iRocker Sport 11′ Inflatable SUP Package Review

irocker 11 paddle board review

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Ultraportable, ridiculously fun to paddle around with, and the kind of SUP board that so many enthusiasts are looking to get their hands on without ever threatening to break their bank account at the same time, the iRocker Sport 11 is something extraordinary in the world of best inflatable SUP boards.

The overall shape and design of the iRocker Sport 11 is elegant and performance-based, even if it doesn’t have the same rigidity as a more traditional SUP would. All the same, the performance is pretty remarkable when you’re talking about something you can inflate and later deflate in a matter of moments – giving you the ultimate in portability so that you can access water with your SUP board that you may never have been able to before.

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This is game changing stuff we are talking about here – so have a look at everything that the iRocker Sport 11 brings to the table!

Highlighting the iRocker Sport 11 standout features

Right out of the gate, you are going to immediately notice that the iRocker Sport 11 is the same size and dimension as almost all of the other top traditional SUP options available for sale.

We are talking about a board that, when inflated, is 11 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. Impressively, the entire package rolls up into a ridiculously compact 33 inches wide by 13 inches in diameter and weighs just 22 pounds.

Board Specs

Capacity350 lbs
Weight29 lbs

Materials and Quality

This inflatable board is made out of military grade plastics and synthetic materials, with triple layer protection that allows the board to withstand pretty much any impact you could imagine. Combine that with its inflatable body which has a little bit of “give” as opposed to the rigidity of a traditional SUP board and you’re going to be able to slough off and walk away from impacts with rocks, concrete, wood pilings, and other obstructions that would have devastated a more traditional board out on the water.


irocker 11 sport paddleThis iRocker Sport 11 set up comes with a high quality and efficient paddle, adjusting from between 63 inches and 85 inches long to make sure that you are able to dial in the perfect length to cruise through the water without any extra effort. Manufactured 100% out of high strength and low weight aluminum with inflatable features built right in, you are going to be able to depend on this paddle in rough and rocky water and will be able to make the most of your time out on the water when things are smooth as well.


irocker 11 sport pumpThe setup also includes a high-efficiency hand pump, with selectable high pressure or high capacity options and an integrated pressure gauge. This lets you have your entire iRocker Sport 11 inflated and ready to rock and roll in just a few moments (might take you 60 seconds the first time you fill up your iRocker Sport 11, but a lot less time after that). If you are in a rush why not take a look at some of the best electric pumps for SUPs.


irocker 11 sport backpackFinally, everything rolls up into a backpack system that has been designed to help you get out on the water wherever you might find that water – regardless of whether or not that’s right off of a turnout come out on a beach somewhere, or up in the woods after quite a hike.

The backpack system makes sure that you can bring your iRocker Sport 11 anywhere you’d like to bring it, and the whole system packs away into a ridiculously compact format so that you can throw it in your vehicle whenever you’re ready to go and have it with you should the mood strike to get out on open water you have discovered.

Breaking down who this board is perfect for

The iRocker Sport 11 set up is a perfect SUP board system for a couple of different adventurers, all of which are looking to take advantage of its portability, its convenience, and its effortless ability to get you out on the water faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Picture-perfect for those that are just starting out in the world of SUP boarding, this system is fantastic for beginners that are trying to get their feet wet in calm water or out in the surf. The board is responsive enough to help beginners get a feel for what it’s like to stand up on the water, but isn’t going to get real shifty or make turns on a dime the way that more performance-based boards would – throwing a beginner’s balance all out of whack and forcing them to take a drink more often than not.

Secondly, this board is perfect for those that need a portable option that they can keep in their vehicle for weekend excursions, hikes, or spontaneous adventures. It’s not always feasible to have a traditional 11 foot or longer SUP board strapped to the top of your vehicle – and isn’t advised, either – but a portable system like this one that you can count on and depend on really changes things completely.

irocker 11 sport usedOf course, those that are living in apartments or small homes without a lot of storage are going to appreciate the compact nature of the iRocker Sport 11 as well.

There’s just something cool about being able to grab a backpack from the closet or a corner of your garage or basement, throw it over your shoulder, head out to the water, have a SUP inflated mere moments, and then pack everything up when you’re done for effortless storage as well.

Not everybody has a ton of space to keep multiple boards at easy reach, but getting your hands on a few of these iRocker Sport 11 systems will keep you and all of your friends or family out on the water without chewing up all of your storage real estate.

Additionally, those that want to go out on the water with friends are going to want to look closely at everything the iRocker Sport 11 offers, too. This particular board can accommodate multiple riders (at least two average sized adults, and three or more children) without capsizing, making it a great value by if you plan to enjoy tandem adventures out on the water.

