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Hala boards are not really newcomers to the inflatable paddle board market, but they have not been around as long as some of the other big names in this market. They honestly do stand out though with the vast range of different types of isups or all kinds of water conditions and activates you would like to do.

It is good to know that they do make the type of boards that you do not need to worry about, these SUP boards are the type that you can really beat up and use well, without having to worry if they won’t survive you having fun.

The great thing about Hala SUP boards is the excellent use of color and shapes they use on the boards. Each type of board is different and stands out from the other depending on which kind of paddling you will be doing.

For an example if you look at the Carbon NASS-T it is ideal for racing, it is a skinny narrow board built purely for speed. Whereas the RADO a wider board, which is perfect for whitewater paddling or fishing.

Looking for a yoga board? Halo have you covered for that also. The Hoss range are a bigger board which will offer you increased stability but will still be able to manoeuvre well when you need it to. These are also great if you fancy taking your kids out with you for the first time or if you dog fancies popping along for the ride.

The most all-rounder board Hala do is the Straight Up. It comes in a more normal/traditional shape for a paddle board, now offered in a carbon construction. It really is the universal board of all boards. We have found this board very popular with most, who use it for anything from, recreational paddles to open waters and surf.

The Carbon Playa is an ocean paddlers dream; it is both great for riding the waves and also for touring. It is a high performer board again with Hala carbon construction. Narrower at the front to help cut through the water with increased speeds but also stable enough to handle the waves.

In our tests and reviews, we have found the Hala boards offer a board for everyone, and you will not be disappointed with the construction and paddling ability with these. They are often all reviewed with 5 stars. It is easy to see why!

Hala Inflatable SUP Boards Comparison Chart

We have created a comparison chart below so you can see all the boards, what they are used for and look at the specs of each one.

ModelBest forLengthWidthThinknessWeightMax LoadPrice
Hala Carbon NASS-TRace / Tour / Expedition14"26"6"30 LBS159 KG
Hala Carbon NASSTouring / Expedition12'6"30″ 6″ 27.4 LBS159 KG
Hala Carbon PlayaOcean Surf / Touring10'11"30"4.75"25 LBS159 KG
Hala Carbon HOSSAll-Around / Family / Yoga 11′34"6"28 LBS159 KG
Hala Carbon Straight UPAll-Around / One Board Quiver / Family / Yoga10'6"32"6"23.5 LBS159 KG
Hala RIval HOSSFamily / Yoga / All-Around / Family Fun10' 10"35"6"25 LBS159 KG
Hala Rival Straight UPFamily / Yoga / Smaller All-Around / Family Fun10'33"6"22.5 LBS159 KG
Hala AsanaFamily / Yoga / Water Fitness10'6"34"6"24 LBS145 KG
Hala FameFishing / Whitewater Expedition / Adaptive Paddling11'3"36"6"36 LBS159 KG
Hala DazeWhitewater Expedition / Big Rig11'11"42"8"41 LBS226 KG
Hala RadoLarger Burly Whitewater / Expedition10'10"35"6"33.5 lBS159 KG
Hala RaditoSmaller Burly Whitewater / Expedition10'34"6"31 LBS159 KG
Hala LuyaBig Whitewater8'8"28"6" + 3"34 LBS159 KG
Hala AtachaLarger Whitewater / Downriver Playboard9'6"36"6"30 LBS159 KG
Hala Atcha 86Smaller Whitewater / Downriver Playboard8'6"34"6"27 LBS159 KG
Hala GramRiver surfer / Ocean surfer8'30"4.75"21 LBS113KG
Hala MilligramRiver Park and Play6'11"30"4.75"17.5 LBS104 KG
Hala PenoRiver Surfer / Park & Play Surfboard6'11"32"3" + 3"26 LBS


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