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best stand up paddle boards

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While jogging and hiking are both awesome recreational activities for chilling and weight loss, but they’re so medieval. Maybe it’s time to spice it up a bit with paddle boarding!

It doesn’t really let you walk on water, but it’s the closest thing next to creating miracles. Only this time, we have paddles on our sides.

I’m going to save you time and look for the best paddle boards in your stead. If you’re too lazy to look for it yourself (at some point, we get lazy) you can rely on this honest paddle board review to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Help Me Get Started: What Are The Best Paddle Boards Today?

ImageModel NameReviewsPriceAvailability
PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9' 9"PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9' 9"5 stars$$
PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardPEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board4.5 star$$
Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Package "Adventurer 2" 10'4"Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Package "Adventurer 2" 10'4"4.5 star$$$
Wappa Eco Friendly Bamboo Stand-up Paddle BoardsWappa Eco Friendly Bamboo Stand-up Paddle Boards4 star$$$

It’s time get rid of your gym membership and join the bandwagon. Lately, awesome paddle boards are being sold worldwide. And guess what? They’re being sold at a relatively low price.

Thank god for competitions. Don’t worry though, quality isn’t compensated! Let’s talk about the best stand up paddle boards on the market!

Now that you’ve seen the places where you could start your adventure too. You can’t exactly do anything yet without the best stand up paddle board. I did my homework and reviewed the best one for you. I hope you enjoy!

Stand Up SUP Reviews

1. PathFinder Inflatable SUPs Stand Up Paddleboard 9′ 9″

PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9' 9"Solid paddleboards can get expensive, so if you’re looking for a cheaper option which still delivers results, this is the perfect board for you. Well, it’s an inflatable board so you’re able to save a couple of hundred bucks.

This saves you space, it’s extremely useful if you don’t your storage is only limited. Right out of the box, you’re greeted with the necessary tools. Everything is being catered for.

This means it has the pump, of course, the paddle, fin, and valve wrench. For an easier time of transportation, it even has a bag along with it. And also instructions!

Unlike other instructions which are pretty hard to understand, this one’s really easy. It’s straight to the point and handy as well. I like how you’re able to adjust the paddle, not to mention it clicks instantly!

This is a really great board to get you started with your hobby.


  • Perfect for ranges of water
  • Strong and Durable
  • Large Deck Pad
  • Adjustable aluminum paddle
  • A LOT of add-ons


  • Only 5 inches thick, below the minimum.

2. PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardI would say that this is an awesome inflatable paddle board for beginners OR if you’re just after a recreational board. While I did mention that this is a suitable board for beginners, this is also great for all skill levels – including professionals.

You’ll find this to be rigid, but I think it’s perfect as it comes with a stable shape. You’ll receive a lot of things along with it. Because who doesn’t love freebies? This is your average Paddle, Carry Backpack, Coil Leash, and lastly, High-pressure Pump.

You can tell right away that it’s durable. The makers only used the best of materials for your convenience, it’s a Military Grade PVC. And unlike the previous board listed above, it doesn’t give you dings or damage. This is a handy 6” thick paddleboard.

So that you be reassured that this is a high-quality product, this offers a 30-day guarantee. As for the materials, it’s 1-year warranty. No need to worry about damages for the first month at all.

Overall, it’s a neat board to get.


  • Exclusive Design
  • All-round Board
  • Freebies
  • Durable Material


  • Short on learning curve..

3. Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Package “Adventurer 2″ 10’4”

Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Package "Adventurer 2" 10'4"Before you start saying that it’s expensive, it’s not. For the product that you’re getting, I’d say it’s already a bargain. This baby is durable enough to get run over by a car and still be in usable condition.

You can no longer worry about having dents and dings which most boards that are inflatable boards have. You can use this in any water condition. This includes water rapids and even rocky shores.

Enjoy your adventure time as you’re confident that your board wouldn’t get damaged. Not only does it have that, but if you really want to test its durability, felt free to throw them off buildings. They’ll STILL be in tip top shape!

This baby has been double layered with a military grade to ensure that it can last for years. Surprisingly, despite it being sturdy and strong, it’s still pretty light.

I would like to add that it’s easy to store. It doesn’t take much space at all, and carrying them is a piece of cake because of its handles that are located in the nose.

If you’re not satisfied yet, you’re given a whopping 2-year Warranty on this gem! This board covers everything that you need.


