Best Boots For Snowshoeing In 2023

best boots for snowshoeing

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Nothing beats the fun that comes with hiking or playing in freshly fallen snow. It’s an adventurous, easy, and fairly inexpensive experience.

However, you’ll need to have special boots for snowshoeing. Unlike your regular bootss, the best boots for snowshoeing will allow you to travel across the snow-covered terrain without sinking. More importantly, they’ll provide you with the protection you need against the biting cold, and keep your feet warm and cozy all day long.

The 5 Best Snowshoeing Boots In 2023:

And today, we’re going to review the 5 best boots for snowshoeing in the market. From the popular North Face boots to the intriguing Merrell Moab, we shall explore the top functional boots in the market currently.

Best Snowshoe Boots Comparison Table

Snowshoe BootsDetails
Merrell Moab Polar
Merrell Men's Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot
Upper: Leather, nylon, webbing
Sole: Synthetic
Insulation: 400g insulation
Closure Type: Lace-Up
GLOBALWIN Winter Boots
Upper: PU leather / nylon
Sole: Rubber
Insulation: N/A
Closure Type: Lace-Up
The North Face Men's Chilkat III
The North Face Men's Chilkat III
Upper: Manmade outsole
Sole: Synthetic
Insulation: 200g Heetseeker insulation
Closure Type: Lace-Up
Weight: 3 pounds
Baffin Men's Timber Snow Boot
Baffin Men's Timber Snow Boot
Upper: Leather
Sole: Rubber
Closure Type: D-Ring lace system with lace lock
Weight: 1.6 pounds
Oboz Bridger 7"
Oboz Bridger 7
Upper: Waterproof Nubuck leather
Sole: Winterized rubber outsole
Insulation: 200g 3M Thinsulate
Closure Type: Lace-up
Weight: 21.5 oz

Snowshoe Boots Reviews

1. Merrell Men’s Moab Polar Snowshoeing Boots

Merrell Men's Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot

Merrell Men’s Moab Polar snowshoe boots for snowshoeing are an excellent winter-ready pair to tackle any terrain thanks to the delicate waterproof leather coverage, protective shell, and color-blocked cage overlays. Ideal for winter functionality, these domineering snowshoes are supported by a raised 1.25” rubber heels. Our pick of the best boots for snowshoeing.


The Merrell is aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the bit of detail infused with style on this shoe. The variety of shades on the upper fabric on the upper, alongside the understated speckled laces offers a wonderful overall appeal to the aesthetics.

Regarding weight, the Merrell Boots are really lightweight, and weighing at 1.5 pounds each, they make an incredible option for shoeing around in the snow.


The outsole on this shoe is treated with a unique M-Select ICE GRIP that will provide the perfect grip keeping you away from slipping and allow you to hold your footing even in the wet terrain.

The grooved sole is not only perfect for the rocky and uneven terrain, but it will help to maintain a sturdy footing even on the slippery ice.

M-Select Dry

The M-Select Dry treatment is a handy feature that will provide a powerful drying effect keeping your feet comfortable and protected against hypothermia anytime you are out, regardless of the weather conditions.

Between you, the cold and the unforgiving ground, you’ll be treated to 1.25 inches of molded EVA rubber that runs up and over the tops of the toes, making a solid waterproof seal. The EVA rubber will further complement the comfortability effect by providing superior cushioning and padding.


Ready to handle any winter adventure, the Merrell Moab begins with a 6.5-inch shaft from cow suede and a mesh that keep all but super-deep snow from getting into your feet Similarly, the unit runs high, right up against your ankle, stopping a few inches higher than your ankle bone. The presence of a waterproofed shaft will keep your feet both dry and cozy.

What We Love About It
  • Completely waterproof
  • Comfortable soft lining
  • Warm
What We Didn’t Like
  • Slightly expensive

2. GLOBALWIN Winter Boots

GLOBALWIN Winter Boots

From the stylish winter boots, casual loafers to sneakers, Globalwin is renowned for manufacturing a wide range of premium footwear. One of their offerings is the Global Win Insulated Winter Boots, constructed from premium Italian leather PU leather.


