Best Paddle Board Brands 2023

best paddle board brands

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Best Paddleboard BrandsWe can’t simply just say that one brand is superior to the other, there are a lot of brands to choose from. Exposing yourself to brands which you aren’t familiar of increases your paddleboard knowledge.

I did a lot of research and exploring for your convenience – check out the best paddleboard brands down below!

QUICK ANSWERS: Best Paddle Board Brands

Which are the Top Paddle Board Brands?

ImageModel NameReviewsPriceAvailability
Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer InflatableTower Paddle Boards5 stars$$
Bic Paddle BoardsBic Paddle Boards4 star$$
Naish Paddle BoardNaish Paddle Board4 star$$$
Surftech Stand Up PaddleboardsSurftech Stand Up Paddleboards4 star$$$
 Balboa Surftech LineFavorite Surftech Borad: Balboa Surftech Line5 stars$$$
Riviera Paddle BoardRiviera Paddle Board4 star$$$
Pelican Flow 106X Stand Up PaddleboardPelican Stand Up Paddle Board4.5 star$$$
Hobie SUP BoardHobie SUP Board5 stars$$$
Tuga Stand-Up PaddleboardsTuga Stand-Up Paddleboards5 stars$$$

Best SUP Brand Reviews

1. Tower Paddle Boards

Best Brand So Far

Tower-Paddle-BoardsI want to start off with the most popular among all of the brands. Well, at least on what I think is. Tower Paddle Boards – which I’m sure you’ve heard it before – is an awesome company which offers to sell its items straight to customer wholesale manufacturer.

They started gaining popularity in the market of paddle boards when they joined Shark Tank. Fortunately for them, the business started booming with success when Mark Cuban decided to enter the picture.

As of today, they’re still on the top spot for maintaining their reputation in the industry. Tower Paddle Board is considered to be an Elite SUP manufacturer. Their boards have been made with nothing but the best solid construction. Their materials are intended for a long-lasting use that can withstand abuse for considerable months of time.

People are grabbing are recognizing its efforts thru their iSUP series. Even today, its series is still being revered to as part of the best values buys. It puts up a tough fight against other brands in the SUP market today.

Honestly, Tower is pretty smart for their marketing pitch. They exclusively distribute the products themselves or within the power of the company making buyers save money.

In fact, you’re able to save about $500 dollars per purchase than when you buy products from other brands. If there’s one thing we can get out of them, they’re definitely selling high-end products at a reasonable price.

More About Tower Paddle Board

You may also refer this brand as “Tower.” Yes, exactly as what you’re thinking. Like, lifeguard tower. It has started its journey in San Diego. Lady luck is on their side as it is conveniently located right at the center of Southern California. They have been serving the enthusiasts of the surf culture for quite some time.

Impressively, it’s been half a century since the start of their groundbreaking operation. They’re popular in the surf community. But they didn’t just stop there, they took advantage of innovation and technology.

Their voice has been heard worldwide thanks to their internet savvy management teams. They’ve distinguished themselves apart from the other brands as they have been cultivated thru their experience in product and services.

2. Bic Paddle Boards

Surprisingly Good Boards For A Pen Manufacturer!

Bic Paddle BoardsLet’s move on to the next brand. For the most part, Bic has already produced other products aside from paddleboards. I’m talking about its famous pen and lighter products.

To everyone’s surprise, who knew they would make some really good paddleboards – from pen and lighter to paddleboards? That’s really a far stretch. Nonetheless, the surf community is thankful for their service. The people behind the success of BIC SUP really has it doing. Interestingly enough, they’re a complete family who has been focusing all of their energy on boards and nature.

When paddle boarding hit the market, they were part of the first generation lovers. These people dedicated most of their time traveling beautiful islands where they could surf and meet native cultures. We have to give Carine and Manu some credit along with their two wonderful daughters whose names are Lou and Shade.

Then the pros are part of the picture.  These elite athletes are Eric Terrien, Connor Bonham, and the rest of the action-loving pack. As for the representatives of the ladies, we have Céline Guesdon.

People Behind The Success

People Behind The SuccessThe ambassadors behind BIC SUPs aren’t ordinary paddlers, and they’re definitely not ordinary people. They have impressed and caught the hearts of surfers and paddlers alike as they push themselves to take on long distances.

