The 7 Best Snowboard Helmets Reviewed In 2023

best snowboard helmets

Our Top Pick After 20 Hours of Reviewing and Testing:

AKASO Snowboarding Helmet
AKASO Snowboarding Helmet
Why we think it is better?

Strong and lightweight

Simple to modify fit

Liners can be removed and washed

Vents available to adjust temperature

Liner is EPS impact absorbing

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Do you know the advantages of wearing a good snowboard helmet?

Good snowboard helmets will not only protect your head but will also help keep you warm. A helmet is valuable; however, they are not fail-proof. Even the best helmet has its limits on how well it protects.

Snowboard helmets are not the same as a helmet used for skateboarding or biking. They have very different features such as coverage for the ears, and liners that protect against moisture and temperature.

When you are shopping for a helmets for snowboarding, you need to ensure these features are covered. The following review is about the 7 best snowboarding helmets found available today.

The 7 Best Snowboard Helmets In 2023:

Our Reviews

1. AKASO Snowboarding Helmet

AKASO best snowboard Helmets

The AKASO Helmets is an excellent way to protect your head while skiing. It has been certified with the safety of the consumer in mind. Made with a construction which fuses the outside shell to the EPS-liner for the ultimate in absorbing impact. We here at Humber Sport have voted this the best snowboard helmets.

Atmosphere maintenance

There are adjustable vents that slide on the top of the helmet to allow for the maintenance of warmth or coolness within. The liner and ear pads are also removable which permits you to modify according to how much heat you require.

Maintain Comfort

A tension dial on the rear allows for the modification of fit according to one’s liking. There is also a loop in which you can keep your goggles securely in place. You will be pleased with the materials that make this such quality ski equipment.

Cost and Value

The value of this helmet is going to impress you once you discover what you get for your money. The removable liner and ear pads are washable maintaining hygiene as well as removing odor and sweat. The vents on this helmet provide all the ventilation you need to keep from getting too warm or cold.

Helmets Rating

Comfort 99%

Materials 98.5%

Protection 99%

Fit 99%

Style 98.5%

Average: 98.8%

What We Love About It
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Simple to modify fit
  • Liners can be removed and washed
  • Vents available to adjust temperature
  • Liner is EPS impact absorbing
What We Didn’t Like
  • Lock may not stay locked
  • Has a bulky look

2. OutdoorMaster KELVIN Snowboarding Helmets

OutdoorMaster KELVIN Snowboading Helmet

Second in our list for the best snowboard helmet is the OutdoorMaster KELVIN Snowboard Helmet is certified for ASTM safety. This helmet has been constructed with both the safety and comfort of consumers in mind. It has been armed with a strengthened ABS SHELL as well as an EPS CORE that absorbs shock.

Nine Color Choices

This lustrously planned snowboarding helmet is available in a variety of nine different arrangements of matte finish colors.

Ventilation is the best

In addition to the nine color options available, there is also magnificent ventilation. With fourteen single vents providing the wearer with ventilating at the next-level for many hours of skiing comfort.

Cost and Value

This snowboard helmet made by Outdoor Master will prove to have excellent value for its cost. All of the special features this helmet offers makes this product a good buy. As an added bonus, you will also receive the friendliest customer service associates to aid you in your purchase.

Helmets Rating

Comfort 98%

Materials  97%

Protection 97.5%

Fit 98%

Style 97.5%

Average: 97.6%

What We Love About It
  • Certified ASTM Safety
  • 9 various combinations of colors
  • Ventilation system is the best in class
  • Size is modifiable
  • Excellent customer service
What We Didn’t Like
  • Ear pads do not stay affixed

3. Wildhorn Drift Snowboarding Helmets

Wildhorn Drift Helmet

Third in our best for the best snowboard helmets is the Wildhorn Outfitters makes this super efficient helmet.  Wildhorn Outfitters is one of the trusted equipment providers for the U.S. Ski team sponsor, Ashley Caldwell, the four time Olympic medalist.

Maintain a Professional Appearance

Wildhorn helmets allows you to ski in style. Giving you a design that is ergonomic and provides performance that is unparalleled as well as comfortable. The earbuds are Bluetooth compatible and can even be taken off during warmer days.

Comfortable all day long

When searching for a helmet, it will be difficult to find another with a better fit or more comfort than this.  The liner in this helmet is so plush it provides the ultimate insulation and comfort. Because a sweaty head is something we all hate to have this helmet features the VNT technology for ventilation.