The Global Win is truly a magnificent looking boot, and unlike the unfortunate-looking boots, this pair is actually stylish. The metal lacing holes are a nice detail, while the toned brown aesthetics even make these boots appropriate for a casual dinner.


The outsole on this shoe is constructed from premium rubber that extends up and over the toes, and this creates a completely waterproof seal. Now, while the exact measurements of the sole are not provided by the manufacturer, the sole seems to learn a tad thinner than most of the snowshoes on our list. The good news is, the rubber sole offers the perfect seal against moisture and more importantly, is soft on the legs.

Again, whether you’re standing, walking or working, this boots will provide you with the extra support inside out, and the outer sole will offer better traction for navigating the rougher terrain and icy conditions.


The upper of the Global Win is constructed from high-quality polyurethane (PU) leather. The leather style is not only stylish but it’s durable and extremely weatherproof.

Again, leather is naturally waterproof, and this means the Global Win will keep your feet warm and dry. Perfect for wet and snowy conditions, the leather on the upper will keep you feeling comfortable during all your adventurous outdoor activities.

Now, while some people may prefer authentic leather over the aesthetics options, PU leather performs in equal measure as the authentic leather, and it’s a great option that is much less expensive.


For extra comfort, the Global Win boot has a mesh lining that extends from the inside out to the lightly padded cuffs around your ankles, and this prevents any rubbing or blisters.

Beyond the padding, the fact that these boots run-up to above the ankle will offer added support and will protect you against the outdoor elements when, for instance, you step out in the snow or even cross the puddles. In a nutshell, you’ll no longer have to suffer through the cold winter days as these boots can be worn all day long with minimal discomfort.

What We Love About It
  • Comfortable
  • Protection
  • Waterproof
  • Budget option
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not real leather boots

3. The North Face Men’s Chilkat III Winter Boots

The North Face Men's Chilkat III Winter Boots

If you live in the cold weather climates, you’re familiar with the North Face brand. In fact, you probably have one of their gears in your arsenal. Redesigned with an improved fit, the Chilkat III provides all-around protection from the demanding wintry conditions, and at the same time giving you a lot of bang for the buck.

Featuring Heatseeker insulation, these temperature-sensitive lugs, alongside the integrated waterproof upper will keep your feet dry while providing a perfect seal against snow and rain.


Though these boots are designed to withstand the harsh, cold weather, there’s no reason not to look stylish and feel confident in your look. Some of the snowshoeing boots can be plain ugly, but the Chilkat comes with a trendy detail you can feel good in.

For starters, these boots are available in various color combinations, providing you with flexibility in terms of color selection. More importantly, we love the seamless blending of the insulated rubber and the upper, creating a sleek and stylish allure.


The Chilkat outsole is constructed from premium synthetic rubber. This rubber is quite stiff, offering a stellar performance, especially when it comes to traction.

Expectedly, the stiff outsoles come with an incredibly deep and detailed design that is perfect for tackling a variety of terrain including the snowy, uneven terrain, and the slightly icy conditions.


The lining on this boot is constructed from synthetic material but comes alongside a familiar soft fleece feel that is not only warm but comfortable without displaying bulkiness.

Sporting 200g insulation, this boot offers a solid intensity of warmth. When active, for instance, the 200g Heetseeker insulation will keep your feet warm, and cozy even in the light of brutal and chilly weather. The comfy interior that molds nicely around your feet runs up to 4-5 inches, stopping past your ankle bones. Besides offering your feet protection against the outdoor elements, the extended ankle design is flared slightly, allowing you to tuck in snow pants in the top.

What We Love About It
  • Sturdy, stiff base
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
What We Didn’t Like
  • Reports indicate that rubber cracked after years of use

4. Baffin Men’s Timber Snow Boot

Baffin Men's Timber Snow Boot

If you’re planning to hike, climb or ice fish during the entire winter season, you might need something of a superior quality that is going to keep your feet feeling both warm and happy. If that is the case, you might want to give serious consideration to the Timber design from Baffin. While this shoe might come at a high price point, few, if any can match the ruggedness and class, this boot have to offer.