  • Easy to carry
  • HIGHLY Durable
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Extremely Rigid


  • Sharp turning is difficult..

4. Wappa Eco Friendly Bamboo Stand-up Paddle Boards

Wappa Eco Friendly Bamboo Stand-up Paddle BoardsThis is the most expensive on our list, but it comes with a reason. Unlike the boards here, this isn’t a inflatable paddle boards . This is made out of high-quality bamboo which offers nothing but uniqueness. It’s a rather tall paddleboard which towers at 11” ft. The extra length on this board isn’t only for show, this enhances its waterline. It means it’s way faster than the other boards on the list.

With the width that’s 32”, beginners are able to capitalize on the comfort that it gives out. While providing comfort, this also makes a perfect board for an excess drag. Considering it’ll be transitioned to the speed of cruising.

The board’s volume is being preserved as it comes with progressed fins. The squaretail makes it a great advantage for beginners and professionals. Stability is as easy as it can get thanks to its secur flotation.

Also, it also works to remove water instantly. This means it’s a rather speedy fast tail form. For you to record all of your fast and rapid adventures, you’ll be able to place in your GoPro at its nose. There’s an attachment specifically for that purpose. The handle makes it easy to carry. With the fact that it has been made ergonomically inclined for the paddlers.

So that your board is able to breathe, it comes with a Gore-Tex Air Vent as well. The makers of this masterpiece made sure that it’s going to last a lifetime.

Lastly, the board has a rather thick deck pad. To be precise, it’s at around 5 mm. This gives you a comfortable grip while it does its magic of shedding water in the speed of light.


  • Extremely High in Quality
  • Unique Bamboo Design
  • GoPro mount attachment
  • Improves Stability and Floatation


  • The price is expensive.

5. Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddle board: Stable, But Has Bigger Water Resistance

Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up PaddleboardI’ve tried using this twice, and my experience with it has been really nice. Here’s what I’ve noticed in my first two tries. It gave me quite a hard time paddling than my old fiberglass paddle board as it comes with a larger water resistance. However, it feels really sturdy and durable.

In fact, unlike some of the other brands I’ve tried, this didn’t give me a hard time buckling. Of course, assuming you’ve inflated the board properly. Its paddle is heavier than expected because of its aluminum pole, but somehow I find its weight to be perfectly balanced. Be careful of dropping it though, it will sink right in the water.

When I decided to inflate this big boy, it took me about 200-250 strokes of finally filling it up with air. It was a challenge, but I had fun doing it. Although the last hundred required more pressure than the rest.

I’ve mentioned I travel a lot, so it saves me the trouble as it fits nicely at the back of my van. As usual, I make sure that it’s bunged down. Examining its grip pad, I’d say it’s pretty well-made. It also comes with a nifty stretch cord which helps in holding a small amount of stuff.

You can bring your phone and a Bluetooth speaker if you want, it doesn’t compromise you with space at all.  Transportation with this thing hasn’t been a problem. If anything, it has been really convenient.

It features one-handle, making portability easy. Also, attached to the board is the wolf. Its sturdiness increases once it has been installed.

My final thought on this product is that it’s really nice – it’s one of the best paddle boards today. You don’t spend a lot of money on it, and it’s a decent product to use.

  • Secures footing
  • iSUP advantage
  • Stainless steel tow rings
  • Comes with mesh backpack
  • It’s not ideal for someone over 180 pounds

6. Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Board Kit: An Easy To Setup SUP

Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board KitIt was on my friend’s birthday when I decided to get her a paddle board as I wanted to try out this sport I’ve been trying to get a hang of (I’m still not that awesome). I actually bought two of these last year.

Setting up has always been a problem for me. I prayed that I wouldn’t have to deal with another complicated setting up process. Fortunately, the set up with this paddle board is quite easy. I must say, it’s a really stable paddle board to use. This comes with a neat carry strap for you to use, it makes transporting this from one place to another really convenient.

Vilano Journey gave an outstanding performance. It gives you the same experience as a solid paddle board. But it’s way lighter and transportability has never been an issue. This is ideal if you’re into traveling since all you need is inside its carry bag along with its accessories. I find it really convenient on road trips as well, you don’t have to deal with forcing it to the back seat of your car.

And for airline travels, its weight fits perfectly well. So there’s no need to pay an extra free for heavier luggage. The construction, in particular, is from durable Korean drop stitch.

