised to stay away from doing USTRASANA.


NavasanaRemember when I told you about the weird poses? Well, here’s a weird yet cool pose to do. Navasana is also known as “Boat pose.” What led to people call this as a boat pose is simple: it makes you feel like one.

Or if you’re in another person’s shoes, it makes you look like one. Long before I fell in love with paddle boards, I was till naïve. I poked fun at people who executes it. It doesn’t change the fact that it really works your core up. This requires you to balance your legs in conjunction with your upper body. Your spine, just like with any other poses, should be neutral as well.

Beginners can’t really lift their legs as high as they want to, but that’s alright. Understand that as of now that’s your limit. When you try to lift your legs up, ensure that your spine isn’t being compensated.

The moment that your spine starts to bend, you’re already doing it wrong. Lower your legs and keep your spine straight. As you practice, improvement starts to show.

Do This To Start Feeling Great!

Now on how to do it. You should be situated at the center of the board. Knees are needed to be bent, ensure that your feet are on the base. Use your core to make your legs hover over the board.

While you’re keeping a neutral spine, you can slowly lean backward. Your legs should be at the top of the deck. You’re able to check if you’re doing it right by checking out your shins. It should equal to the water.

So that you can make yourself stable in the pose, grab hold the back of your thighs. After you’ve done this step, you’d have to let go of your arms and place them right in front of you. Make sure that both of your palms are opposite to each other. Your navel should be pulled going to your spine. In the process, your shoulders shouldn’t be near your ears. Keep them away.

If you find this too difficult to properly execute, don’t force the situation as it will only lead to injuries. Just slowly bend your knees until you’re comfortable enough to paddle.

On the other hand, if you think that this is child’s play, then go ahead and straighten out your legs. For a couple of breaths, 5 to be exact, hold it while slowly lowering down your legs. To get things done, do this process for at least five times.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

For the most part, this workout’s goal is to help and stretch your hamstrings. As well as your hip flexors. Your legs are going to get stronger, together with your back and abs.

Your digestive track will improve by a notch as you continuously practice the pose. This helps in stimulating your intestines. Balance, of course, will be improved thru proper breathing.

Lastly, it allows you to focus more and develop your patience along the way.

What’s The Catch?

Well, since the pose requires you to put more effort on your abdominal muscles than the previous pose on the list, it’s better to avoid doing this pose if you’ve had adnominal surgery and still remains to be fresh.

Also, if you have experience of stomach issues, this isn’t recommended. People who have high blood pressure as well shouldn’t attempt to do this. For athletes, this isn’t a recovery for your lower back injury, so don’t do it. Remember to paddle safely!

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