Cost and Value

When you purchase this piece of equipment you will appreciate its value right away. Skiing with this helmet will give you the confidence all day long in knowing you are protected from forceful impacts.

Helmets Rating

Comfort 97%

Materials  96.5%

Protection 96%

Fit 97%

Style 95.5%

Average: 96.4%

What We Love About It
  • 13 air adjustable vents that are modifiable
  • Can be combined with Dover Men’s jacket
  • Gives you peace of mind you are protected
  • VNT temperature technology
  • Super soft interior lining
What We Didn’t Like
  • Sizing is way off
  • Poor marketing tactics

4. Odoland Helmet

Odoland Snowboard Snowboard Helmet

The Odoland Snow Helmet is the ideal piece of ski equipment for both kids and adults. It has protective sunglasses built right in.  It is the ideal helmet for snowboarding and snowmobile riding with a great fit.

A Complete Set

If you know someone who loves outdoor snow activities, this is the perfect gift for them! It comes as a complete set, with goggles already attached to it. Think of all the excitement you can have ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, or anything in the snow. This ski product offers you all the head protection you need.

ASTM F024 Certified

These helmets equipment has been certified ASTM F024 and CE EN1077 and the goggles are approved by the FDA. Constructed from quality materials, this product meets all requirements for certifications of safety.

Cost and Value

The fact that this goggle and helmet combination is shock-proof and resistant to penetration adds to its value. Both the helmet and goggles are made to remain stationary to your head. This ensures sufficient protection against any possible injuries while in the snow. The cost of This helmet is not too pricey either, so you are getting extreme cost and value with this product.

Helmets Rating

Comfort 96%

Materials 96%

Protection 95.5%

Fit 95.6%

Style 95%

Average: 95.62%

What We Love About It
  • 12 ventilating air holes
  • Removable earmuff & lining is detachable
  • Meets all safety recommendations for certification
  • Effective for any outdoor winter activities
  • Goggle have an easy modifying band
What We Didn’t Like
  • Adjustment strap may be faulty
  • Sliding vents don’t stay in place

5. TurboSke Ski And Snowboard Helmet

TurboSke Snowboard Helmet

This helmet is ASTM certified and made for men, women, and even youth. It is light in weight and compatible with your audio equipment. It is the ideal equipment for snowboarding and any other outdoor winter activities you plan to do.

Durable and Lightweight

The designers of this equipment went all out using a system of fusing the outside shell to the impact absorbing EPS inner lining. This type of engineering ensures a helmet that is lighter in weight as well as more durable with better ventilation.

Perfect Size and Fit

There is a dial that enables you to modify the fit, no matter what size or shape your head is. The padding is a superior design that is not only comfortable it can also me detached. Offering extreme support for many hours out in the snow.

Cost and Value

Probably the biggest value, when you buy a product, is the promise of 100% guaranteed satisfaction! The quality control department has put this product to the test to ensure it is made to last. Of course, should you have any problems you can ask for a full refund–no questions asked.

Helmets Rating

Comfort 95%

Materials 95%

Protection 94.5%

Fit 94%

Style 95%

Average: 94.7%

What We Love About It
  • Compatible to your audio equipment
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Dial for modification and sizing
  • EPS liner that is impact absorbing
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
What We Didn’t Like
  • Appears cheap looking
  • Sizes are smaller than average

6. MONATA Adult Ski And Snowboard Helmet

MONATA Adult Ski & Snowboard Helmet

The MONATA adult Helmets are adjustable and the ideal adjustable outdoor snow weather product. It comes in a large size (23.22-24 inches), and is available in the color of black.

Excellent Ventilation

There are thirteen vents on the rear and front of this helmet. These vents permit cold air to enter and the hot air to leave. This excellent ventilation system ensures your head does not get sweaty and cause you to overheat.

Ultimate in

The warm and removable earmuffs and lining makes for comfortable helmets. There is also a mini-visor that you can take off. This mini visor works as a way of deterring any fogging caused by snow blocking the goggles. There is also a clip to keep goggles securely in place.

Cost and Value

You are going to find this helmet made by MONATA to have extreme value. Not only is it priced fair and affordable, but you also get a helmet that meets all safety requirements according to the CE EN1077 standards.