For a klutz like me, its anti-slip deck pad feature offers a rather relaxed time paddling your worries away. Hands down, you’ll really like its clean design and room for accessories – one of the best paddle boards simply for it’s humongous kit!

  • Convenient storage allocation Feels similar to a solid
  • Comfortable anti-slip deck
  • Size fits in portability
  • D rings on the side often gets in the way.

7. ISLE Classic Soft Top SUP (5″ Thick) Package: High-end Board With High-end Qualities

ISLE Classic Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board (5" Thick) SUP PackageThis is a really high-end paddle board. Well, it should be considering the price of this thing. If you can afford to spend an extra couple of bucks, go on and get this one.

For its length, it’s about 9’6ft to 10’8ft and it’s perfect for carrying heavier people. This has the capacity to handle paddlers who are 275 pounds and up. ISLE classic is known for its versatile design. You’re able to make use of it regardless of what your skill level is. Ideally, you can use this on flatwater and also on small waves.

It comes with a unique construction. Its deck will surprise you by how soft it is. I’ve tried on a number of SUPs before, but I honestly believe that this gives me the most comfort of an experience. Purchasing this package gives you other bundle freebies as well. Of course, you’re given a paddle. If it happens to slip from your grasp, don’t worry, it floats.

Also, you’re able to adjust is to your preferred size. Along with it, it comes with a center handle and a center fin for an additional boost of convenience.

The makers exerted much effort on this one, not only does it have a soft top deck, but its core has a TRIPLE stringer system. And the bottom is well-made as well, really high in density.

Its one of the best paddle boards around because of its guarantee. It offers a 30-day warranty so that you can surf with a relaxed mind and you’re also given an 180-day warranty on its materials.

  • Unique Soft Top Deck Construction
  • All Around SUP Design
  • EPS core
  • High-Density Bottom
  • Indication of indention from the straps.

8. Aqua Marina Vapor Stand Up Paddle Board: Great Choice for Beginners and Pros Alike

Aqua Marina Vapor Stand Up Paddle BoardIt doesn’t matter if you have been paddling for 8 years or 8 months, this gives you the same amount of speed and stability to any skill level of paddlers – a necessary trait for the best paddle boards.

This is quite durable because of its 4-inch double-wall stitching PVC. Looking at its exterior, it gives you a cool-looking design which satisfies onlookers. It comes with a sculpted, kind of curved design which I’m fond of. You’re able to detach its tri-fin at your will. It means you’re able to move consistently regardless of the weather conditions.

If you’re particularly skilled, you’ll gracefully maneuver it to your heart’s content. In addition, it gives a quick aftercare. Once you’ve done your business, it deflates in just a matter of minutes (3-5 mins.)

You can safely put it inside its backpack, which is, of course, you’re getting for free.

  • Long-lasting four inch double-wall drop
  • Sculpted balance flow
  • Supreme traction and durability
  • Free backpack
  • Lightweight; not suitable for windy conditions.
ImageModel NameReviewsPriceAvailability
PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9' 9"PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9' 9"5 stars$$
PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardPEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board4.5 star$$
Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Package "Adventurer 2" 10'4"Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Package "Adventurer 2" 10'4"4.5 star$$$
Wappa Eco Friendly Bamboo Stand-up Paddle BoardsWappa Eco Friendly Bamboo Stand-up Paddle Boards4 star$$$


Why Paddleboarding?

Why PaddleboardWhy NOT paddleboard? It’s the era of innovation. While I’m also a fan of skateboarding, nothing beats being in the water…except if you can’t swim. But that’s not really an issue today – what are life vests for?

Because everyone is hyped about paddleboards – although it has slowed a bit, it’s still going – brands are creating ways where they can make their boards “extra special.”

With that being said, there are now specific boards entailed for surfing, fishing, and other things. You know how companies are, they always try to find something which could sell.

As of the moment, there are a lot of categories for paddle boards. Don’t get confused with any of them, though. I’ll talk about it in a moment.

The best part is while there are tons of boards to choose from, it doesn’t hurt the pocket at all. Each day, their prices are going down while their quality is going up.

You’re given a ton of choices on what you want to have as your next companion. There are a lot of boards out there who are able to serve up some pretty good quality at a decent price.

Unlike before where we only have limited choices, choosing the best that would highlight functionality and design are getting harder. It’s not easy narrowing them down as it’s being distributed to a lot of stores.

Areas You Could Go Paddleboarding

Areas You Could Go PaddleboardingBefore anything else, I’d like to give you guys the best places where you can start your very own adventure.

