BIC Sport ACE TEC Cross SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Review

BIC Sport Ace Tec Sup Review

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With stand up paddleboards being one of the most affordable and easiest ways to get out onto the water, they are great for relaxing and providing a full body workout. There is something out in the market for everyone. The Bic Ace Tec is a great option regardless of what level paddler you are, but it’s exceptionally great for novice paddlers. It is durable, stable, and a great all around paddle board, which is how it won a Top Pick for Families award.

The Ace Tec Review

If you’re looking for a board that you feel comfortable taking little ones on board, then you won’t find one better than this one.

Technical Specifications Of The BIC Sport ACE TEC

BIC Sport is an expert and pioneer in the thermoformed composite construction technology. Through the years, they’ve continued to refine their ACE-TEC technology for their Windsurf, Surf, and SUP boards. All of their research has allowed them to create a board that has great performance, durability, and is lightweight.

Composite/closed-cell foam core
Core Material
EPS Foam
11 feet
21.8 inches
34 inches
21 inches
5.5 inches
Fin Length
9 inches
Fin Box
260 liters
Weight Capacity (lbs)
Hull Type
35 pounds


BIC Sport ACE-TEC Cross Sup Stand Up PaddleboardIt comes in three different sizes, which are 10 ft., 11 ft., and 12 ft. all of which are great for fishing, yoga, fitness, family fun, first-timers, and whatever more you wish to do on the paddleboard. It has a unique design that allows you to have the maximum use of the deck and enhanced stability. We especially love how the design allows a full waterline, which increases the efficiency and speed of the paddleboard. As far as its dimensions go, it is 11 ft. long and 34 inches wide.

The 10 ft. model is great for riders that are up to 220 lbs. The 11 ft. model is great for riders that are up to 285 lbs. The 12 ft. model is great for riders that are up to 350 lbs. We found that the keeled nose really increases the glide and enhanced the tracking to allow us to have hours of exploring and cruising fun. The rail to rail volume made stability a surety, while the use of the entire deck allowed us to have a relatively dry ride. The deck pad is made with embossed EVA which allows for a comfortable and plush space that still offers excellent traction.


We tested the Bic Ace Tec through choppy conditions and it handled it with ease. It barely rocked for any waves and wakes that might have otherwise knocked us off the board. It’s stable enough even with some extra weight, which makes it great if you want to bring some extra food, paddling with your children, or even bringing a canine paddler along with you. For the yoga fans out there, this board is even stable enough for some yoga on the lake.

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Cross Sup Stand Up Paddleboard bottom side


This board is packed with the best technology that is available in paddleboards. Its 15 kg/m3 EPS foam core is watertight, lightweight, and molded. The fiberglass reinforced allows for improved performance and stiffness. The outer skin made with ASA Polymer allows for an unmatched resistance and durability. You are also sure to get the maximum amount of comfort through the embossed EVA foam pad.

The design starts off with the deck pad right on top. Below that, there is the thermoformed plastic skin, then the 50 grams/m2 fiberglass wrap. After that, you’ll find three layers of 200 grams woven fiberglass with a reinforced patch in the standing area. Then there is a watertight and molded EPS foam core followed by another layer of 200 grams/m2 woven fiberglass and a 50 grams/m2 fiberglass wrap. Finally, right at the bottom, you’ll find another layer of thermoformed plastic wrap to enclosed everything in hard plastic.


The cover is so good that it won’t let any water in easily without the many layers putting up a fight. The outer layer of the paddleboard is tough enough to not let any bumps into rocky surfaces scratch the board. The board also comes with deck rigging anchors and a 9-inch dolphin fin. The tough plastic coating makes this paddle board great for novices as they are the most likely to hit some bumpier surfaces.

The wide width helps it to maintain balance regardless of the intensity of water that you’re paddling in. There is even a built-in carry handle also allows you to have an easier time transporting the board. They are also available in three different sizes allowing you to pick which size suits you best.

Is This Product For You?

This product is great for expert and novice paddlers, but novice paddlers are sure to find the most benefits with this paddle board. Expert paddlers might not enjoy this paddleboard too much because it does lack in the thrill of a challenge. Novice paddlers will find it easier to paddle and build their confidence. The length will also allow you to maintain the speed a bit easier as it’s already hard for novice paddlers to steer. This paddleboard is also great as it won’t need to be replaced due to its sturdiness.

However, the price is likely to drive some potential buyers away as most tend to see this as an overpriced paddleboard. Anything higher than $500 for a paddleboard might not be great for casual paddlers. There also isn’t a large range of color choices available as white and orange are most popular colors, while this range offers mostly blues, greens, and reds.

It is quite heavy in comparison to other paddleboards at 35 lbs. 7 oz., which made it difficult to carry as it is unwieldy, large, and heavy. The 10 ft. model is lighter at 27 lbs., while the 12 ft. model is the heaviest at 46 lbs.BIC Sport ACE-TEC Cross Sup Stand Up Paddleboard hull

Though the design does have an ergo-grip carry handle that should make it easier to transport and cause you less fatigue, you’ll still need help. Thus, you’ll definitely need a buddy or two to get this paddleboard on top of your car. It is also not as versatile as some other BIC models, but it is great for use on flatwater for recreational, fishing, and exercise purposes.

Nonetheless, it is a good all-around board that is great for families. Its stability and durability are great for beginner paddlers. Though it won’t be considered as anything agile or fast, it’s great for enjoying a day out on the water. It is also great to be used for windsurfing as it’s easy to maneuver while still being very stable and a great workout. If you have a canine buddy or a child that loves to go paddling with you, then this is a great option due to its wide width and large size.

Pros and Cons

Below, we have an overview of the pros and cons of this paddleboard.


  • Solid construction which helps make it very durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Versatile Use


  • Accessories are not included (leash, paddle, pump etc.)
  • On the pricier side

Wrapping Up

Taking into consideration the pros and cons of the BIC Sports ACE TEC, it is safe to say that BIC has done a commendable job with this paddleboard. They have created a durable, strong, and comfortable paddleboard that will be great for experts and novices alike. The non-absorbent inner foam is great for the design and functionality of the board. The tough exterior is great for beginners as they can learn to paddle without any holds since there is little fear of the damage that bumps could cause the board.

There are also a number of attachment points that allow you to secure accessories and deck rigging that comes standard on all the three sizes of this BIC Sports ACE-TEC. If you purchase the 12 ft. model, you’ll get a paddleboard that includes sliding rails that allow for the maximum amount of versatility for fishing trips. Regardless of the size that you get, you’re sure to get a quality product that is worth your money, especially for those individuals which will choose the BIC Sports ACE TEC to be their first ever paddleboard that they buy.

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