These people are hardcore. Testing their limits with a goal of breaking their own personal records, making them a reputable paddler for our generation to follow.

Since the areas of paddleboarding are broad. There are supporters who kept the Zen approach alive. Julie Roach and Jodelle Fitzwater are two BIC representatives who decided to spread the pleasure of enjoying the experience without the cheers and jeers of crowds.

Bic Paddleboards are known to utilize their boards as a Yoga mat allowing them to achieve superior balance and core training. It’s a breakaway from the traditional ways of connected the mind and body. BIC has already taken into considerations that there are people who would want to go on the lighter paths for their travels. They have created compact and easy to transport boards for the people.

Taking it away with both sailing and boating experience in a cinch. Bringing it on airplanes aren’t an issue either, they have guaranteed comfort.

The experience of their ambassadors and their sense of passion to the sport has led BIC to produce commendable paddleboards in the market. They’ve taken into account what the people think and feel.

3. Naish Paddle Board

Great Alternative To Tower Boards

Naish Paddle BoardPaddle boarding has been said to start out in the beautiful place of Hawaii. It’s not a surprise that there’s a Hawaiian board manufacturer who would spread the word of water sports.

Naish has been in the business for as long as 25 years. In their long years of service, they specialize in selling kiteboards and windsurfing boards.

When the word got out about paddleboards, they took the initiative and produced some pretty good boards of their own. I want to give Naish some love though. I’ve been scanning their products from quite some time now, and have come to a conclusion – they’re not cheap.

Well, their products are amazing. They only offer premier paddleboards for the market. While I really admire the company for their outstanding facility, I wouldn’t want to recommend their boards to beginners.

It would be a waste of money to spend on their high-performing boards at their price range if you’re just starting to get a hold of the sport. It would be best for you to go for a Tower board.

However, if you’ve been shredding some serious waves for years and have been a supporter of the sport, then go for it. It’s definitely a way to step up your game and break the barrier of what’s between ordinary and world-class.

A Closer Look of Naish

Finally, Some Proof!Let’s take a closer look at Naish paddle Board creations. They have produced SUPs that’s ideal for Yoga practices. These series are called Mana and Nalu.

While people are using it for Yoga, this can be considered as an all-around paddleboard. Stability is what these series boasts the most. For their female supporters, they released something called “Alana Air.” To be honest, it looks almost the same. But they made the board’s exterior slimmer, making it easier for transportation.

Their Nalu GT series are high in performance level. It beats the other brands with its functionality. And it being an all-around board makes a great bargain…if you have around more than a thousand bucks to spare.

On the other hand, Naish decided to release something that’s affordable for everyone to purchase. They made a GS series which offers you high-quality boards at a lower price. It’s a more popular board for the general market.

4. Surftech Stand Up Paddleboards

Great SUP Choice

Surftech Stand Up PaddleboardsIt doesn’t take Albert Einstein to figure out that this company started out with creating surfboards. Surftech is a reputable company despite what other people believe.

Hey, they wouldn’t make it to their 25th anniversary of it sucked, right? Their boards, both paddleboards, and surfboards are always made with the best of what they can offer. But if you’ve heard negative reviews about them online, it isn’t surprising. They haven’t been doing well with their online marketing.

Maybe they should hire new ones who are capable of marketing their products like what Tower Paddle Board is doing? But I really want to give them the benefit of the doubt. I’ll shed some light on what they really are.

For instance, let’s just appreciate how Surftech’s creativity is beyond what we expected it to be. They have produced a number of varieties of all-around boards. And when say “a number”, I mean a total of FIFTEEN different boards. Just wow.  I almost failed my art class back in grade school because I can’t draw shit. In fact, my bird is still a sorry excuse of a letter “m.”

Each of the 15 boards are uniquely made. I don’t know how they were able to brainstorm 15 different shapes for each paddleboard. But let me redeem Surftech for a while, and talk about my favorite of them all.

Favorite Surftech Board Balboa Surftech Line

Balboa Surftech LineIf you don’t like its smooth bamboo surface, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Seriously, it’s slicker than Michael Jackson himself…or almost as slick.

