Best Snowmobile Ramps For Loading In 2023

Best snowmobile loading ramps

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Do you know what to look for when you are in search of the best snowmobile ramps for loading? Sometimes your clueless and just don’t have the time it takes to do proper shopping research and comparisons. That is what this review is for—this upcoming review will show you some of the best five-snowmobile ramps.

The intention is to aid you in making the right choice to find the snowmobile-loading ramp that meets your needs. This review is going to show you comparisons, features, as well as the pros and cons of five of the best snowmobile ramps that are on the market today.

This review will give you the necessary information you need to make the right decision in what snowmobile ramp is best for you.

The 5 Best Snowmobile Loading Ramps In 2023:

The 5 Best Snowmobile Ramps Reviewed

1. Yutrax 70-inch Tri-Fold Aluminum Snowmobile Ramp

Yutrax 70-inch Tri-Fold Aluminum Truck Loading Ramp

This snowmobile ramp is a tri-fold aluminum UTV/ATV loading ramp that has the best of capacity for 1750 pounds. The equipment is manufactured using a material that is buoyant and durable, weighing only 28 pounds—making it simple at handling.

Easy storage and transport

The hinges and joints on this ramp are wielded and provide the support and peace of mind that you need. You can be assured that the ATV weight capacity of this storage ramp will be supported by the 1750-pound weight limit of this snowmobile ramp.

Rubber-coated tab attachments

These attachments allow for support that prevents scratching. As well as providing safety straps that provide a safe attachment of the straps to your truck.

Cost and Value

The cost of this snowmobile ramp may at first appear to be a bit on the high side; however, its value makes it worth it. As an added bonus, you get a manufacturer’s warranty for a full year after purchase.

Criteria Rating

Bottom line 99%

Capacity 99% 

Durability 98%

Ease of Use 99%

Safety Hazards 98.5%

Average 98.7%

What We Love About It
  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Welded joints for peace of mind
  • Folds up for easy transport
  • Adjustable safety straps keep truck securely in place
  • Full one-year warranty by the manufacturer
What We Didn’t Like
  • Securing straps are not included
  • Rungs don’t fit unevenly sized tires

2. Black Ice 94″ x 54″ Snowmobile Ramp

Black Ice 94

This snowmobile loading ramp is a folding ramp that is the ideal size to fit the bed of a full-size or 4×4 pickup. This snowmobile ramp measures 94” x 54” with a 1500-pound maximum capacity and has extra wide glides.

12” Polyurethane Ski Blades

The 12” polyurethane ski blades on this ramp have a cross-rung centerpiece that offers low-resistance loading and a superior traction grip.

Durable, All Aluminum Construction

The ramp has dual carbide ski glides that are a super wide 12 inches. The center rung is serrated and affords a superior amount of traction ability.

Cost and Value

You are going to find this ramp has a lot of value for its cost. Besides all of the remarkable features listed above, this ramp is also capable of folding up horizontally for simplicity in storing it away.

Criteria Rating

Bottom line 98%

Capacity 99% 

Durability 98%

Ease of Use 97%

Safety Hazards 97%

Average 97.8%

What We Love About It
  • Ideal for full-size or 4×4 trucks
  • 1500-pound max capacity
  • Dual carbide ski blades are extra wide
  • Center rung is serrated for superior grip
  • Made from heavy-duty aluminum
What We Didn’t Like
  • Screws in the frame were loose
  • Ski guides are slippery/can’t walk up to it

3. Revarc Bosski Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp

Revarc Bosski Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp

The Revarc Bosski Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp RevSled is the ideal ramp made for trailers and pickup truck bed loading.

Raised Ski Guides

The ramp has raised ski guides which guards against its slipping off the tracks and getting damaged. It also has gate grips that are over-sized, which offers added security and controlled traction.

Tri-fold Design

The tri-fold design allows for it to be folded down to a size of 21 inches. This gives it a more compact design that is easier to store away when not in use. This ramp has 42 inches of maximum usable height as well as a minimum height of 12 inches.

