The Best Paddle Boards for Surfing Reviewed In 2023

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If you’re as cool as I am, then you should know by now that SUP racing is the next big thing for surfers alike.

Just last year, there was a groundbreaking number of official races being held worldwide at roughly around 220 – and we expect this number to increase as the sport gets more popular among young adults.

Don’t get left behind – ride the waves and surf! Here is a best paddleboard for surfing list. At the end, we also have a guide on how to be the best paddler you can so be sure to check that out as well!

Best Paddle Boards For Surfing

Top Surfing Paddleboards Comparison

ImageModel NameReviewsPriceAvailability
12’6” Surtech Lard Bark Tuflite Paddleboard12’6” Surtech Lard Bark Tuflite Paddleboard5 stars$$
14’-Bark-Dominator14’ Bark Dominator: Is IT The Best Right Now?4 star$$
12’6” Bark Pro-Elite Competitor Paddle Board12’6” Bark Pro-Elite Competitor Paddle Board4 star$$

Check Out These Creations: We’ve already got a bit of insight on what paddle boarding is about. To learn more about the sport, you can find a ton of information on this website. Be sure to take a look before leaving.

Now, on to the main course. Without a doubt, you’re here to check out the best board for surfing. But before that, I’m going to talk about a certain dude. His name is Joe Bark.

He has been in shaping BOTH paddle board and surfboard (Do you see where I’m going here?) What better to way to talk about paddle board and surfing than THE man himself who has been a sought-after professional for years? He’s one of the best, after all.

I’m going to talk about Joe Bark’s creation for this article.

Best SUPs For Surfing Reviews

I only have three boards I can recommend right now (I’m picky this way), but I’m sure I can add more as the I get to try more models and brands. Rest assured, these three are certainly part of the best today.

1. Surftech Laird Race Bark Tuflite Paddle Surfboards

12’6” Surtech Lard Bark Tuflite PaddleboardIt’s an awesome paddle board. If you’ve been searching for cheaper boards that deliver results, this outclasses them in more ways than one – definitely the best paddle board for surfing in the market today.

While cheaper imitations may provide a mediocre experience, this has offers 5 various layers. Each layer has been made to design a lightweight paddle board. Not only that, but it also guarantees a paddle board which screams durability and functionality.

In any case, considering that Bark is known to make high-quality, top-grade paddle boards, you can’t expect them to be cheap. At all. Meaning this might still break the bank even if this is Bark’s lowest priced model. You can’t be cheap if you’re dealing with the best, right?

However, you can expect to get a good ride out of this one, nonetheless. It’s able to perform tremendously even in choppy water conditions. I’d say that this is an ideal board for beginners who want to give paddle surfing a serious go. This is great for surfing!


  • Great For All Water Conditions
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Fused Cell Eps Core


  • Heaviest board among Bark’s Model.

2. 14’ Bark Dominator: Rumored As The Fastest 14″ Board

14’ Bark Dominator: Is IT The Best Right Now?Well, is it? You be the judge. Enthusiasts and communities have gathered and agreed that this could be the fasted board on the planet right now. To be precise, the fastest 14” board – the best paddle board for surfing when it comes to speed.

But knowing that Joe Bark is behind this, it’s not much of a shocker to everyone. What made everyone fall in love with the board is that it measures at 27 ½” in width.

Normally, this is considered to be narrower than the rest of the paddle boards. Its thickness is surprising as well, it’s about 7” thick.

This has got the community pumping that even SUP Global has talked about it. Professionals have acknowledged that despite having a “different” dimension than most of the paddle boards in the market, it has proven to be a really stable board.

In any case, if you’re looking for a starter board, don’t buy this. This is far beyond what a casual paddler can control. And I wouldn’t recommend spending this much for beginners.

However, if you really want to turn the game table around, then go ahead. This is for people who really want to shred the waters faster than Poseidon himself. I consider this to be the best for

It’s been built for speed alone. This comes with Surftech’s Pro-Elite Technology. Not only does it sounds cool, but it makes the board cooler than it sounds.

This gives you the guarantee that it’s been made with nothing but the best of top-grade materials in the universe!…or on planet earth. Who knows? There might alien surfers or something.


  • Lightweight Technology
  • Ultimate Surfing Speed
  • Top-Grade Materials
  • SUP Global Reviewed


  • Dents are easy to form due to its carbon fiber-based material.