The board itself is pretty much wide, and it definitely is stable. For the weight, however, we don’t really know much about it.

Surftech apparently wanted to make it as a super top secret info that they didn’t want to disclose it to the people. Well… I did say they sucked at online marketing. Either way, this makes a wonderful board for newbies as its stability makes it easier for beginners to learn. The setup isn’t a match made in heaven for surfing or racing.

It’s a single fin feature which makes it terrific for taking on leisure cruise. Okay, I do admit. Surftech’s product is a bit expensive, but it’s totally worth it if you want a lifetime product. Like I told you, their products are wonderful. But I don’t expect you to hear about SurfTech if you’re not part of the Westcoast.

Despite being a remarkable brand with wholesome boards they’re not well-recognized by people outside the circle of the surf culture.

Yep, all because of poor marketing skills. However, since you know about it already. It wouldn’t hurt spreading the news about them. Who knows? Might it inspire them to create the 16th all-around board?

5. Riviera Paddle Board

Choose Between Fiberglass, Epoxy, and EPS

Riviera Paddle BoardCompared to the brands on our list, its years in business isn’t long. The whole thing started back in 2007 where paddleboards were a rising trend at the time.

Riviera Paddlesurf is the predecessor of Riviera Paddleboard. This is a Southern Californian brand which boasts unique materials for their paddleboards.

They are known to produce different paddleboards constructed by different resources. These can be fiberglass based boards, epoxy, and even EPS foam boards. The company already established their niche. They’re being known worldwide as a paddle surf company, and they’ve been embraced they surf community.

Because of what they’re here for, their boards are all being created with at least three fins. Well, except for one single board. It’s the 12’6″ Voyager which Riviera made differently. Riviera has produced paddleboards intentionally for beginners so that they’ll be able to learn faster. In this sense, the culture of paddleboards spreads faster.

Particularly speaking, they have released their very own 10’6” SUP Board. It’s an awesome start for newbies. The brand specializes in being able to move smoothly on water. Its goal for everyone is to have fun no matter what. Its boards have a built-in handle to make transportation easy. The convenience makes Riviera a partner for travels and tours.

People have been purchasing Riviera’s products for its maneuverability. The boards have a uniquely pulled in nose to accomplish control and functionality. The board’s prices aren’t expensive either, they have created several boards for different price classification from affordable to expensive.

Surely, their product that’s at around $900 bucks is already an awesome board which can last for a number of years.

All I can say that it makes awesome boards that are being made with multiple layers of EPS foam core, glass, and bamboo to make one hell of a construction.  Overall, Riviera is something everyone should try using at some point in their life.

6. Pelican Stand Up Paddle Board

Your Average, Run-Of-The-Mill Board

Pelican Stand Up Paddle BoardDuring its first few years, Pelican International started with canoes, kayaks, and fishing boats. They have been creating world renowned products for as long as I can remember. They’re designs and styles have always been timeless, and because of what they have achieved over the years, they have been considered as a global leader among brands.

Currently, they started their venture with paddleboards as well. And just as expected, they have produced remarkably made paddleboards as well.

However, although they make high-quality paddle boards, but when compared to their usual expertise, the difference in class is there (although their boards are pretty good, their standards are just outstanding.)

But that doesn’t stop them from producing paddle boards which are inferior to the other brands on the list. In fact, I think Pelican International outdid themselves considering this isn’t their niche.

Taking A Quick Preview Of What It Can Offer

pelican surfboards 1You can conclude right away that Pelican International gives a damn about their buyer’s budget. They’ve been designing boards which cater to the public demand.

For example, its Rush 116 SUP is right on the money. It’s a multi-purpose paddle board for starters. Anyone with little to no experience on paddleboards can take it for a round of light surfing. With that being said, it works well on flat water as well. These boards have made created so that it doesn’t break the bank.

I wouldn’t recommend it for professional boarders, though, but it’s wonderful for beginner to intermediate skill level paddlers.

Pelican has produced boards which come with lightweight foam core. It’s a commendable material as it’s been deemed as sturdy. The works of its polyethylene outer shell is a blessing in disguise for durability.