The style on the Baffin Timber is typical of what you would expect from premium snowshoe boots. This footwear sports a thick and bulky sole stretching up over the toe, and this helps to provide a weatherproof seal against snow and water.

The leather top sole alongside the thick metal loops will help to keep the laces firmly in place while providing support on the upper end of the shoe. Timer Baffin is available in two basic colors that include brown and black.


There are no limits to where you can take the Baffin Timber Boots. Using a blend of thermo-set polymers,  Baffin has crafted a material that will not only stick to the ground, but as well as provide incredible traction, and at the same time maintaining heat and comfort in your feet.

The presence of the tick and the carefully placed rubber treads on this boot will offer support and keep you away from slipping in the slick, icy terrains. Additionally, it will provide the support you need to cling to the rocky and snow-covered terrain, even when trekking or hiking on uneven surfaces.


Expectedly, this boot comes with a design that runs a few inches above the ankle bone, and this offers the protection against the environmental elements such as stones or ice. Moreover, the ankle extension is constructed from 100 percent leather, and this is to mean besides keeping you warm, no water will penetrate through. The leather construction also includes the tongue of the shoe.

What We Love About It
  • Leather construction
  • Waterproof
  • Cozy
  • Lightweight
What We Didn’t Like
  • Expensive

5. Oboz Bridger 7″ Winter Boot

Oboz Bridger 7 winter boot

The Oboz is your all-around winter boots from the Montana-based Company. Highly versatile, these units will handle all the winter terrain comfortably and with much ease.

They fit true to size, keep your toes warm and protected, and will provide you with the much-needed support without leaving you feeling stiff or constricted. The beefed-up sole, 200g of insulation, plus a wool-accented insole makes these units ideal for staying active throughout the winter season while allowing you to cover miles into the backcountry over snow.


The Oboz is the winterized version of the Oboz Bridger three-season boots. And as their name suggests, these units come with 7 inches or rather 18 cm collar, and this will keep you safe in the snow if it’s not too high. Otherwise, you might need to use gaiters.

Nonetheless, the Oboz boots are highly versatile and functional, and can be used or a variety of activities including hiking in the winter conditions as well as for snow activities. The Oboz are waterproof, breathable and offer perfect insulation against the scathing cold.


Ideal for the outdoor hiking as well as for the everyday use, the Oboz boasts of the “Granite Peak” traction.  This is a proprietary winterized rubber outsole that will provide you with a boosted traction on the less than ideal footing.

Sporting deep, directional lugs, this boot will provide you with unmatched grip in the colder terrain, while at the same time remaining pliable. Better yet, the performance of this boot is further bolstered by the presence of a special ICE TECH rubber infused with silica. This combination will greatly help at improving the grip of the outsole on the icy and glassy surfaces.


The Oboz uses a special O FIT Insole Thermal for added protection against the cold ground.

Molded to match the specific shape and construction of every Oboz pair, this purpose-designed technology will deliver a fit-feel performance that is unmatched.

The Mylar base layer in the insole will help to reflect the heat while the felted wool top layer offers an ergonomic cushioning.


The main body of the Oboz is covered with water-resistant nubuck leather and outer that is not only durable but offers incredible support and stability. The durable leather elements are molded to the toe section as well as the eels, and this offers an added protection where it’s needed.

The Oboz BDry waterproof membrane is yet another awesome feature that offers incredible waterproofing as well as durability. Regarding insulation, the Oboz feature 200 grams 3M Thinsulate synthetic fiber, and this will help to keep your feet warm from the chilly conditions.


The TPU Chassis will boost on the stability of these boots as well as prevent stone bruising without inhibiting flex.

What We Love About It
  • Durable leather construction
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
  • Breathable
What We Didn’t Like
  • Tad expensive

Best Boots for Snowshoeing Buyer Guide

Best Snowshoe Boots

Though our selection has only been limited to five boots, I’m sure you’re already overwhelmed by which pair to choose. Whatever model you choose, be sure that it delivers an enjoyable, warm, and dry snowshoeing experience. Ideally, we recommend donning footwear with the following features and properties:

Stiff Sole

Soles are one of the critical features to look into when choosing a snowshoe boots. Ideally, the stiffer the lug sole is, the better it is as it will greatly help at minimizing the amount of energy expended during snowshoeing.

