Best Snowboard Bags With Wheels In 2023 Reviewed

best snowboard bag with wheels

Our Top Pick After 20 Hours of Reviewing and Testing:

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag
Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag
Why we think it is better?

Ixion skate wheel system

Contoured zippers

TSA approved locks

Lifetime warranty

Multi decks

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Are you planning a weekend trip? Having the best snowboard bags with wheels has been a necessary advancement. It is also a welcomed means of convenience. It’s as relevant when it comes to hauling your gear. This design allows you to store any items you plan to use on your trip to the ice.

These selections allow you to carry all your necessities. This includes clothes, pads, and gloves. If you need it on the slopes, you can use this modern product. You also get more than storage with a bag like this.

Protection is a major issue that many users are keen to care for, which designs meet the majority of the need for a modern thrill seeker. Find the best offers available in the following best five reviews.

The Best Snowboard Bags With Wheels In 2023

RankSnowboard bagsRating
#1Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

Burton Wheelie Gig snowboard Bags
#2Demon Phantom  Snowboard Bags with Wheels

Demon Phantom Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bags with Wheels
#3Athletico Conquest Snowboard Bags with Wheels

Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bags with Wheels
#4Winterial Snowboard Bags with Wheels

Winterial Snowboard Bags with Wheels
#5EQ Sport Snowboard Bags with Wheels

EQ Sport Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bags with Wheels

Snowboard Bags With Wheels Reviews

1. Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

Burton Wheelie Gig snowboard Bag

The Burton Gig Bag allows you to store more than one board. It also provided large amounts of padding.

This item has a 600D polyester count which shows a high level of durability. It has a padded casing for all-around the protection of any and all content. Ease of use begins with full zip access. This allows you to get your gear in and out with little resistance. A multi-storage capacity means you can pack more while hauling less.

Internal Webbing

The web design found in the interior of the construction adds to your protection. It is able to keep your items in place while you travel. Less movement means less room for bumping and knocks. The impact is a major cause of damage in transit.

Handle Location

With this product, you have many options when it comes to carrying convenience. There are handles at the front of the structure. You get extra handles at the side to provide a firm grip. This limits incidental drops while making room for positioning.

Cost and Value

The Burton Gig snowboard Bag has a low to medium price range. External zippers provide access to more storage. You can use these areas for items such as accessories you may need on the slopes.

What We Love About It
  • Ixion skate wheel system
  • Contoured zippers
  • TSA approved locks
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multi decks
What We Didn’t Like
  • The storage facility is above 50lbs

Criteria Ratings

Materials: 100

Protection: 99

Feature: 100

Advanced Features: 100

Ease of Use: 100

Average: 99.8

2. Demon Phantom  Snowboard Bags with Wheels

Demon Phantom Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bag with Wheels

The Phantom Travel Bag offers all-around padding. It falls within a competitive price range.

This item has polyester construction with an 800D count. This count shows a high level of quality. It also offers an increased level of product durability. Manufacturers have ensured a tear-resistant shell. This increases the longevity of the selection.

Thick Padding

Padding in selections such as these offer protection to its contents. This is vital when transporting fragile contents that can become unusable when damaged. There is all around padding found in this product.

Large Dimensions

‘The bigger, the better’ is not lost on this product. It is large and enables users to store more than one item in the main compartment. This means you can pack more but end up carrying less luggage.

Cost and Value

The Phantom Travel snowboard Bag has a low price range. There is enough space within the structure to store valuables such as boots and gloves. You can even fit accessories such as binding into these large compartments.

What We Love About It
  • Durable wheels
  • Two sets of handles
  • Exterior pockets
  • Waterproof lining
  • Foam padding
What We Didn’t Like
  • May not perform past capacity

Criteria Ratings

Materials: 99

Protection: 98

Feature: 100

Advanced Features: 99

Ease of Use: 100

Average: 99.2

3. Athletico Conquest Snowboard Bags with Wheels

Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels

The Athletic Padded Bag fits a single snowboard. You can use added space to store minor accessories such as boots and gloves.

This item is water-resistant and constructed from polyester fibers. The sides feature padded with density foam. This acts as a cushion to protect the contents during travel. There are two sizes available which allow you to make your selection based on board size. Internal straps are there to keep stored items in place.