Although this brand doesn’t specialize in paddleboards, its board’s weight capacity is pretty commendable. Most of its boards are able to carry up to 230lbs. It perfectly works on most paddlers. An experience with Pelican International isn’t so bad at all. This is especially so if you want to enjoy the pleasures of outdoors without having to spend a lot of money.

Overall, the brand offers boards with solid construction at a lower price. Of course, if you’re on a tight budget, their inflatable paddle boards are waaay cheaper than most of the other competitions.

7. Hobie SUP Board

Toughness Guaranteed!

Hobie 12’6” Tour InflatableLet’s talk about Hobie. Yes, he’s actually a real person. Apparently, his lifelong goal was to create a business which would shake the board industry. And from the looks of it, he has succeeded exceedingly well.

It started back in the ‘50s (I was still paddling somewhere around my grandad’s balls) that he has accomplished his dream. Luck was on his side when he unexpectedly turned something that was supposed to be his favorite hobby to something America would be depending on to provide quality boards.

Personally, I want you to see a sample of what Hobie Alter can create.

Let’s talk about Hobie 12’6” Tour Inflatable

Hobie SUPYou know what they say, the best way of getting to know a certain brand is by checking them out. I’ve handpicked 12’6” to be Hobie’s representative.

Well, I didn’t randomly handpick it for no reason, that’s for sure. My reason is pretty simple: If there’s a candidate for the toughest board on earth, this would be the first one in line. Let me introduce the guys who made a dream a reality. Or rather, tested reality. It’s the people at distressedmullet (cool name, right?)

In any case, they wanted to check out what Hobie 12’6” Tour Inflatable is able to pull out from its hat. They went on a little vacation which lasted a couple of weeks with the board.

Of course, these people were hardcore, but the board maintained its toughness throughout the entire “test.” They’ve even tried to abuse the board to the extent they inflated and deflated the board a number of times within a span of hours. But the result only surprised them more – it never deteriorated.

Mind you, they were at it for WEEKS. Talk about being Chuck Norris kind of tough, eh?  As for the price…it doesn’t hurt the pocket as much. It’s beyond the $1,000 dollars mark, but you can’t expect a good result out of a cheaper board. If anything, Hobie already made a great deal for enthusiasts.

Fascinatingly, Hobie is a brand which carries the goal of making portable paddleboards which don’t compensate for quality. It’s a recommended brand if you plan to do a lot of traveling. I’m loving the brand’s freebies as well. Its pump and bag are pretty handy, and they’re well-made as well.

In particular, Hobie 12’6” Tour Inflatable is terrific for cruising flat waters. It’s an easy run for beginners, and because Hobie produces stable and tough boards, his boards can even be used in whitewater.

8. Tuga Stand-Up Paddleboards

Form and Function In One B-e-a-utiful Board

Tuga Stand-Up PaddleboardsBefore anything else, I’d like to give credit to Tuga’s logo. Turtles are COOL! I guess watching too much of Finding Nemo made me fall in love with rad turtles.

Okay, sorry for that…on to the brand. Tuga is both well-known for being a designer and manufacturer of boards. The company specializes in making paddleboards alone.

It started over the last previous years that its popularity increased. They’ve been found running in Great Lakes region. As expected, they have captured the hearts of people in the locality and word began to spread.

Their boards are often being quoted as both functional and beautiful. What everyone got crazy for Tuga is its price range for paddleboards.

It offers a very competitive mark, and usually, beats the other brands with its warranty. For each paddleboard being sold, they allow up to 2 years of manufacturer guarantee. It has impressed the people and has led to its growth of followers.

A Glimpse Of Tuga


Before anything else, I’d like to give credit to Tuga’s logo. Turtles are COOL! I guess watching too much of Finding Nemo made me fall in love with rad turtles.

Okay, sorry for that…on to the brand. Tuga is both well-known for being a designer and manufacturer of boards. The company specializes in making paddleboards alone.

It started over the last previous years that its popularity increased. They’ve been found running in Great Lakes region. As expected, they have captured the hearts of people in the locality and word began to spread.

Their boards are often being quoted as both functional and beautiful. What everyone got crazy for Tuga is its price range for paddleboards.

It offers a very competitive mark, and usually beats the other brands with its warranty. For each paddleboard being sold, they allow up to 2 years of manufacturer guarantee. It has impressed the people and has led to its growth of followers.