3. 12’6” Bark Pro-Elite Competitor: Expensive, But Premium Quality Board

12’6” Bark Pro-Elite Competitor Paddle BoardWell, this is the most expensive product on the list. With that being said, you can assume that this is a superior board (a good candidate to the title of best surfing paddleboard, actually) that outranks the other two on the list.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to the versatility it definitely defeats the Dominator by a notch. It’s not surprising that people are speechless when it comes to this gem right here.

It has been proven to overtake a number of pintails in the area of speed. Of course, it comes with the same price range making this one cost-effective. After all, you get what you pay for, right?

Its stability, as expected, isn’t something anyone can overlook. Even professionals have been praising this stand up paddle board for all of its worth.

It simply exceeds what your expectation of a dream board is. Of course, this is not a board for starters. This is a lean mean race board intended to snag you the position of first place.

The design and its aesthetics are simply out of this world. The feel of its base is both sturdy a comfortable. Looking at this from a certain point of view, its price and its performance are definitely worth it…despite having to hold your breath due to the cost of numbers.


  • Most Versatile Board
  • Superior Durability
  • Smooth Design
  • Comfortable Deck


  • Price range may be too expensive..

4. ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10′ – Ride the Waves like a Pro

ISLE Airtech

ISLE Airetech 10′ Paddle Board Review

You are a surfer and you want an inflatable SUP that brings you everything you need to ride the waves like a pro, and that’s exactly what the ISLE Airtech 10’ offers you.

Why Is It Excellent for Surfing?

You probably know that when surfing you need to be able to make rapid turns, which is especially important when riding very wild and large waves. The Airtech 10’ addresses this need perfectly because it comes with a Diamond Groove Traction, so you can turn quickly without losing balance.

The 3-fin system also plays a huge role here. Riding the waves with just 1 fin is a very tough challenge, but this stand up paddle board makes things easier for you with its high-quality fins.

One of the main concerns of surfers regarding iSUPs is that they tend to flex a bit, or in some cases, more than needed. But this one doesn’t flex at all, something that brings you, even more, control for totally dominating the waves!

Its proportions and design are also perfect for surfing. Moreover, it’s super-strong and durable military-grade PVC construction makes it highly durable and less likely to get damaged.

It’s also very lightweight, and just like the Atoll 11’, it’s 30% lighter than most other iSUPs in the market.

As you can see it’s a fantastic iSUP for surfing!

Is It Easy to Inflate?

The pump is quite good at 15 psi. It means you will have a pretty easy time inflating and deflating it.

You may not take advantage of the motion on pull-up, but it will still take very little time to inflate. Moreover, if inflating it manually is a real annoyance for you, then you can always buy a good electric pump and make things faster and easier.

Would I recommend this paddle board? Totally, if you are looking for inflatable SUPS for surfing, then this one is the right pick.

  • Best iSUP for surfing
  • Super resistant and durable – forget about damaging it easily
  • No flex at all
  • Comes with pump, paddle, repair kit, strap and bungee cords
  • Glides very well
  • Not suitable for racing

What Are The Race Gears For Stand Up Paddle Boards?

What Are The Race Gears For Stand Up PaddleboardsOkay, so let’s get the basics down for the moment. Of course, it should start off with the board. Contrary to what most people believe, there are various boards with different measurements for each racer.


It’s essential to find a board which you are most comfortable with. For example, women racers usually fancy using with boards that measure at 12’6”.

However, there are other racers which prefer using a 14’ board. And there’s a number of the percentage who would go for a short 11’ paddleboard. It doesn’t really dictate anything, but it’s what allows them to move on the water at best. For men, it isn’t too different from what their female counterpart uses. But what they commonly use is a 14’ board, not a lot of them acknowledges 12’6”.

On the side note, there are several people who would use something that’s over 14’. Although it’s an unlikely sight to see.

You’ll be able to identify a commendable SUP brand once it comes with an imprinted race board model. But don’t get too ahead, just like how everything in the world works, there are no two boards which are the same.

I guess you could say that this is the part where you have to search for your ideals and explore them. But we’ve got the researching down, we’ll talk about the best stand up paddle boards in a few.

Either way, choosing a board that will scream the real you is quite a personal experience. You could say once you have made up your mind to purchase a race board you already have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Are You Conscious About Brands?