Skateboarding might be fun, but sometimes being always on the road, jumping around with tricks and mad skills can get boarding. I’m not the best skateboarder, but maybe I have some few tricks on my sleeve. But seriously, there’s not much to do. Well, unless you find having scrapes here and there to be awesome.

Which is not, mind you.

Oddly enough, I find paddleboarding the same as skateboarding. Except for the fact that you’re on the water instead of being on land. And you don’t have to suffer from bruises. But the best part is the scenery. Okay, I haven’t been to all of the places on the list (I still need time to do that) but paddleboarders all around the world are sharing the experiences so they could inform other enthusiasts as well.

What I’ve noticed is that paddlers worldwide have weird but fun conversations on places. At the end of the day, the topic automatically lands on the predictable – lakes and calm waters.

Of course, the scenery is as important as well. In fact, I think it’s the first factor enthusiasts look at. The world is a big place. And as of now, I’m afraid I can only cover three places – Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. These are all beautiful places, but there are just ones which shines the most. And we have that right here.

I do want to tell you in advance, though. This isn’t really popular. So if you haven’t heard of these best places before, then it’s not really surprising.Best Stand Up Paddle Boards

Before I got interested with paddleboarding, my ideas of places to go to were only limited to the most common ones.

However, in my search of unique destinations, there are just some breathtaking areas that make you want to go as soon as you can. Each of these offers a unique and unparalleled experience.  I’ve done a lot of paddle boarding before, and my feeling with the lakes and other bodies of water were all the same. In fact, it sometimes gets boring.

Go grab your hiking gear, and let’s travel the world with your board! Before you do that though, you might want to finish reading this article first. After all, the best places are right here.

Paradise Bay, Antarctic Peninsula

Paradise Bay, Antarctic PeninsulaJust look at this beauty – all isolated and away from humans. If you stay away from all the stress which the beeps of cars and jeeps, this is the place to go. The only thing that would accompany you in this trip is nature and peace. Yeah, so forget about your paperwork for a while (You’re not going to regret it).

Why am I so sure that no one would interrupt you? It’s because you are at the world’s edge! There’s no doubt that you’ll meet Elsa from Frozen and she’ll sing you an overrated song, Let It Go. Okay, so maybe that’s not so relaxing. But the icy temple of glory is definitely a show of its own. You might be wondering, why this place?

It’s true that Peninsula itself is already a sweet spot for paddle boarding. But Paradise Bay is the best of its kind. You can already tell by the name itself!

It gives you the pleasure of experiencing the entire peninsula at only one location – beauty captured in an instant. Here’s what you need to look forward of – magnificent floating ice, awesome glaciers, and a wonderful view.

Also, experiencing cold air isn’t much of a bad idea. It’s for the experience! But it can somewhat be hard to breathe at some point. And no, it doesn’t mean you’re going to die. Just take the necessary measures in order to take care of yourself.

Don’t get me started with the marine life present in this area. It’s mesmerizing! While you easily cruise on your stand up paddleboard you’ll be greeted with fun, lovable species. I’m talking about Humpback Whales and Sea Leopards. This definitely gives you a time of your life like no other. And it beats the local lakes as well.

There other recreational activities you may do while you’re there. I mean, paddleboarding is fun. But it’s a waste of time if you’re going to do that for the entire escapade. It’s not really impossible to be there, someone by the name of Riley did it! And he explained that there are more things which you can try out.

Like, doing nothing! Okay, I always do this. But it’s different when you’re spacing out while you’re blankly looking at the magnificent ice sheets. And did I tell you that it’s a beautiful sight to the horizon?

If you want to see more of the peninsula itself, you can go for a package which lets you to. It also lets you save in this case. If you ever do decide to have a tour, make sure you stop by at Pendulum Cove.

I heard their hot springs was awesome. The water is perfect for swimming, and it’s going to be a fun story to tell when you do get home. Hey, you’ve got a taste of Antarctica, after all!

Black Canyon, Nevada

Black Canyon, NevadaWe’ve already talked about elegant ice-cold glaciers. And just for the hell of it, let’s go to the next in line – black hot canyon in Nevada. It’s not too far of a stretch, I hope. When you hear the word Las Vegas, you automatically think about gambling and poker. Basically, anything that involves winning and losing in bets. Well, that’s true.