See, a stiff sole will save you from the hassles of flexing your boot inside the binding, but rather allow you to focus what matters most, and that is moving forward. When it comes to the material preference, rubber is an inspired choice for the sole as it not only offers 100% water protection benefits, but it’s easier to clean and dry. More importantly, rubber is known to boost the durability of the boot.


Snowshoeing is an intense activity, and you, therefore, you will need optimum support to keep your feet firmly rooted on the ground.

When choosing a shoe with optimum support, go for those with the special arch support. These boots will not only keep your legs feeling strong, but will similarly keep your back steady throughout the time you’re snowshoeing. And better yet, if you find those with inserts and airy cushioning, their performance will surpass your expectation. Another detail you might want to consider the support unction is the shock absorption as well as anti-fatigue feature. When snowshoeing, you do not want to experience pain during or even after the session.

Waterproof and Breathability

If you plan to hike and wander through the deep snow, mud or worse yet set snow, you probably would want to have a waterproof boot. However, don’t make the mistake of confusing waterproof and water-resistant. Water-resistant boots will simply repel water splashes, while waterproof boots, on the other hand, will prevent water from penetrating through your boots entirely.

Now, remember if your boots soak in water, they’ll get wet, setting you up for a chilly and soggy experience, and worse result to cold-related sicknesses such as hyperthermia. To avoid this, go for breathable and waterproof boots; this is to mean that you need to purchase boots with Gore Tex, eVent, MemBrain, Climafit or any other of their equivalence.

Secure Fit

A critical factor that determines the ease of use and fit of a snowshoe boot is the lacing system. Too tight boots will restrict your blood circulation and make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, a loose lacing system will result in slipping off your boots. Having a proper shoe fit will prevent the occurrence of painful blisters as well as an arduous shoeing experience.

Warm Insulation

The perfect snowshoe should provide you with protection against the cold, and, offer a comfortable, cozy, and warm feeling. Insulated boots help to internally trap the heat generated by the by as well as repel the cold air, and this should help at keeping you feeling warm.

Ideally, 3M Thinsulate is recommended for insulation and the higher the grams of insulation materials; the more insulation your boot will provide.

Extended Boot Height

While this is not necessary, you might end up wandering in deep snow. In such instances, having a boot with a height that is well past the ankle is of the essence to preventing ice and cold from getting into your feet. However, these boots are recommendable only if you are going to handle to deep snowy terrain.

Snow Gaiter

The perfect snow boot should integrate a snow gaiter in its design. A snow gaiter is a barrier that is constructed into the boot and will prevent snow as well as water from melting down inside the boot.

Temperature Rating

Snowshoeing boots come with a variety of temperature rating. Using this rating, you can determine how well a snow boot can withstand the varying winter temperatures. If you plan to go out in the cold for extended periods, you can choose a boot with extreme or advanced cold categories.

Durability/ Material Construction

The durability of a snowshoe is largely dependent on the material construction. A strong rubber on the sole, for instance, will result in a durable boot that can withstand the wet and rough surfaces. On the outer, having a waterproof leather or PVC should help at repelling water and boost on the longevity of your boot.

Additionally, boots that incorporate an inner lining such as fleece with a further complement on the boots ability to provide warmth, comfort, and breathability.


When choosing a snowshoeing boot, we recommend that you get the lightest boot as possible.

However, don’t negate the benefits of having a quality snowshoe overweight. It’s always good that you first consider the features you’re looking for, and then you can balance with the lightness of your boots to complement each other.


Having a good pair of snowshoeing boot is critical for a fun-filled experience. Ideally, the perfect boot should keep you warm, cozy, and offer support without being too cumbersome. Nonetheless, remember that everyone is different, and you should, therefore, pick a snowshoe boot that you feel will address your snowshoeing experience.

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