Best Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryers Reviewed In 2023

Best Ski and snowboard Boot Dryers

Our Top Pick After 20 Hours of Reviewing and Testing:

PEET - The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer
PEET - The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer
Why we think it is better?

Quickly dries your footwear

Protects gear

Effective and subtle

Can be used for all footwear and materials

25 year warranty

How We Test Our Products

Products are tested by our team of experts with years of personal experience.

Why Should You Trust Us

We do not simply trust a brands word, we put the products to the test!

Our Editorial Process

Unbiased reviews and in-depth research go into each and every review to ensure the best product for everyone.

You bought some new ski boots, do you know how to keep them dry?

The best way to keep your new snow boots clean, dry, and in good condition is with a ski and snowboard boot dryer.

A boot dryer works by using the combination of heat and air blown into the boot to remove moisture. It can take from 30 minutes to several hours to completely dry a pair of boots. How long it takes depends on the power of your dryer. If your boots have been completely saturated by rain or snow, it may take the entire night to dry them.

The following review is about the top 6 ski and snowboard boot dryers we have found available on the market.

Best Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryers Review

1. PEET – The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer

PEET - The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer

Peet uses a technology of convection which gently pushes the warm air through specially designed AirChamber and DryPorts. This technology dries your footwear and outdoor sporting equipment in a fast efficient manner. It is so efficient you are able to leave it plugged in continuously throughout the day. This provides you with a boot dryer that is ready 24/7.

Ideal for shoes, boots, and athletic equipment

The PEET shoe dryer is the perfect machine you need to dry all your footwear, as well as  outdoor gear. Protects your footwear gear by providing a safe way to rid moisture and preserve it.

Silent, energy efficient

This electric shoe dryer is so quiet as it dries and freshens your outdoor gear in about 3-5 hours. Uses less electric energy than a standard light bulb as it also neutralizes any smells present.

Cost and Value

The cost and value of this boot dryer is surprisingly minimal in comparison to the performance you get. In addition, you get a 25 year warranty. Not that you are going to need it because all PEET products are guaranteed and made to last several years.

Criteria Rating

Features 99%

Capacity 99%

Portability 99%

Brand 99.5%

Materials 99%

Average: 99.1%

What We Love About It
  • Quickly dries your footwear
  • Protects gear
  • Effective and subtle
  • Can be used for all footwear and materials
  • 25 year warranty
What We Didn’t Like
  • Doesn’t get very hot to dry wet boots
  • Dries really slow

2. MaxxDry Shoe Dryer XL

axxDry Shoe Dryer XL

The MaxxDry Shoe Dryer XL is an innovative reliable “forced air” dryer. Utilizing a mild breeze in a quietly clean manner to dry boots and gloves. It has a soft warmth that eliminates any wetness or smells from your outdoor equipment.

Dries multiple garments

The MaxxDry XL has the ability to remove moisture from up to four articles of outdoor gear at one time. It takes about an hour to dry boots and gloves; it also rids any bacteria and sweat resulting from perspiration.

No “add-ons” required

The measurements of this device are 9” wide x 6.25” deep x 21” tall. Enough capacity for drying tall boots, work boots, athletic shoes, children’s shoes or boots and even work or play gloves.

Cost and Value

The MaxxDry has extreme value for its cost. You will love the versatility it has with extension tubes that are removable. The motor is quiet, and energy efficient with a rating of 80,000 hours.

Criteria Rating

Features 98%

Capacity 97.5%

Portability 97.5%

Brand 98%

Materials 98%

Average: 97.8%

What We Love About It
  • Dries in about an hour 
  • Gets rid of bacteria causing odor
  • Can dry 4 items at once
  • Extension tubes are removable
  • 80,000 hour rated motor
What We Didn’t Like
  • Timer is ineffective
  • Not enough air or heat

3. KOODER Boot Dryer

KOODER Boot Dryer

This product made by Kooder has the ability to rid shoes of bad smells created by moisture and perspiration.  It also provides sanitation and protection against humidity, giving your feet the ultimate in comfort.

20 Kg Strength

The cable on this product  has a superior element that will tolerate up to 20 kg of pulling power.  This power averts any chance of accidental disconnection when using it.

Surface is heat resistant

The surface of this shoe dryer is tough and resistant to heat.  The finish is smooth and ensures resistance against damage from excess temperature. The cabinet on this product is made to withstand breakage due to its being compressed to resist lofty temperatures.

To prevent  overheating, you have precision heating and temperature control. This is provided by the long lasting high temperatures of the PTC heat generator.

Cost and Value

The cost and value of this boot drying product is going to amaze you. For a lot less than you would expect, you will get a product that provides you with everything you need. To ensure there is an equal distribution of heat, there are cabinet air-holes that are vertically and horizontally even. This provides 360 degrees of heat that is all-rounded!

