Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet Reviewed In 2023

best snowboard boots for wide feet

Our Top Pick After 20 Hours of Reviewing and Testing:

Burton Moto BOA Wide Snowboard Boots
Burton Moto BOA Wide Snowboard Boots
Why we think it is better?

Coiler lacing system featuring New England Ropes laces

Flex/Response: soft flex tongue; ready for all terrains

Patented Total Comfort Construction; instant broken-in comfort

Sleeping bag reflective foil cushioning

Available in 4 different color combos

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Products are tested by our team of experts with years of personal experience.

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If you are a snowboarder with wide feet, have you had trouble finding boots that fit you properly?

If so, you are not alone. There are all sorts of problems we can have with our feet (wide, narrow, flat, etc.) that can make it complicated to find a pair of boots that fit comfortably and securely.

Fortunately, many of the best names in the industry have started selling wide-width snowboard boots that are both stylish and functional, giving you many excellent options to choose from.

The following list is an overview of the 5 best snowboard boots for wide feet on the market today for you to consider. The right pair of boots will keep you warm, comfortable and happy while you shred fresh powder like a pro.

The 5 Best Wide Snowboard Boots In 2023:

5 Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

1. Burton Moto BOA Boots For Wide Feet

Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boot Mens Black 12

The Burton Moto BOAs wide snowboard boots are the best snowboard boots for wide feet on this list. They are also the most expensive. That said, they are manufactured by Burton, arguably the most reputable brand in the snowboarding gear industry. Burton has earned its reputation and name recognition with a history of selling well-made, cutting-edge, top-of-the-line equipment, and the BOAs are no exception.

Boa System Lacing with Coiler Technology

The laces are easily adjusted and stay firmly in place with the boots’ coiled lacing system. The laces, Burton’s New England ropes, are extremely strong and snap-resistant. With the inner coiling mechanism that retracts and releases the laces as needed, no time is wasted fumbling around trying to get the perfect fit; it’s achieved in less than a minute.


The flex of the boots is relatively soft, which is favored among newer snowboarders. Flex refers to the overall stiffness of the boots and is largely based on personal preference. However, the boots are still firm enough to provide excellent support and responsiveness to your movements.

Cost and Value

The Burton BOAs are a bit more expensive than the other boots discussed here, but they are truly a stand-out option. Like bindings or boards, your equipment is an investment. These boots will keep your feet warm, comfortable, well-supported, properly laced, and, importantly, they will provide adequate width if you have wide feet. Forget worrying about the discomfort caused by ill-fitting boots like excess friction and rubbing, numb toes, blisters, lack of ventilation and so forth.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 99

Protection: 99

Brand: 99

Ease of Use: 98

Advanced Feature: 97

Average =  98.4

What We Love About It
  • Coiler lacing system featuring New England Ropes laces
  • Flex/Response: soft flex tongue; ready for all terrains
  • Patented Total Comfort Construction; instant broken-in comfort
  • Sleeping bag reflective foil cushioning
  • Available in 4 different color combos
What We Didn’t Like
  • High price tag
  • Steep leg incline

2. DC Phase Wide Snowboard Boot

DC Phase Snowboard Boots Black Mens Sz 11.5

DC is another giant in the skateboarding/snowboarding industry and the DC Phase snowboard boot for wider feet is a perfect example of the brand’s “simple, not basic” line of products. The DC Phase wide snowboard boots offer a classic design, from the lacing system to the shell, and optimal fit.

Optimal Fit

The boots are fastened using a traditional lacing system. The inner shell is malleable and flexible, fitting comfortably around your foot. The shell closes securely underneath the laces, keeping the wind, snow and frigid temperatures out, while still allowing enough ventilation to keep your wide feet from sweating or becoming too hot.

Foundation UniLite Outsole

The patented Foundation UniLite Outsole offers superior shock absorption, allowing you to safely complete your landings and maneuvers with a decreased risk of injury. This is also advantageous if you are snowboarding on uneven terrain and accidentally come down too hard.

Cost and Value

The Phase wide boots are sold at a reasonable price and is an awesome product. It is reliable, well-built, easily adjusted, safe, and provides good protection and shock absorption. Overall, it’s a very good value boot for wide feet.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 98

Protection: 99

Brand: 97

Ease of Use: 96

Advanced Feature: 97

Average =  97.4

What We Love About It
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Shell closes securely under laces
  • Guaranteed to stay in the best condition for several seasons of use
  • Superior shock absorption
  • EVA-construction; multi-density
What We Didn’t Like
  • Very soft flex
  • Soles are slick

3. Burton Moto Wide Snowboard Boots

Burton Men's Moto Snowboard Boots (8, Black)

The Moto wide boots are another great option from Burton, the undisputable titan of the snowboarding industry. The Moto is noted for its convenience and comfort, making it a good choice for new/casual snowboarders. It’s not quite as advanced as the BOA, but it’s still a very respectable choice, particularly for boarders with wide feet.