Cost and Value

It will not take you long to discover this loading ramp has extreme value for its cost. This is an ideal ramp made for larger models of vehicles with its 1500-pound capacity. As an added bonus, this ramp comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Criteria Rating

Bottom line 97%

Capacity 96% 

Durability 98%

Ease of Use 96%

Safety Hazards 96%

Average 96.6%

What We Love About It
  • Ideal for using with full-size or 4×4 trucks
  • 1500-pound maximum capacity
  • Easily folds up for storing
  • Integrated traction control
  • Limited lifetime warranty
What We Didn’t Like
  • Weld is not durable
  • The snowmobile ramp had missing items

4. Caliber 13526 Pro Snowmobile Ramp

Caliber 13526 Pro Universal ATV and Snowmobile Ramp

The Caliber 13526 Pro Universal ATV and Snowmobile Ramp were made with innovation in mind. This design allows for a superior grip and traction for all vehicles. Caliber has an established system for the reduction of friction that has been incorporated with their Snowmobile Carbide glide technology.

Slotted Fastening System

The fastening system is slotted so to allow for adequate expansion and contraction without any warping. This promises your snowmobile or ATV always has a stable and secure ride when hauling it. Caliber also provides a strap that is self-retracting to ensure your truck has a stable hold.

Universal Design

This ramp has been created with a universal design plan. This design is exclusively meant for carrying ATVs and snowmobiles that way up to 1500 pounds.

Cost and Value

The Caliber 13526 Pro Universal ATV and Snowmobile Ramp will prove to you it has tremendous value for its monetary cost. In addition to all these excellent features, this ramp comes with the Caliber lifetime warranty.

Criteria Rating

Bottom line 96%

Capacity 95% 

Durability 97%

Ease of Use 96%

Safety Hazards 95%

Average 95.8%

What We Love About It
  • Superior traction ability for all vehicles
  • Friction-reducing glide technology
  • The slotted fastening system prevents warping
  • Self-retracting strap to secure the truck on-ramp
  • Caliber’s lifetime warranty guarantee
What We Didn’t Like
  • Does not include pictured stud protectors

5. Erickson 84″ Snowmobile Loading Ramp

Erickson 84

This loading snowmobile ramp made by Erickson is a full 7 feet long, four and a half feet wide, and has a load capacity of 1500 pounds. It has super long polyethylene runners that are removable and used for carbide skis.

All Season Usage

Because the wear boards are removable, it makes them perfect for use in all seasons. It has a durably strong grip that deters any scratches; this is due to the rubber-tipped fingers on this ramp.

Ready to Use

This ramp/loading device is delivered completely assembled and ready for use. Snowmobile ramps are sold separately; the length is longer than average and the removable runners are constructed of polyethylene materials.

Cost and Value

This snowmobile ramp comes with Erickson’s promise of the finest quality of factory testing. For increased safety, our products are tested one and a half times the load capacity. In addition, you get the lifetime warranty offered by Erickson.

Criteria Rating

Bottom line 95%

Capacity 94% 

Durability 96%

Ease of Use 95%

Safety Hazards 95%

Average 95%

What We Love About It
  • Stainless steel nuts & bolts deter rust and corrosion
  • Includes two safety chains
  • Versatile use for ATV and snowmobiles
  • Folds easily for simple storage
  • Highest standard of factory testing
What We Didn’t Like
  • Works great if the track is not studded
  • The actual snowmobile ramp is not what is pictured

Rating Criteria Used For Snowmobile Ramps

Bottom Line

The bottom line regarding the quality of a ramp for your snowmobile is the way in which it is constructed. There should be plenty of traction to sustain the weight of your truck, regardless of the state of your load. The surface should prevent any slippage even when at a slight incline. Therefore, it is imperative that the ramp has an adequate grip for a sufficient hold.

The snowmobile ramp you buy needs to have center runners that have been created to allow maximum traction with an aversion for slippage. Some snowmobile ramps have ski guides constructed with PU that is low challenging and allows your vehicle to go straight up the ramp. There are even additional features that permit ease of loading even on slippery surfaces.

Typical material that these snowmobile ramps are made of stainless steel or aluminum. The reason for this is because this type of material is not only resistant to corrosion; it is also light and durable. A ramp made from either one of these materials will be able to handle the weight of the vehicle without bending or breaking.


When you are looking for a good snowmobile ramp, one of the most important features is weight capacity. The reason being is because if your ramp cannot handle the weight of your snowmobile, it is virtually useless. The weight capacity of a loading ramp is usually rated on a per axle basis.

Most of the snowmobile ramps available have a capacity for carrying loads weighing 1500 pounds. This is more than enough weight capacity that you will need. However, there are some snowmobile ramps that are made with a higher capacity rating for the heavier, more heavy-duty brands. These heavy-duty models are excellent if you are seeking more versatility with ATVs and UTVs.