Internal Straps

This feature allows you to store your gear to maximize space. There is less displacement allowing you to store extra items. You can also fit necessary accessories such as boots.

Heavy-Duty Wheels

Hauling your gear through the airport has significant ease with the right fixtures. These wheels feature encased tarpaulin. This material makes the fixture water-resistant and equipped for any type of weather.

Cost and Value

The Athletic Padded Bag has a low price range. It has a 600D fiber count polyester construction. This falls within the range of strong, durable, resistant material. Construction of this quality increases product longevity.

What We Love About It
  • Thermal inner lining
  • Waterproof material
  • External pockets
  • All-weather performance
  • Double zippers
What We Didn’t Like
  • Only two size options
  • Handle placement not ergonomic

Criteria Ratings

Materials: 99

Protection: 97

Feature: 99

Advanced Features: 99

Ease of Use: 99

Average: 98.6

4. Winterial Snowboard Bags with Wheels

Winterial Snowboard Bag with Wheels

The Winterial Wheel Bag features many storage compartments. It is double padded and reinforced for increased protection.

This item has a high level of durability, built for high levels of wear. The outside construction is polyester for tear resistance. Its inside has a waterproof lining material. This ensures your gear stays dry in the snow. It also ensures success under varying environmental conditions.

Mass Storage

The main storage area can hold many boards for transportation. It also features a front pouch for users to place their accessories. Internal straps reduce movement and create extra space for other pieces of gear.

Built-in Straps

There are straps inside and outside of this structure. The internal straps keep contents in place. This reduces the risk of damage during transportation. External straps help to make hauling more convenient.

Cost and Value

The Winterial Wheel Bag has a low price range. Its wheels have double back guards for increased function and durability. There are two sizes available with this product. You can choose a single or double option.

What We Love About It
  • Storage compartments
  • Reinforced double padding
  • Low price range
  • Two size options
  • Polyester construction
What We Didn’t Like
  • May not hold boards with bindings

Criteria Ratings

Materials: 98

Protection: 97

Feature: 98

Advanced Features: 98

Ease of Use: 99

Average: 98

5. EQ Sport Snowboard Bags with Wheels

EQ Sport Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bag with Wheels

The EQ Padded Bag is waterproof with a 600D fiber count. This ensures durable, high-quality performance.

This item offers a high level of durability and protection. There is padding located along all the sides of the structure. This ensures that the contents are not damaged during transit. There is enough room within the main compartment to store extra items. These include gear such as gloves, shoes, and clothing.

Heavy-Duty Wheels

The wheels on this selection are encased in urethane. This allows smooth operation and resistance to environmental changes. This included changes in weather and also changes in terrain.

Storage Facility

There is room allocated inside the main compartment. On the outside of the structure, there are extra storage pockets. You can use this area for storing items you may need for a trip. The internal storage can hold more than one board. It can also house boots and bindings.

Cost and Value

The EQ Padded Bag has a low to medium price range. It features internal webbing that keeps your gear in place during travel. Also included is a boot bag that offers a waterproof performance.

What We Love About It
  • 600D polyester construction
  • Waterproof lining
  • 2-year warranty
  • 360-degree padding
  • Internal webbed straps
What We Didn’t Like
  • No horizontal carrying handles
  • Low-level maneuverability

Criteria Ratings

Materials: 98

Protection: 96

Feature: 98

Advanced Features: 97

Ease of Use: 98

Average: 97.4

Factors to Consider When Buying A Wheeled Snowboard Bag


The majority of designs on the market feature polyester construction. The average fiber count can range from 600D to around 800D. This high-quality fiber offers a heavy-duty performance. Costs attached to this material is very low. It also has high versatility allowing manufacturers to offer varying color combinations. It is thick, strong and cost-effective, a great choice for these types of products.


Padding on Snowboard Bags with Wheels generally offer 360 coverage. This means that padding is present on all sides of the structure. High-density foam is a common material used for this type of padding.

It offers a high level of protection to your stored items especially when traveling. Padding will ensure that your gear is not damaged when it bumps or slams into something.


Internal and external storage is a feature that is common with this type of item. Some designs have the storage of a single board while others hold many. There is also room within the main compartment for users to store extra gear.

This can include items such as boots, clothing and even bearings. There may also be pockets or pouches on the outside of the structure. You can use these to place more accessories.