Speed Zone Lacing

The New England ropes laces do not have to be tied; rather, they are simply run through the openings on the side of the boot. This allows you to securely lace up your boot in seconds. The New England ropes come with a lifetime guarantee from Burton, a testament to their strength, performance, and construction.

Snow-Proof Internal Gusset

The snow-proof internal gusset seals off the lower zone of the boot, keeping it warm, dry and completely free of water infiltration. Even if you accidentally get drenched, your boots will stay snow and ice-free. This helps to increase the overall longevity of your boots, as well as keeping your wide feet dry and comfortable.

Cost and Value

The Moto snowboard boots are sold at a very reasonable price and offers the high-quality manufacture, construction, and design that Burton is known to deliver. It’s an impressive boot full of advanced features that will keep you comfortable, warm and upright while you’re out conquering a mountain this year. It’s an excellent value.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 96

Protection: 97

Brand: 99

Ease of Use: 96

Advanced Feature: 95

Average =  96.6

What We Love About It
  • Sustainably manufactured by Burton
  • Time-saving Speed Zone lacing system
  • Snow-proof internal gusset
  • Lightweight; warmer than ever
  • Sleeping-bag cushioning for ventilated comfort; soft tongue flex
What We Didn’t Like
  • Difficult to stow the laces while being worn
  • Sizing runs small

4. Sapient Mason Snowboard Wide Boots

No products found.

Sapient is not quite as well-known as some of its competitors like DC, GNU, Lib Technologies, Ride, Never Summer and Burton, but it is a very respectable manufacturer in the industry and makes excellent snowboarding, biking, and skiing equipment, earning high marks for both fashion and function. The Mason boots by Sapient are affordable, comfortable, practical, well-built and durable, made to withstand serious abuse on the slopes.

Vibration Control

The Mason is noted for superior vibration control and shock absorption. This is advantageous if you find yourself on rocky, uneven terrain. The boot, instead of your foot, will take the brunt of a powerful impact. Your overall ride will be smoother and more enjoyable thanks to the construction of the boot’s foundation.

Advanced Shell

Arguably, the secret behind Mason’s amazing performance and comfort is the construction of its shell. It is made of synthetic leather and includes a reinforced support spine, support panels, a pull handle, double reinforced stitching, and flex notches. The only drawback is that this is a lot of material and therefore limits the number of bindings that the boots are compatible with.

Cost and Value

It is a high-value item sold at a low cost, making it a smart buy and a rare find. The Mason is a smart investment that will keep your wide feet comfortable and protected, offering the kind of performance that you expect from a pair of high-end boots.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 96

Protection: 95

Brand: 95

Ease of Use: 94

Advanced Feature: 93

Average =  94.6

What We Love About It
  • Very reasonable pricetag; aesthetically pleasing and stylish
  • Good shock absorption and vibration reduction
  • Advanced shell design; plush footbed
  • Reinforced liner; flex stretch toe box
  • Integrated liner lacing system with pull handle
What We Didn’t Like
  • Require waterproofing spray
  • Inner layer tensioners may require replacement

5. Thirty-Two 32 Exit Wide Snowboard Boots

No products found.

The 32 Exit snowboard wide boot is a good choice for a casual or novice snowboarder; but it is not the ideal choice for serious, heavy-duty use. For someone who is just learning, the 32 is great thanks to its fair price, its soft tongue, its high responsiveness and its overall ease of use. The 32 offers high comfort, support and cushioning, with an overall plush feel that will keep your wide feet happy, even after spending an entire day on the slopes.

Plush Comfort

The wide snowboard boot offers extra cushioning and ventilated padding, keeping your wide feet comfortable at all times. This, in conjunction with the 32’s excellent support, is ideal for new snowboarders. Instead of heading back to the lodge with sore feet and ankles after a day on the powder, your feet will feel good, and you will be able to head right back out again the following morning, free of aches and pains. The heat-moldable liner is key, as it conforms to the exact shape of your foot.

Grip and Rip

Grip and rip heel hold area for superior traction. Even on icy surfaces, the 32s will help to keep you upright. In the event you do crash, you’ll find it easy to get right back up on your feet again. The boots offer impeccable steadiness.

Cost and Value

This is an extremely good value, considering the low cost and high performance, quality of the materials, durability, comfort, cushioning, support, traction, and style of the boots. The 32 is a good value.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 94

Protection: 95

Brand: 92

Ease of Use: 94

Advanced Feature: 93

Average =  93.6

What We Love About It
  • The plush comfort and cushioning
  • Heat moldable liner
  • Low price tag
  • Superior traction and support
  • Heel-gripping area for extra stability
What We Didn’t Like
  • Sizing runs small
  • The front toe area is stiff

best snowboard boots for wide feet

Criteria Used for Wide Snowboard Boots


Whether you get to go snowboarding once or 15 times a year, you need boots that are durable. Snowboarding is an expensive sport, even if you live close to an ideal location, and when you go, you want to spend every minute possible on the snow.

