Vertical Dreams – Manchester

In this post, I will give you all the information about the climbing gym Vertical Dreams – Manchester in Manchester, New Hampshire.

I guess i should be the one to post Vertical Dreams Since I run the place… If i don’t do it someone else will…

First off… No Attitude… We are here to have fun…

Vertical Dreams has been open for over 10 years… Our basic goal is to give everyone a safe comfortable place to get there indoor climbing on… As climbers we want to make sure climbing here is fun and effective for training whether working toward higher and harder outdoor goals or if indoor climbing is means to an end… We do our best to balance the climbing scene with the family scene as families, scouts, and schools are a huge part of a climbing gyms business and a way for us to turn the next generation on to the sport… We do our best to make sure that groups don’t get in the way of climbers trying to get a work out and if you are ever at the gym and have a problem with this just let us know and we will do all we can to help you out…

We are always putting up new routes and boulder problems and we get at least one set of new holds every month so we can keep things fresh…

There are 3 different areas to the gym The Bouldering Cave, The Toprope Room, and The Shaft… I think I’ll enter each one separately just for fun and function…

Climbing Gym Information


250 Commercial St Box 5001, Manchester, New Hampshire 03101

Phone Number:

(603) 625-6919


Opening Times

  • 3–9pm
  • 11am–8pm
  • 11am–7pm
  • 3–9pm
  • 3–9pm
  • 3–9pm
  • Closed
Holiday opening hours Hours might differ


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