Advanced Features

All snowboard bags come with some straps or handles. You can find these on the inside and outside of the selection. The internal straps have fabric or webbing construction. They are able to hold your board in place which offers protection.

It also creates more room for you to store other items you wish to carry. External straps provide varying levels of maneuverability. Some designs can have up to four handles with an extra shoulder strap for ease of use.

Ease of Use

Contoured zipper pulls are not common but an excellent feature for convenience. These limit instances of snagging and make it easy to access your content. Some zippers run along the entire top section of the structure for full access.

They may also come with lockable features. These reduce the chances of your zipper lock becoming undone, releasing its contents.

Expert Tips

Bag Size

Most people gauge the value of an item based on its storage capacity. It is important to have a selection that holds much. There is a downside to this facility that deserved adequate consideration.

Extra storage space means more gear and an increased total weight. Airports have a bag check weight limit of around fifty pounds. Large amounts of space can cause many to exceed this limit which can cause problems at check-in.

It is important to assess beforehand what you plan to bring. Know what will go into your Snowboard bag and what you will take via carrying on.

Other Factors


Denier count is a good gauge when it comes to product durability. The higher the denier count the stronger the material. 600D is an average count that is present in these types of products. There are some designs that can go up to 800D.

These provide a high level of strength and offer tear resistance. This means the chances of a puncture or associated damage reduces.


Reinforced wheels are yet another step that some companies have taken. This adds to their promise of high performance. These types of wheels are able to withstand changes in weather or terrain. This is an essential feature if you are planning on traveling for leisure.

To achieve this the wheels feature a resistant coating.  This takes the form of various materials such as tarpaulin or other hard plastics. They are an excellent choice to increase durability and longevity.


Some manufacturers have created products that contain many racks. This allows users to store more than one board in the main compartment. There are designs that are spacious enough to attempt this even if it was not created for that purpose.

This can cause issues such as tearing. This practice can damage the integrity of the structure. Finding an item that matches your needs allows you to get the best out of your selection.


There are a few snowboard bags that provide the luxury of shoulder straps. They may be fewer compared to the number of selections available. Still, they offer ease of use and convenience. Some of them may have the added benefit of padded straps.

This helps to relieve the strain when your selection is not on its wheels. Making use of this feature can increase maneuverability when in transit.

Water Resistance

There are two ways in which an item can offer moisture resistance. One feature is on the outside of the selection. This is where Construction fibers can receive a coating. This coating is a resistant material. It prevents water from entering your main compartment.

The other feature is on the inside. There may be an inner lining of urethane plastic to keep the moisture from your board contained. This ensures that there is no leakage that can dampen your clothing in transit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these snowboard bags waterproof?

A: Some designs feature an interior lining that provides a waterproof performance. This gives you the luxury of immediately storing your gear. You won’t have to worry about moisture seeping through to dampen your apparel.

The exterior of some selections is also water-resistant. This is due to a spray coating that is able to repel moisture. This process features on materials such as polyester to increase product durability.


Q: How large do these selections run?

A: These products come in various sizes. Some manufacturers offer two options while some may offer a more diverse selection. They can get as large as 175 cm. This is a travel bag and airport limits are of concern to many.

A bag this size converts to an inch distribution of 68. Companies are aware of the limits and charges associated with standard check in. Their items rarely exceed 115 inches.

There is a lot of storage space within these compartments. They may also feature external pockets. It is beneficial to focus on the weight of the product to ensure that the limit of 50 lbs is not exceeded. This is a major drawback to having excessive amounts of space.


Q: What materials should I look for with snowboard bags?

A: Most designs on the market today feature polyester construction. This is because it is a very strong, high performing, versatile fabric. Alternative materials feature elsewhere such as the straps and wheels

They are there to enhance performance. The entire structure, for instance, may include high-density foam. Wheels show reinforcement with hard plastic for increased resistance. These are important aspects to look for when selecting the item that will work best for you.


Q: Do snowboard bags with wheels carry accessories?

A: Most designs do not carry accessories other than a shoulder strap. There are some that may provide extra storage facility. Some selections feature a boot bag. This accessory can feature the same high-quality construction as the main product. It may also have water-resistant properties.

It provides you with a secure place to store your boots outside of the main compartment if needed. You can even use this add-on for your extra clothes, gear, and tools.


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