It is lightweight and strong with EPS foam and an APS, shock absorbing shell to give you excellent head protection.

Helmets Rating

Comfort 93%

Materials  92.5%

Protection 93%

Fit 92%

Style 92%

Average: 92.5%

What We Love About It
  • 13 cooling vents
  • APS shell is resistant to impact
  • Dial and strap has a dial for modification
  • Warm, removable lining and earmuffs
  • Sized to fit most men and women
What We Didn’t Like
  • Straps are not secured to helmet
  • Has an odd-shape to it

7. Lanova Helmet

No products found.

Lanova Ski Snowboard Helmets is certified ASTM for safety and designed for use by men, women and youth. This product has a strong shell that is resistant to impact and absorbing shock.

Liner and Ear pads can be removed

The liner is imitation wool and it is comfortably soft; in addition, it can be taken off for cleaning. There is also a dial which can aid in adjusting the size for a perfect fit. This feature makes for comfortable as well as safe.

Clip for Snow Goggles

This clip allows for securing your goggles so they will not easily fall off. Provides augmentation for keeping ski glasses stabilized to keep from losing them.

Cost and Value

This helmet comes in six colors/styles as well as in medium and large sizes. Medium size is for head girth of 21.65 to 22.83 inches. The large size is for head girth of 23.22 to 24.01 inches. There are so many features that give this product value; with a price that won’t do too much damage to your wallet.

Helmets Rating

Comfort 92%

Materials 91.5%

Protection 92%

Fit 91%

Style 91.5%

Average: 91.6%

What We Love About It
  • Certified for safety ASTM and CE
  • Inner lining is imitation wool and removable
  • Dial for modifying to a perfect fit
  • Clip for stabilizing goggles
  • Comes in medium and large sizes
What We Didn’t Like
  • Ear pieces may be defective
  • Helmet has an odd shape

Criteria Used

Comfortable Fitting

This is the number one most important criterion of a snowboard helmet. If the inside liner of your helmet is uncomfortable, it deters from any other possibly fantastic features. You will really notice the difference between a comfortable helmet and one that is not so comfortable.

The inside padding of the helmet should offer maximum support, this is where the comfort lies. Some helmets that are budget priced have a liner that is a spongy texture and appears comfortable at first. However, after several hours with this contraption stuck to your head, you will begin to feel discomfort. The helmet is another piece of ski equipment that one should not skimp on.


There are two types of construction materials that generally make up a snowboard helmet. Those construction materials are the hard outer shell and the softer padding inside. The outside shell of your helmet should be constructed of a polycarbonate construction material. This is also known as “ABS”–Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. A shell made of this stuff is hard, durable, and can handle a hard hitting fall down a mountain.

Another common feature is the in-mould and hard-shell construction helmets. If you opt for the hard shell construction model, this gives you an outer shell that is strong with a padded inside. The in-mould brands are pricier, they are a plastic shell that is moulded to the soft inner foam. This type of helmet is lighter in weight and gives less rebound when hitting something.


When shopping for your snow helmet, there are a few things you will need to know about fit. A good fitting helmet should be snug, but not too tight. If it feels like it moves back and forth, it is not well-fitting. Shake your head, does it have movement? If so, get a smaller one, or modify the straps to buy some denser padding. Push on the edges in front and the sides, make the straps tighter to ensure stability.

Next, look at the view from the front. There should not be a space from the top of your goggles to the helmet’s front edge. There should be a snug fit here, but not so that it blocks your vision when you are heading down the mountain.

Adjust the helmet on your head so there is protection to your forehead. Low but even with the front side, and no more than 1” over the eyebrows.


You are going to want your snow helmet to offer maximum protection when you are wearing it. After all, it is protecting your biggest asset–your face and brain! Another part of your head that needs protecting are your ears. A good helmet should have sufficient ear coverage to ensure your ears are not cold.

Your helmet should also have good ventilation. This protects your head (and the rest of you) from overheating. We are all aware that if the head isn’t warm enough–or too warm– it can make the rest of our body uncomfortable.


There are three different styles of helmets: there are half -shell, full-shell, and full-face helmets. The half-shell helmet is the most commonly used by skiers and snowboarders. This type of helmet provides protection for the complete head, and includes soft padding for the ears. This padding guards your ears in the chance you should fall; providing protection, but not affecting hearing. This style helmet provides an excellent balance of comfort and protection.