Criteria Rating

Features 96%

Capacity 95.5%

Portability 95%

Brand 96%

Materials 95%

Average 95.5%

What We Love About It
  • Sanitizes and gets rid of awful odors
  • Withstands 20 Kg of power
  • 360 degrees of all around heat
  • Precise temperature control
  • Surface is heat resistant
What We Didn’t Like
  • Does not blow heat
  • More of a shoe warmer than dryer

4. JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer

JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer

JobSite makes this electric boot dryer to deodorize, avert mold and mildew in a quiet manner. When we perspire, we are creating bacteria; this Jobsite dryer is built to deodorize and avert bacteria naturally.

Dries Silently

This JobSite shoe dryer operates in a safe, easy, and quiet manner. There are no moving parts and no loud motor sounds.  As a matter of fact, it is so quietly operating, you might think that it is not working.


The base of this tool is sturdy and it permits you to use it in different ways. You can use this dryer for several types of shoes. Winter, rain, work boots, tennis shoes, gloves, ski boot liners, hats, and many other outdoor accessories. All of these mentioned sporting accessories can be safely dried without the threat of overdrying when using this unique tool.

Cost and Value

You are going to love this JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer. It has so many features that give it excellent value. A minimal cost and two-year warranty is what you expect from such a trusted company.

Criteria Rating

Features 95%

Capacity  94.5%

Portability 95%

Brand 94%

Materials 94%

Average 94.5%

What We Love About It
  • Generates an air that is warm and thermal
  • Averts the growth of bacteria
  • Dries in a silent, safe manner
  • Has a sturdy, multi-purpose base
  • Two-year warranty
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not really strong enough for wet boots
  • Heating element gives off a radiant heat

5. DryGuy Travel Dry Boot and Shoe Dryer and Warmer

DryGuy Travel Dry Boot and Shoe Dryer and Warmer

The DryGuy boot and shoe dryer was created with an aluminum custom-fit heat sink. It combines the simplicity of drying conventionally with convenient portability.

Fits most boots and shoes

This is a portable shoe dryer that has the capacity to accommodate most styles of footwear. This is the perfect footwear tool for taking on trips. It can be easily stored away in your carry-on baggage.

Averts smells and bacteria

The use of this shoe/boot dryer will work well to prevent any odors and bacteria that are a result of perspiring. Drying is the best way to avert any bacteria and awful foot odors from ruining your shoes and boots.

Cost and Value

You will find that this footwear device has extreme value. Its cost is minimal, yet what it provides is maximum efficiency. The use of convection heat adds to this device’s value, because it dries without causing damage.

Criteria Rating

Features 94%

Capacity 93.5%

Portability 94%

Brand 93%

Materials 93%

Average– 93.5%

What We Love About It
  • Portable, accommodates most shoes/boots
  • Energy efficient convection heat
  • Designed compact, perfect for traveling
  • Averts bacteria and odors
  • Won’t harm the footbed or liner of  shoes/boots
What We Didn’t Like
  • Poor customer service
  • Doesn’t get hot enough to dry

6. IRIS USA, Inc. DSDR-C1 Compact Deodorizing Shoe And Boot Dryer

IRIS USA, Inc. DSDR-C1 Compact Deodorizing Shoe And Boot Dryer

If you dislike the smell of moldy shoes or boots, IRIS USA, Inc. has the answer for you. The DSDR-C1 Compact  Deodorizing Shoe and Boot Dryer is what you need to eliminate stinky shoes and boots.

Minimal Dry Time

This product will dry your footwear with the least amount of dry time. This prevents the growth of bacteria following excessive sweating involved in outdoor activities.

Adjustable fabric dryer

The expandable hoses and kickstand aids in getting the dryer in the proper position for use. There are notches in the hoses that allow for drying two pairs of footwear at once.

Cost and Value

The value of this product far outweighs  any monetary cost. Its compact size and design makes it easy to store away when traveling or not in use.

Criteria Rating

Features 92%

Capacity 93%

Portability 93%

Brand 92%

Materials 92%

Average  92.4%

What We Love About It
  • Temperature settings and modes are modifiable
  • Hoses and kickstand is extendable
  • Compact size and design
  • Capable of drying more than one pair
  • Drying time is minimal
What We Didn’t Like
  • Excessively noisy
  • Doesn’t completely reduce smells



The features of your boot dryer is something you should carefully check. You want to ensure that the dryer you buy is going to meet your boot drying needs. One feature is the level of heat it has the capability of achieving. Check the manufacturers information regarding the temperature the dryer is able to get to. These features can be modified on certain models, which makes for a more useful appliance.

The brands that use a lower temperature may have a longer dry time, however, they are safer than higher temperature brands. This may be a feature you want to consider if you are purchasing a dryer for a younger child to use.


Capacity is very important when buying a dryer for your ski or snowboard boots. The reason is because you want a model that has the capability of drying many items at once. Particularly if you have a large family of skiers or snowboarders.  Everyone is going to have wet boots after a day on the slopes. They are all going to want them dried right away so they are ready to go tomorrow!