While there are some people who get lucky and get consecutive wins at Poker, that’s not always the case for everyone. More than anything, it’s a rare occurrence of winning more you have gambled.

So, let’s skip the racket for now. And invest your time, money, and energy on something that’s more important.

Aside from alcohol and bets, there are stunning sights you can find in the area. Of course, these sights aren’t poker chips, but rather, natural sights. And one of those is Black Canyon itself. Go ahead and enjoy memorable time cruising the calm water of the river. Colorado River is the best place to be where you can enjoy the view.

What I’m particularly excited is its 600 ft. gorge! Damn, those things look like they could go straight to heaven. Who wouldn’t want to experience something too big yet it doesn’t look intimidating at all.

As a matter of fact, it looks like it’s welcoming you with its grace more than anything. Powerful yet inviting, it’s a remarkable sight. As for other activities which you can part take in is kayaking. It’s equally as splendid as paddleboarding. The cruise is smooth and calming.

Especially knowing you’re not gambling your money on something that’s shallow. You’re investing quality time for yourself. And the experience of being there is priceless. It’s a win-win situation. Also, if you want to get out of the water and do something on dry land, you can choose to camp out in the open park.

The place is comforting. Everything about it is! It’s waaay better than having to deal with cards and numbers. A great escape from people.

Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo, VanuatuThe name is quite exotic, don’t you think? It kind of reminds me of witchcraft for some reason, but of course, that’s my opinion. Although it creeps me out a little, the place is wonderful.

Just like what I said earlier, together with its name, the view is exotic as well. And it’s the good kind. You’re able to pinpoint this island in Vanuatu. Amazingly, it’s the biggest island! This unique island can be found in the South Pacific Ocean. The view is phenomenal, and it contains some historical background as well. The first time I heard about it, I couldn’t believe it.

The last war, which was World War II – by the way, I hope there’s no WWIII coming our way – has relics than can be found at this place. It’s super cool! You get to see a bit of history as well. These antiques can be found in the American Machinery, that’s why it’s a one of a kind experience when you’re cruising on your paddleboard.

This is mainly the reason why I added this to the list. Well, apart from the scenery and the chill vibe that it gives. SUP destinations don’t always have to be calming, it can be educational as well.

There’s not much to hear, which makes it a paradise on earth. All you can hear is the soothing sound coming from the waves. I would definitely agree that this is the island for people who wants spice things up. If you want to experience something cool, I would encourage you to follow the water trail. You’ll find yourself in a jungle vegetation, something other destinations can’t provide. In the jungle, there are hanging roots which you’ll find.

And my favorite part, it’s the marine life that is present! You may call them as blue holes. Inside one of these holes are filled with nothing but peaceful species – I hope you’ll be able to find Dory as well.

Because of what it offers, by any means, go snorkeling. It’ll surpass your other snorkeling experiences. You’ll be able to encounter new mysteries as well. Go ahead and enjoy the show!

Agadir, Morocco

Agadir, MoroccoLet’s not forget the friendly continent of Africa. Personally, I didn’t see this coming. But let me tell you, it’s a must-see destination for paddleboarding. This can be found in Morocco.

Specifically, in the city of Agadir. You’ll find a gem that’s neatly formed of a coastline. This is definitely something you’d want to add to your bucket list. Even the Nile would praise this as something extraordinary.

You’ll immediately notice that it drives strong winds. This is being directed to the offshore. Fellow paddlers, this means your swells are super clean. You’re guaranteed a cruise that’s both smooth and beautiful.

If you want to try your luck on Stillwater cruising, there’s also a beach front for that. It has everything served right in front of you. What more can you ask for? About 3-5 minutes of paddling, you’ll see reefs which you haven’t seen before. These are considered to be exotic. There are even points which are unpopulated.

While you’re there, you should check out the city altogether. The culture of Morocco is something you should take the time to learn and love. Their delicacies are worth a shot. At sunset, you can go take your time and walk on their promenade. It makes it a beautiful experience walking from the beach to the port.

It’s an experience like no other, it definitely beats being on the water all day. Sometimes the land can offer something as beautiful as well.

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It UpThat’s about it! I hope you didn’t faint from the price tag of the last product. It’s not really a cost-effective purchase, but if you have some extra money to spend, why not?

But if you’re saving like I am, there are other boards which will serve your best interest while still offering a memorable time.

Just make sure you’re choosing the best one for you. It should fit perfectly into your wants and style while still providing a considerable amount of quality.