BlueFin Cruise 12 SUP Board Review


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Not only is it durable, but it also comes ready to use with all the accessories you could imagine. Not to mention, the board’s easy functionality makes it perfect for paddlers of all levels and ages.

Let’s see precisely what makes the BlueFin Cruise 12 unique and why I chose it as my favorite paddleboard of all time in my full, in-depth review. Let’s start!

At a Glance:

There’s nothing that the BlueFin Cruise 12 doesn’t excel at. It comes with lots of accessories, has a premium design, and is a great choice for beginners.

This is the SUP that most people should get. It’s suitable for all heights, and both newbie and advanced paddlers will love it.

BlueFin recommends that people who are over 6’ tall and more than 85 kg should get this 12’ model, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t. People who are under 6’ and below 85 kg may choose to opt for the 10’8 model, though, to save money.

If you’re someone whose weight fluctuates frequently and may go well above 85 kg, it’d be safer to go for the 12’ model. Moreover, if you like to paddle in pairs with your friends, consider getting the 15’ model.

You can use the BlueFin Cruise 12 wherever you like, including canals, seas, rivers, and oceans with moderate wave intensity.

I was astonished by how delightful it is to paddleboard using the BlueFin Cruise 12. Even for an experienced paddler like me, this SUP just felt great on the water, and tilting was made much easier.

  • Durable materials
  • High pressure and stiffness
  • Comes with a repair kit and an air pump
  • Has a kick pad
  • Can be used as a kayak
  • 5-year warranty
  • A bit heavy

BlueFin Cruise 12 SUP Review

Now that I’ve provided you with a general overview of my thoughts about the BlueFin Cruise 12 SUP, let’s dig deeper into each stand-alone feature that makes it so special.

Specifications Overview:

Dimensions  12 x 33 x 7”
Suitable for Beginner to advanced
Material PVC
Leash Yes
Kick Pad Yes
Paddle Yes
PSI 28 PSI max, 15-18 PSI recommended
Air Pump Yes


Thanks to its robust design, the BlueFin Cruise 12 won’t disappoint you, even on long trips.

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The BlueFin Cruise 12 features a blue and white design that will appeal to both male and female paddlers.

At first glance, the BlueFin 12 Cruise looks just like any other SUP out there, but when you look closer, things get a little different. It features a fine finish that’s made possible with 2 military-grade PVC layers that are joined together seamlessly. Moreover, it utilizes a drop stitch pattern design that improves the board’s durability and strength.

Thanks to the Exo Surface Laminate Technology, the board is UV resistant, allowing you to use it for prolonged periods in the morning and afternoon without causing sun damage.

I was impressed with the quality of this SUP, and I can easily tell that this durable board will last in good condition for years to come. With 11200 stitches of 500 denier space yarn per square meter, maximum rigidity is ensured.

To test the board’s rigidity, I put its two ends on two chairs and stood in the middle. I also jumped on it a few times to see how it fairs in worst-case scenarios, keeping in mind that my weight is 86.2 kg.

The board was surprisingly able to withstand my goofiness quite well. It only bent slightly, which means it’s rigid enough.

Dimensions & Weight

At dimensions of 12” x 33” x 7”, the BlueFin Cruise 12 is considered to be averagely sized by today’s standards. It also measures 6 inches in thickness, which allows the board to take more air than thinner boards.

The extra air improves buoyancy, and it provides a higher load capacity and extra stability. We all know how thin boards are more prone to bending; that’s something that you’d never experience with the BlueFin Cruise 12.

As for weight, the BlueFin Cruise 12 weighs 14 kg, which is a bit on the heavier side but not much above average. Moving it around can be a bit exhausting, but the backpack makes things better.


The BlueFin Cruise 12 can take an air pressure of up to 28 PSI, which is quite high. However, the recommended air pressure is anywhere between 15 and 18 PSI, which is still high compared to other paddleboards with a recommended pressure range of 12-15 PSI.


The Bluefin Cruise 12 is equipped with a gentle rocker that lets you paddle over the waves freely while also keeping the movement on flats to a minimum.

Furthermore, with heat-welded 500 denier PVC fabric rails, the board can maintain a smooth action on the water. From my personal experience, I had no problem paddling my way on the ocean waters using the BlueFin Cruise 12, even on the windiest days.

Right under the deck pad, there’s a second inflation chamber that also improves the board’s rigidity and strength.


Thanks to its wide design, the BlueFin Cruise 12 offers a high level of stability. Tilting is super easy, especially for beginners.

The board also has an anti-slip, croco-diamond deck that makes standing on the board a comfortable and safe experience. It also has a kick pad, allowing you to change the direction of the paddleboard more conveniently.

By pressing with your foot, the paddleboard’s center of gravity is shifted towards the back, allowing you to quickly turn the SUP. The kick pad gets thicker as you approach the back of the SUP.

The BlueFin Cruise 12 has three carrying handles, one at the center and two near the back and front of the board. You can either carry it alone using the central handle or with a friend using the other two handles.

The convenient carrying handle doubles as a paddle holder, allowing you to easily secure it to the board while you’re swimming or taking a break.


whats in the box

One of the main reasons the BlueFin Cruise 12 is an economical option is that it has all of the accessories you need to get your board up and running. The accessories alone are worth a minimum of $250.

If you need more accessories, you can check out BlueFin’s website to get more. They usually have some awesome offers, so make sure to take a look at it from time to time. Here are all the accessories that come with the board:


The BlueFin Cruise 12 comes with a fiberglass paddle with an adjustable length of a maximum of 2.15 meters. Almost everyone can use this paddle as it’s suitable for people up to 1.95 meters tall. You can even dismantle the paddle into three separate parts for easier storing and handling.