You may want to seek a model that is bigger with additional tubes. These special features allow for a speedier drying time. Some brands of dryers  have the capacity for drying up to four snow suits and two pairs of boots at the same time. This is a savings of both energy and time.


A shoe dryer that has good portability is something you are going to want to look for when shopping for one. Good portability and ease in transport is important especially if you plan on doing a lot of skiing or snowboarding away from home.

Something that makes it have good portability is if it is light in weight and small in size. This makes for ease in transporting and storage.


The brand ski and snowboard boot dryer that you buy should give you everything you are looking for. This review talks about six brands that are very efficient dryers of boots. Many people have their own specific brand that they follow, buying all ski equipment by that brand exclusively.

Two brands that make very good boot dryers are DryGuy and Peet. People feel confident with these brands and leave excellent reviews.


The most popular materials used for making a boot dryer are leather, rubber, and neoprene. You need to double-check the materials your boots are made from to ensure they are compatible with the dryer you purchase. You will need to verify how many items can be dried at one time in the dryer you buy as well as how long the drying period is.

Expert Tips

Now that you have your new shoe/boot dryer here are a few expert tips on how to use it:

Best to dry slowly

In this fast paced world, quicker is always better; however, when it comes to drying your boots the opposite is true. Particularly, if you have leather boots or shoes. The leather material soaks up liquid and moisture much more than synthetic materials do. Therefore, drying too rapidly will cause the leather to become stressed and damaged.

Remove any excess moisture

This is important if you want your new boot dryer to work as efficiently as the manufacturer planned on it doing. When you come indoors and your footwear is saturated from being in the rain or snow, wipe it all down with a rag or paper towels. Set them in some newspaper, and wipe them off really well. You don’t want to get any water in your electrical unit.

Do not put wet shoes or boots on another heat source, such as a radiator or furnace. Always read all manufacturer’s warnings and instructions before using the dryer. Ensure that you have your footwear situated correctly on the dryer. By doing this, you not only assure that your boots/shoes dry will efficiently but also prevent the blockage of vents. In addition, this also averts the chance of overheating the unit.

Condition the material on footwear

You love your new ski boots, therefore, you want to keep them in the best condition possible and preserve them. The way to do this is to apply a condition to the material and polish them before wearing them again. It is best to do this following a good drying out.

When you apply a good conditioner to your winter or outdoor footwear, it will ensure a shorter drying period next time. As well as giving your favorite boots the added protection they need to lengthen their lifespan.

Other Factors to Consider

Safety Hazards

When handling any electronic equipment, there are always safety hazards to consider. Such as, never allowing water to get inside the unit, to avoid possible electrocution. Another safety hazard is cords getting in the way and possibly getting tangled. In addition, avoid blocking any heating vents, which can cause overheating and a possible electrical fire.


This is another good feature you should look at when purchasing a ski or snowboard boot dryer. Some drying units are able to dry more than one pair at a time. The typical unit is made to accomodate boots or shoes of ankle height. Some dryers come with tubes for extending to handle larger footwear. These extension tubes sometimes come with the purchase of certain brands of dryers. Other times you may have to purchase them separately. This is an added feature you will need to think about when deciding which dryer to buy.

Power Outage

A power outage is something to be concerned about if you have an electronic device. However, there are many brands of footwear dryers that this event will not be an issue.  There are devices that operate off batteries, propane, and can even be plugged into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.


When looking for a shoe or boot dryer for your outdoor athletic equipment you need to ensure it has versatility. If you have a large family that are avid outdoor lovers, then you are going to want a unit that has the versatility to dry several items at once.


The weight of your drying device goes along with size and portability. If you travel a lot, you will want a unit that is light in weight and easy to transport. The weight of your drying unit also contributes to its portability and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  Do all shoe dryers come with extensions, or do I have to purchase them separately?

A:  Some dryers come with extensions; however, you can buy extensions separately if the one you buy does not have one.


Q: Why is wet gear considered a health and safety issue? 

A: Under certain conditions, wet gear can become an issue because it may result in a steam burn. Wet boots can result in medical issues such as Pseudomonas Cellulitis.


Q: What causes the “locker room” smell? 

A:  Warm, dark and damp  locations breed microbes. This is the perfect conditions for fungi and bacterial growth. Pheromones produce human odors naturally. That stinky locker room odor is created by an excess in microbes.  Maintaining dry areas will limit this odor from occurring.


Q: How long does it take a boot dryer to dry my boots? 

A: In general, a boot dryer that is a convection model takes longer to dry than one that is motorized. Some dryers take one to two hours. While others may take five hours or more to completely dry a pair of boots. The manufacturer’s specifications will better assist you with your specific drying requirements.


Q: How many articles can I dry at once? 

A: This depends on the dryer you purchase. While some dry only a pair at a time; some dry multiple pairs– up to four at a time! Some dryers also have special ports one can use to dry their gloves on.


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