All in all, this is a fantastic recreational SUP board and perfect for anyone short of those extreme adventurers that want to be able to pull off ridiculous tricks and real “razzle-dazzle” while carving up water or going to great lengths to serve some of the biggest waves out there.

What separates the iRocker Sport 11 from the rest of the pack?

There are a whole lot of things to fall in love with when you’re talking about the iRocker Sport 11, and below we are going to highlight some of the most important features that make this a board that we consider to be one of the very best on the market today.


irocker 11 sport designFor quite a while now, inflatable boards have gotten a bit of a knock against them.

People thought they were little more than inflatable pool toys, something that only kids would tinker around with, and never something that you could feel safe or comfortable without on open water – especially if you were going to push out into the surf.

Today, thanks in large part to SUP boards like the iRocker Sport 11, nothing could be further from the truth!

The design elements and high quality materials used throughout the iRocker Sport 11 are amongst the very best of the best available. As we mentioned earlier, this system utilizes triple layer inflatable synthetic materials taken advantage of by some of the most elite military units the US military has ever fielded – making this an incredibly durable inflatable material that can withstand most anything you throw at it.

If you’ve ever seen those inflatable boats that Navy SEALs crash into the surf, this is the same exact kind of material being used on the iRocker Sport 11!

Secondly, the innovative seam system utilized by the iRocker Sport 11 is a proprietary platform that adds a lot of extra strength, extra durability, and a lot of additional waterproofing that more traditional inflatable options do not.

The designers behind this board understood that the seams were always going to be the weakest point of the platform, and worked their hardest to find ways to make sure that they weren’t located in high flexibility areas and that they could be protected during normal and extreme use – so much so that after your first few times out on the water you won’t even think about them any longer.

A ton of time obviously went into the engineering of this SUP, as evidenced by the quality of the materials used, the intelligent design features that are found throughout the board, and just how well-made and capable it is when you push it out into the water.

Stability and Performance

irocker 11 sport finsOne of the most impressive iRocker Sport 11 reviews on the web highlights how a first-time owner of this inflatable SUP decided to test just how strong, just how stable, and just how reliable it was by inflating it fully to its six-inch sick capacity, setting it between two dining room chairs, and then standing on top of it.

The reviewer reports that he is 170 pounds and that the board – and inflatable board, remember – didn’t even flex a half inch!

Inflatable boards just never used to be this stable, never used to be this dependable, and certainly never used to be this reliable. Today, thanks in large part to that triple layer construction we highlighted above and the smart seam system, the iRocker Sport 11 represents the pinnacle of stability in the inflatable platform.

If you’ve been using traditional stand-up boards in the past, the odds are pretty good that you’re going to be remarkably (and pleasantly) surprised I the stability and performance afforded by the iRocker Sport 11. You may not be able to cut the tightest turns on this board the way you may have been able to with a more performance based and specialized standup board, but you’ll be able to enjoy your time out on the water with this set up.

Rapid Inflating and Deflating Capabilities

irocker sport 11 rolled upGetting your board fully inflated from completely deflated the first couple of times may take a little bit less than five minutes or so, but that’s only until you learn the rhythm and the nuances of the high-efficiency pump that is included with the iRocker Sport 11 set up.

You can pretty quickly cut that rapid in-flight time to three minutes or less with a bit of practice, and if you decide to splurge on an electric automatic pump (one that runs off of your car’s electricity, for example) you might be able to shave that time even more!

Deflating your iRocker Sport 11 isn’t going to take very much time, either. You should be able to get your system from fully inflated to completely deflated, rolled up, and ready for storage in about eight minutes the first couple of times you try it out – and with a little bit of practice, you should be able to get everything completely deflated and ready to be stored again in about five minutes.

Included Paddle and Backpack

The paddle that is included with the iRocker Sport 11 is a top-notch option for beginners, with an ergonomic design and adjustability that lets you dial in this paddle so that you are efficiently cruising around the water without any wasted effort and without any wasted energy.

For a 3 piece paddle, there’s not a lot of rattles – and the aluminum provides a tremendous amount of strength without making the paddle any heavier than necessary, and it still floats!

The backpack system is well-designed, capable, and easy to get comfortable with – especially if you practice unpacking and then repacking the iRocker Sport 11 a couple of times before your first excursion. Getting the hang of things the first two or three times can be a little bit tricky, but getting into the groove of things will take no time at all and then there are no issues.

Final Verdict

All things considered, the odds are pretty good that you are going to fall head over heels in love with everything that the iRocker Sport 11 platform has to offer.

We find it to be one of the most affordable, one of the most effective, and one of the most impressively designed to inflatable options money can buy and worth absolutely every penny.

If you’re a recreational border, want to have a portable system ready to rock ‘n roll for spontaneous trips to the water, or just can’t afford to have traditional SUP boards chewing up a lot of your storage space, the iRocker Sport 11 is perfect for you!

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