It’s worth noting that fiberglass paddles are generally lighter and more beginner-friendly than aluminum paddles, so this is a great addition. Moreover, the connectors are sturdy, and the overall feel of the paddle is excellent. I’ve tried using it myself, and I can tell you that both beginners and pros will love this paddle. For an added bonus this paddle can be converted into a kayak paddle as well.

Air Pump

The BlueFin Cruise 12 comes with a hand pump that can either be used in single stroke or double stroke mode. In double stroke mode, the air pump will pump air into your SUP when pushing down and pulling up.

Inflating the board with this pump takes as little as 6 minutes. You can use the double stroke mode at the beginning to inflate the pump at a fast rate, then use the single stroke mode to get the exact PSI level you want.

Kayak Seat

The BlueFin Cruise 12 comes with a kayak seat, meaning that you don’t need to buy a kayak if you get this SUP. The 4 D-rings that are used to attach the seat are made of high-quality materials that can withstand years of abuse. Did I mention how much I just love the versatility this paddleboard offers?


The BlueFin Cruise 12 comes with a large backpack that you can use to carry the SUP and all of its accessories. There’s even enough room for you to put your personal stuff.

The backpack’s weight distribution ensures that the SUP is stored closer to your back to prevent back strain. Additionally, the shoulder padding makes it very comfortable to carry.


You can’t go paddleboarding without taking some safety precautions. That’s why the BlueFin Cruise 12 has a leash that can save you in case you accidentally fall off or if the board is sinking.

What I really like about this leash is that it only extends to its full length only when something wrong happens, preventing it from getting stuck in plants and rocks while on the water.

You can wear it either on your ankle or calf using the neoprene band that comes with the leash. From my experience, the band is pretty comfortable, and most of the time, you won’t notice that you’re wearing something around your legs.


The central and side fins can be attached to the SUP using a smart lock system that ensures a secure and easy fastening.

Waterproof Phone Case

You never know when you’d want to take some photos and videos on your paddleboarding adventure. However, your phone could get damaged if it got exposed to lots of water from the waves.

That’s where BlueFin’s waterproof phone case comes handy. It allows you to capture photos and videos without worrying about your phone getting damaged. You can even use it underwater and capture some amazing marine life shots.


The board also has a camera mount, making it super easy for you to record your best action-packed moments. You can also attach a baggage net at the front of the SUP and use it to store your gear.

bluefin kayak converson


One of my favorite things about the BlueFin Cruise 12 is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. You won’t likely need to use it, but it makes you rest assured that the company is confident in its products and, subsequently, earns your trust too.

BlueFin’s customer support is excellent. If you need a spare part within the warranty period, they’ll send it to your doorstep free of charge. You can also contact them in case you have any problem using the Cruise 12 or if you need to inquire about offers and other things.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I Use This Board in the Ocean?

Definitely. The BlueFin Cruise 12 is an excellent choice for paddling in the ocean. It’s made of high-quality materials that can withstand the toughest conditions. Additionally, the board is thick enough to provide the needed stability and rigidity.

Q. Can I Remove the Fins of the BlueFin Cruise 12 for Use in Shallow Waters and Rivers?

The BlueFin Cruise 12 has a total of three fins: two on the sides and one in the middle. Which can all be removed.

Some may argue that the small fins can still cause problems when paddling in shallow waters, but I didn’t face that problem when I used it to paddle in my city’s shallow river. You should have no problem with them either since they’re too small to cause an issue with shallow water paddling.

Q. How Do I Store my BlueFin Cruise 12?

There are several things you need to take care of when storing your BlueFin Cruise 12 or any inflatable SUP, especially if you won’t use it for a long time. Here’s how to keep your unused BlueFin Cruise 12 in good condition:

  • Wash it well with freshwater and make sure that it’s dirt-free.
  • Let the board rest in a position that evens out weight distribution (ex: lean it on a wall).
  • Keep it in a closed area. If there’s a chance that the board gets exposed to direct sunlight, cover it up or spray sun protection on it.

It’s good practice to keep the board partially inflated to protect it from deformations and creases. However, if you don’t have enough space to store it partially inflated, follow these steps:

  • Keep the valve open.
  • Clean the board thoroughly and manually dry it using a dry towel and a hair blower.
  • Don’t compress the board.
  • Store it indoors in a cool, dry place.

Q. How Does the BlueFin Cruise 12 Fair with Dogs?

Many people take their dogs with them when paddleboarding. The BlueFin Cruise 12 can handle dogs very well. There is plenty of room and the board is super sturdy, but make sure to clip your dog’s nails regularly just to be on the safe side.

What’s in the Box

As I’ve discussed earlier, the BlueFin Cruise 12 SUP is impressive when it comes to extras! Just to recap, here’s what you get right out of the box.

  • 1x backpack
  • 1x leash
  • 1x kayak seat
  • 1x paddle
  • 1x instruction manual
  • 1x repair kit
  • 1x air pump
  • 1x waterproof mobile phone case

Final Thoughts

I loved every single thing about the BlueFin Cruise 12. From the durable design to the great stability and the sheer amount of accessories, you just can’t go wrong with it.

This is probably one of the best all-round SUPs you can get for the money. Thanks to its sturdy, high-quality design, the BlueFin Cruise 12 is quite versatile. You can use it on all types of water without any problems. Not to mention the fact that it also doubles as a kayak when you attach the kayak seat that comes with it.

I’ve definitely enjoyed using this board for the past few months, and I think I’m keeping it as my daily driver for a long time. This is the SUP to get for those who want a reliable all-round board that can handle the toughest situations.

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