For my preference, I would rather pick up badass designed boards more than anything else. If you’re fond of a certain brand like I am – what’s up Tower Paddle Board lovers? – you’d already have sworn to allegiance to the company regardless of what the shape is.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but apparently having that mindset won’t do any good to our paddle boarding career.

Try out for other brands, after I’ve opened my mind to other possibilities, I was introduced to other boards which are just as good as my preferred taste. Well, demo boards are there for that reason.

Paddle Boarding Community

From time to time, if there is a race clinic being held in your city. Ask for their scheduled dates and attend, commonly, there are various boards being brought about. There will also be a gathering of other professionals as well, take advantage of the situation and ask for their advice on boards.

This will help you widen your thoughts on paddle boards in general – or you can actually ask the folks over there on what’s the best board! Who knows, you might be able to find a better brand that’s been hiding in the shadows. When you’re already window shopping for a board, there are some things you need to consider. This is especially critical knowing that it’s your first time finding a suitable stand up paddle board.

Is It A Good Fit?

The best paddle board for surfing should fit perfect

Best Paddle Board for Surfing

ly with your body as a whole. It means you should ensure that it’s a fit for your height, weight, type, and of course, it should be able to keep your balance at bay. Another important factor to keep in mind is the quality of your stroke. These should be key aspects of an ideal paddleboard for you. Don’t forget, it should fit your budget as well.

As an example, while boards being constructed with carbon fiber are known to move at a speed of light in action, especially when it’s being used by professionals, it can result in spending a few hundred dollars more. I wouldn’t recommend beginners to purchase this one for their starter board.

Here’s another thing, if you have started out with a flat-water board, the best course of action for you to take is to get a displacement hull. In other scenarios, a touring board right after. This is what most racers do as it makes a wonderful transitionary do, the results are favorable. To be precise, there are differences that need to be identified.

If you look closely, you’ll find boards that are used for racing are narrower. And most of the time, they are lighter as well – although it mostly depends on the length – than the average boards used for casual touring.

I’d consider the board to be the most important aspect among all of the gears…because you know, you can’t exactly surf without one. But choosing the right paddle, your attire, parcels for hydration, and some people would go as far as preparing waterproof cases for phones, and much more.

Also, you need to check out the ideal fin to use for the situation, healthy snacks for an instant energy booster (bananas are always the best), and to protect yourself from possible injuries, don’t forget to bring a leash.

Before making a purchase, don’t do anything that’s unplanned. Read online reviews about these products. There’s no such thing as a perfect item, so it’s better to weigh in the pros and cons for each one. And before I forget, there are handy paddles which let you adjust its height. Its customary height may not work for you if you’re too tall or small.

However, it comes with a price, during a crucial time like being part of a race, it might loosen as time passes. One-piece paddles are ideal for security.

Either way, both are fine as long as you take a good look at them before making hasty decisions. Looking at what other people are saying about the product gives you an idea of what you’re dealing with.

What Are The Techniques?

Of course, there are super mega secret techniques on paddle boarding as well that only a few people know about. Okay, maybe they aren’t so “super” and maybe a lot of people know about it, too.

But acquiring those skills and capitalizing them to its full potential will allow you to win any race or competition. You need to get your paddling or strokes straighten out, a complete 360-degree turn, and lastly, drafting.

Well, these skills are pretty hard to do. And it may take a bit of time to officially master them. But I do want to cover on a specific topic to discuss: What happens on the race.

As usual, there’s nothing that beats practicing. Blood and sweat are the two things you need to dedicate yourself to…and maybe not to so much in the blood, but more on the willpower.

You’ll have to push yourself to your limits every single day. Timing yourself and setting up a personal record every day is what you want to achieve. This should be part of your daily training program.

When You’re Paddling

When You’re PaddlingMoving on to our next coverage – paddling. This requires some should power right here, better start hitting the gym.

Your first goal is to enhance your current stroke. In order to do this, your reach should be better. Unless you’re part of the Incredibles, it’s not really that easy to do.

As far as training goes, making yourself accustomed to reaching out as much as you possibly can, is part of it. Your paddle’s blade should be situated forward-facing of your board.

Your shoulder power is being used, but your core muscles have a greater role (maybe some crunches from time to time will help you out) it’ll help you pull yourself in the direction of the paddle, and not the other way around.

The moment you’ve caught up with the paddle, repeat the same process again. Make each stroke better than the last one, it should be evidently smoother.

Remember: If you’re paddling is being done at the back of the board, it’s completely useless. There’s going to be little to nothing in terms of movement and acceleration.