The ramp you purchase should have an efficient amount of durability, which allows for excellent stability and grip. In addition, a ramp that is made of stainless steel or aluminum ensures its ability to withstand any amount of use or abuse. It is dependent on how durably the center runners are made that determines the amount of traction the ramp will have.

In order for the ramp, you purchase to have secure durability the width and length should be equal in size. This extra space ensures the security of your snowmobile, so it will not slip off the ramp easily. To make transport of the equipment easier and safer, you should also purchase a truck deck.

Ease of Use

A ramp for snowmobile transport should be as easy to use as possible. Many people prefer the snowmobile ramps that have a feature known as tri-fold. The reason for this preference is it makes for easier storage and transport because of better flexibility. Additionally, snowmobile ramps that offer extreme versatility can be doubled up to use for transporting ATVs and even motorcycles.

Safety Hazards

How do you ensure the transport of your snowmobile is done in a safe manner? It should require very little effort to load and unload your snow sled when the ramps are made with safety in mind.

You need to ensure that the transport and launch of your snowmobile are done efficiently and safely; particularly when in snowy, slushy terrain.

It is important that you pick a ramp that can be simple, safe, and easy to move. The loading and unloading of your snowmobile should be effortless and require no additional effort. There is a retractable strap on this ramp that makes it easy to get it into the correct position for transport.

Expert Tips

How to Secure a Ramp to your Vehicle using safety straps

When it comes to ensuring a loading ramp is secured to your vehicle, there are a few things you must do. For instance, you want to make sure the rear tires of the vehicle you are loading do not start to spin. If this happens, it could cause a loose ramp to be thrown out from beneath it. This can potentially become dangerous with the ATV being thrust backward and on the driver. Therefore, when securing a ramp, always use the safety straps that come with it.

First, get the ramp in the correct position at the truck tailgate or trailer’s lip. Next, find the area of the ramp in which the second rung nearest to the tailgate and center come together. Now pull the hook side of the strap through the looped end of the strap. This will allow the strap to wrap the center rail under the second rung.

Pull-on the hook side of the strap; this cinches the loop and ensures tightness for the ramp’s main rung. Now, find a steady area under the vehicle—this will be the bumper or hitch. Connect the hook side of the strap to this.

Tighten the loose straps end until it feels secure and tight. Ensure the ramp will not be able to move backward. Keep checking the tightness until you are certain it will not come loose. You can now begin to load your snowmobile or ATV onto the ramp.

Other Factors to Consider


When purchasing a ramp to load your snowmobile onto, you want to ensure it is stable. If it is not stable, it can come loose and cause severe damage to your vehicle or the person loading it.

The lighter the weight of a loading ramp, the easier they will be to transport them to where you need them. The ramp should also have an anti-slip surface for extra stability.


A loading ramp should have connections that are compatible with your truck or trailer. This also ensures a more stable and secures fit when hooking it to your vehicle.


When buying a loading ramp, try to ensure its versatility. You want a ramp that cannot only safely load your snowmobile or ATV; but also can load a motorcycle or other smaller vehicle you wish to transport.

When a loading ramp is versatile it speeds up the time it takes to set it up and take it down. You are going to want a ramp that offers support to the vehicle being loaded onto the trailer.


A loading ramp that has good value is one that builds durable and has excellent compatibility with your truck or trailer. The tri fold ramps are a good value because they can be easily folded up and stored away in a compact manner.


Try to purchase a lighter weighing loading ramp. This will make it easier to secure the ramp and transport it for storing when not in use. Additionally, you should look for the ramps that can be easily folded up to save on storage space. A tool that has a high capacity for weight is another good factor to look for in a trailer-loading ramp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know what model of the ramp will be best for my loading and unloading needs?

A: There are many models of loading ramps available. The preceding review was only five of the best ramps we found available. It is certain you will find anyone of these ramps to be suitable for your needs.


Q: If the description of a ramp states it is 52 x 90; what is its length/width?

A:  A ramp with the measurements of 52 x 90 would be 7 feet, 5 inches long and four feet, four inches wide.


Q: Do the Caliber 13526 Pro Universal ATV and Snowmobile ramp come with the pictured stud protectors?

A: No. Unfortunately, these stud protectors would need to be purchased as a separate item.


Q: What is the maximum weight capacity for the Caliber 13526 Pro Universal ATV and Snowmobile Ramp?

A: It possibility could maintain the weight of one or two Peterbilt.


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