If you’re an expert snowboarder, you will undoubtedly travel at a high rate of speed, attempt high jumps and tricks, and demand a lot from your boots. If you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to fall and crash, and you will also be putting a lot of stress on your boots. So, whether you go boarding a lot, and regardless of your ability level, durability is key.


Snowboarding can be dangerous, as even experts crash from time to time. Obviously, a helmet and eye protection are non-negotiable, and your footwear is also important. A twisted ankle or broken toe are instant ways to ruin your trip. Improper or inadequate support is unacceptable.

Make sure the boots you select offer adequate support, from the arches of your feet to your ankles and calves. Search for footwear that is water-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about frostbite. Familiarize yourself with the lacing mechanism so that you know the laces are properly secured in place before you head down the mountain.


Brand recognition is important when it comes to snowboarding equipment. Consider your boots to be safety equipment, like eye protection or a good helmet. You want a brand you can trust because you are putting your safety on the line.

Check out customer reviews, the seller’s return, and exchange policy, and articles printed in magazines or posted online by trustworthy sources so you can properly do your research. Don’t take any risks by buying footwear from a no-name brand. It’s not worth it.

Ease of Use

A good pair of boots should be easy to put on, lace-up and wear, even if they haven’t been broken in yet. If you are a brand new snowboarder, consider investing in a pair of Burton’s, as they are known for having the broken-in feel and comfort of a worn-in pair of boots straight out of the box.

Also, check out the lacing mechanism of the boots. You may want to choose a pair with a built-in coiling mechanism like the BOAs, or you may be more comfortable with a traditional pair of lace-up boots like those offered by DC and Sapient.

Advanced Feature

It is not necessary to buy a pair of boots full of advanced features if you are a casual snowboarder. A simple pair of boots can offer you safety, performance, comfort, and value, all at a reasonable price.

However, if you are an intermediate to advanced snowboarder and you plan on venturing onto the slopes fairly regularly, you may want to spend a bit more to enjoy advanced features like automatic coiling laces, water and snow draining systems, reinforced cushioning, mesh liners, and so on.


Expert Tips

Invest in Socks

There are socks specifically made for snowboarding, and it is absolutely worth it to purchase a few pairs. Why? If you have wide feet, you know how difficult it is to get a snug, secure fit while still giving your toes a bit of wiggle room. Regular cotton socks do not provide adequate padding, while woolen, winter socks take up too much space. Both can result in blisters and sores. Snowboarding socks are a small, smart investment that can mean the difference between a perfect and an ill-fitting boot.

Know Your Size

At this point, you clearly know that you have wide feet. It’s also important to make sure you know what shoe size to order. Many people are unaware that your wide feet are probably slightly different in size. In the event your feet are, in fact, two different sizes, always order the larger size. A boot that is a bit too small is a no-go, but there are ways to work with a wide snowboard boot that is a bit too big, such as wearing an extra sock or liner.

Familiarize Yourself with Snowboard Boot Terminology

There is a reason that snowboard glossaries exist online; there is an entire world of snowboard vernacular that is useful to familiarize yourself with when snowboard boot shopping.

Some frequently used terms are:

  • Toe box: the area of the snowboard boot that covers your toes/the front of your feet
  • Shell: the outer part of the boot that attaches to the liner
  • Backstay: the back of the boot that goes up to the ankle area made of grooved or grippy rubber material
  • Boa cable: the cable that works to tighten or loosen the shell
  • Footbed: the insole
  • Boot liner: removable portion held in place by the shell


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are snowboard boots waterproof?

A: Every pair of boots is different, so check out the manufacturer’s specifications. Snowboard boots are usually water-resistant, but some require the application of waterproofing spray. Simply put, some boots are better at keeping your feet dry than others.

Q: How do I choose the appropriate flex style for me?

A:  Flex, or stiffness, is largely determined by personal preference. For beginners, it’s usually recommended to select a pair of boots with a softer flex. However, don’t worry; boots with a soft flex still offer plenty of support and firmness.

Q: Is it okay to buy snowboard boots online if my feet are wide width?

A: It is a good idea to at least try boots on in person at a sporting goods store. That way, you can determine your exact fit, and get a sense of how each snowboard boot feels. You can also try different liners out to see what you prefer. You can then make the actual purchase online.

  1. Are snowboard boots unisex?
  2. No. Most boots are made with anatomical specificity to fit men’s and women’s feet properly.


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