Cutting through the air with the use of your paddle’s blade is necessary. There’ll be no resistance. Naturally, to win the race the entire procedure should be done fast and consistent.

Let’s Talk About Drafting

If you’re planning to make this your full-time goal, then drafting is only a portion of the total package. To begin with, whatever the path of paddleboard creates, it’s what being utilized to draft.

Resistance doesn’t exist in this matter, thus, it leaves you to be faster than your fellow racers without creating much effort in order to do so.

Basically, since recovering is an important part of winning, drafting creates the opportunity to do so. As a matter of fact, you’re able to save your energy for a whopping 30% more.

When it’s show time and you’re in a competition, following in pursuit of the nearby paddler is essential. Whatever energy you have stored when you were drafting, you let it all out and get them to eat your dust…or in this case, water bubbles.

Drafting should never be underestimated. It’s being even recognized by SUPAA and follows a certain rule.

According to the rulebook, you can say you have accomplished drafting when you’re tailing by the distance of 1 meter, and this should have the duration of 10 seconds or more.

There are restrictions as well. For you to reenact the technique, it can only be done within the parameters of a similar board course or gender.

However, it carries an exception as well. It’s in the first 200 meters of commencement of the competition.

Just to be sure, before that race starts, make sure you have already asked around for their specific rules of the race you’re joining. This allows you to take advantage of the playing ground.

For you to fully master the technique, ask your friends and fellow racers to train with you. You may practice the technique in your sessions.

Being able to closer to your competitor and successfully completing the task requires both skill and experience.

Besides, when someone who isn’t as experienced is doing it could possibly lead to an accident. And getting yourself part of the entire collision calls is only going to decrease your chances of winning.

What’s a Pivot Turn?

What’s a Pivot TurnWhile drafting is important, being able to turn swiftly is just as important. Whether you’re in a competition trying to get the trophy or just wanting a smooth ride.

Either way, it’s how the professionals achieve their goal of getting around the marker. Doing it looks pretty cool…although it would cause some few falls on practice. You have to do the step and neatly do a cross-step going towards the back of your board.

For you to maintain balance, do a stance a surfer would do by placing one foot forward. What you want to keep is momentum, once you have that down, you can professionally do a pivot turn. Once you have stepped backward, the tail of your paddleboard will tip the water going outward.

After you’ve achieved this, the paddle should be located at the center of the and promptly loop it away from your paddleboard. If you want to get things done, make sure your leg is closest to the fin.

By doing that, you don’t have to exert much effort and going around the buoy will be done in a cinch. After you’ve completed the 360 degree turn, maintain your balance at all cost and go back to the center of the board.

If you think you have lost your balance on the way, use your paddle to maintain your balance. You can do this by hitting the water using your paddle. It’s actually a trick being used by paddlers everywhere.

But in any case, it’ll require you to stay and practice it for days on end. It would be best for you to get yourself ready and hydrated all the time. And also, maybe leaving your glasses when you’re practicing would help, too.

Training To Be The Best Paddler

Keep on training, it’s going to take a lot of falling and maybe some bruises here and there, but it’s going to be worth it at the end.

There are various ways where you can train without having to be soaked in water. Training your body strength while finding your balance on the mat is something you should try to prove your game.

Mingling and training with other people are the best way to get challenged and all fired up. It’s true that training alone allows you to concentrate and maintain peace…but sometimes you need a few push here and there to truly show your true strength.

Closing The Deal: Go Have Fun!

Closing The Deal Go Have Fun!There you go! Well, there’s the best paddleboard for surfing…although the price range isn’t too friendly. But it’s definitely something worth looking at.

But in any case, Joe Bark’s creations have been known throughout the world of surfing and paddle boarding.

It isn’t really a surprise that he’d go as far and invent something that’s world-renowned. These three boards above are for intermediate level to expert level in term of skills. However, if you’re just starting and want to get a grasp of them, go for the first one on the list. It’s at least the cheapest one. But the price isn’t really an issue here.

It’s at least the cheapest one. But the price isn’t really an issue here. Don’t count on my review alone, please do a lot more researching and reading before making a purchase. I’m pretty sure that you don’t have intentions of buying a new board per week.

The style and design must fit your personality. It wouldn’t be of any good if it tells otherwise. Always put this in your mind: Paddling is more than a sport, it’s an experience.