Another style of helmet is the full-shell helmet. Similar to the half-shell helmet, the full-head offers complete head protection including full protection to the ears. This style of helmet is common for skiers that like racing and tricks.

The third style of helmet is the full-face helmet. This helmet provides protection to the jawline and when wearing goggles also give protection to your whole head and face. These helmets are the most popular with motorcycle riders and cyclists; however, skiers and snowboarders sometimes opt to use this style of helmet when heading down the mountain.

Expert Advice

How to wear your snowboard helmet

When you want to get your snowboarding helmet positioned on your head correctly you need to ensure its correct placement. It should be placed on the head in a way that gives ample protection to the forehead. The front edge should be level and not more than an inch above the eyebrows. Ensure no spaces exist between the helmet lining and your head. You can sometimes find helmets that have sizing pads available which aid in fine-tuning the fit of your new helmet.

Choosing the Right Snow Helmet

There are a few components or features you need to ensure are just right when shopping for a helmet. Below is a list of what to look for:

  • Make sure the shell of your helmet is constructed out of a rigid material. A good material such as heavy-duty plastic, high-impact ABS is best. This material ensures your head is guarded from knocks, abrasions and sharp articles.
  • Check the material that makes up the inner lining next. It should be made from polystyrene, an EPS foam that appears to mimic Styrofoam. This material is made to withstand falls and the impact associated with falls. In the instance of a tremendous fall or accident this lining material becomes compressed. Following a serious fall, the helmet involved should be destroyed and replaced immediately.
  • Once you have found the helmet you want, you need to size it. The way you size a helmet is to measure the girth of your head. You do this with a tape measure. Place the tape measure around your head, 1 inch above the eyebrows and just a bit above the ears. Keep the tape measure in a level position around the largest part of your head. Refer to the sizing chart included in the helmet’s packaging to determine the size needed according to the circumference of your head.
  • Lastly, you need to ensure the helmet you purchase has a good fit. There should be no back and forth movement, which is an indication it is too loose. If there is any shifting in the helmet you may want to try a different size, adjust the straps, or utilize sizing pads that are denser. Push up on the edges of the helmet and tighten the straps if there is any movement.
  • There should not be any space between the helmet and top of the goggles. Ensure the goggles are snug-fitting to the helmet; but not to where it causes a hindrance to your vision or pushes the goggles down.

Other Criteria


The value of a snowboard helmet is very important. It does not just mean the most expensive product you can find. Value also has to do with how comfortable it fits and how well ventilated it is. A helmet with good value is going to ensure your winter activities are fun and pleasurable.

The quality control a manufacturer puts into the designing and constructing of a product also adds value to it. In addition, excellent customer service is a plus, as well as a good return policy and guarantee 100% satisfaction.


When you are looking for a helmet for outdoor activities, you want to find one that is versatile. Instead of one helmet for each sport, it makes sense to invest in a multi-purpose helmet. When a helmet offers you versatility, you can go from riding your mountain bike to snowboarding and not have to switch helmets.


This criterion is one of the most important features of a helmet. If the size is wrong, it can mean you do not have the protection you require.

A good tip for when measuring your head to size it for a helmet; ensure to do so in centimeters. The reason for doing so is because helmet sizes are in centimeters. Unless you like doing a lot of calculating and converting, save yourself some time and measure in centimeters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you know if a helmet is the safest it can be?

A: You want to ensure the helmet you purchase is in compliance with safety ASTM F2040 certifications. If the helmet has CE EN1077 certification, it means it passes the European safety certifications as well. If you find a helmet with one or both of these certifications, then you have found the safest snowboard helmets.


Q: Are there specific helmets made just for skiing or snowboarding or can I use my bicycle helmet?

A:  Yes. Skiing and snowboarding helmets are made for the sport. If you use a helmet that is designed for bike riding, it may not give you the protection you require.


Q: How much will my helmet protect me?

A: There are limits to what a helmet can guard against, and the wearer needs to be aware of those limits. Good helmets will make all the difference should you be involved in a fall or serious accident. Helmets were created to prevent head injuries and are most efficient in guarding the wearer if suffering a blow to the head at speeds of 14 mph or less. However, should you be traveling at a high speed and collide with another skier, tree, or something else, you may still be injured. Never take for granted that because you are wearing a helmet you can behave more reckless. Whether or not you are wearing a helmet, you need to always ski responsibly and wear the right gear.


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