Best SUP (Paddle Board) Car Roof Racks And Carriers Reviewed In 2023

best sup board roof racks

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Before you put your paddleboard into the water the first time—you have to get it there. While inflatable SUPs (stand-up paddleboards) are an option, many people prefer the rigidity and convenience of a traditional SUP. They do not have to be inflated, so there are no extra parts, and you do not have to worry about getting them to the right level of pressure before hitting the water. So, how do you get your paddleboard to the water?

The 5 Best SUP Car And Truck Roof Racks in 2023:

  1. Thule 810 XT Stand Up Paddle board Taxi Roof Rack
  2. Yakima Rack and Roll 66 SUP Trailer
  3. Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Roof Carrier
  4. Cruiser SUP Deluxe Soft SUP Car Rack and Paddle Board Carrier
  5. Iztoss Motor Tech Universal Soft SUP Roof Rack

Some people can fold down the seats of their SUV and load their board in the back. People who want to travel with other people, or who do not have a vehicle spacious enough to fit a long paddleboard inside have the option of a car rack or carrier. Car racks are advantageous because they let you easily carry the board on top of your car. Some can also be pulled along behind your vehicle. If you need help deciding on how to best transport and protect your board, here are some of the best car racks for your SUP.


Our Reviews

1. Thule 810 XT Stand Up Paddle board Taxi Roof Rack

Thule 810 XT Stand Up Paddleboard Taxi

This model is designed to be installed on your car roof and securely hold your board in place while you drive, as well as to prevent theft.


If you are worried about theft while you are away on vacation, this is a great option. It comes with a spring-loaded locking cam, steel-reinforced webbing, and 2 locks—one that secures the carrier to a car and a second to secure the paddleboards to the carrier. It works for boards up to 34” in width and you can carry multiple boards on top of the car.


This ‘taxi’ for paddleboards is designed to work with a Thule brand rack system, however, it also works with most factory racks and round bars. It will not work without a rack, so it is a good option if you already have one. For easier installation, it has a Speed-Link mounting system that installs without tools. There is an option of professional install with purchase, but it is simple enough that you likely do not need the extra cost.

Other Considerations

This set-up is a little costly, but it is more affordable than some of the others on the list. If you have a board longer than 9-feet, you should use additional padding between the board and strap, to prevent damage. Boards that have a soft outer should also be protected with extra padding. Finally, the strap area can be a little confusing to tuck away, but this does not affect the security of the SUP car rack carrier.

  • Moderate price range
  • Compatible with many racks already on your vehicle
  • Easy to install, does not require tools
  • Locking mechanisms to prevent theft of your board(s)
  • Tucking away straps can be confusing
  • Softer or larger boards may need extra padding to prevent dents or scratches on your board


2. Yakima Rack and Roll 66

Yakima Rack and Roll 66

This is an expensive option for towing, however, it is an all-in-one carrier for all your outdoor fun items. The best part is that you can tow multiple things, up to 250 pounds of weight.


If you are looking for a carrier to pull along behind your vehicle, this is a great option. It is lightweight, but comes with four-inch wheels and a great system of shock absorbers, to prevent damage and make sure your gear gets where you need to go safely. It can carry kayaks, paddleboards, bicycles, and more.

Another great design feature is the carrying handle. Once you detach the set-up from your vehicle, the trailer becomes a hand cart.

Ease of Use

Easy is the name of the game with this paddleboard carrier. It is easy to mount and unmount from the car, and easier to load than roof racks because it is closer to the ground. However, you should note that additional padding or supports may be needed to secure your board better.

One thing to note, however, is that there are overhang specifications in some areas which may be important for longer boards. Know the rules, especially if you are traveling for vacation, and mark your gear accordingly.

Other Considerations

If you are taking this cart far, it is recommended that you buy the optional spare tire because of wear and tear. Another great feature is that the cart tilts upward, for compact storage in a garage or at a campsite.

  • Shock absorbers to keep gear safe
  • Easier to load than roof racks
  • Convenient carrying handle when detached from vehicle
  • Tilts upward for compact storage
  • May need to accommodate for overhang specifications
  • Additional supports may be needed for SUPs


3. Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier

Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier

This load system includes rollers, which is a great feature for loading and unloading them to the top of your vehicle.

Carrying Abilities

In addition to the rollers that make loading your boards easily, this is designed to hold two boards that are up to 36” wide each. There is an included slider that helps accommodate the size of your board, to cut down on vibrations. It also includes plenty of padding and strong straps that securely hold your SUPs in place. Something to note about the rollers, however, is that they install from the side instead of the rear, which may be a little more complicated.

Anti-Theft Abilities

Like the first model on this list, this SUP carrier comes with two locks, to secure the boards to the rack and the rack to the car. However, the straps could be cut through because they are not steel-reinforced, so they are not completely anti-theft.supdawg lock


Installing this set-up is fairly easy, because it comes fully assembled and you do not need tools to put it on the car. It easily and unmounts and holds its position securely, to prevent rattling on top of the car. One thing to note, however, is that there is a whistling noise that comes from the rack sometimes while traveling.

  • Two anti-theft locks
  • Holds two, large SUPs easily
  • No vibrations from the unit
  • Rollers make loading easier
  • Not fully anti-theft
  • Whistling noise comes from rack when traveling sometimes


4. Cruiser SUP Deluxe Soft Car Rack and Stand Up Paddle Board Carrier

Cruiser SUP Deluxe Soft Car Rack

This is an affordable option for transporting your SUP, but it can be a little noisy.


This SUP rack comes with high-compression foam blocks that are 30” wide, to cushion your boards and prevent scratching of your vehicle. Even a small car like a Prius can safely carry a board that is over 11-feet long, as well as paddleboards for surfing or surfboards. It is also easy to install, at less than half the cost of some other SUP car racks.


This is a highly compatible carrying option, being able to work with any vehicle that does not have a roof rack. It features the foam pads and front and rear tie downs, making it possible to use this even with a 2-door car.

Noise Level

Something that you should note is that the straps do vibrate noisily as you are traveling down the road. However, you can minimize the noise by twisting the straps before you tighten them.

  • Works with any style of car that does not have a roof rack
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • High-compression blocks prevent damage to your vehicle and board
  • Straps are noisy
  • Cannot work with cars that have manufacturer-installed racks


5. Iztoss Motor Tech Universal Soft Roof Rack with Anti-Vibration and Adjustable Straps

Motor Tech Universal Car Soft Roof Rack

This is another affordable option, the least costly on the list.


There are ultra-long, durable straps for this model, which works with any vehicle that does not have a permanent roof rack installed. It works well with paddleboards, but can also be used for other boards, luggage, and equipment. The 3” thick layer of EVA foam padding and easy install makes it a great choice for any vehicle, even rental cars.


This is easy to install and can hold as much as 165 pounds. Even so, you should note that it can be hard to get the boards or other equipment on top of a large vehicle without upper body strength or an extra person. One thing to note, however, is that the strap system to tuck in can be confusing, but this does not affect how well the paddleboard carrier works.

Quality of Materials

The straps of this carrier are scratch-resistant and UV-protected which prevents wear and tear. The aircraft buckle is high-quality, being resistant to rust and corrosion.

One thing to note, however, is that the anti-slip cover works well for many items but not all. You may still have to stop and adjust the straps periodically.

  • Straps are resistant to UV rays for increased durability
  • Aircraft buckles are resistant to rust and hold materials securely
  • Affordable option
  • Works well with rental cars
  • Anti-slip cover does not always work as well as you might like
  • Strap system is a little confusing

Buying Guide

Purchasing a car rack or other carrier for your standup paddleboard is a serious commitment. You want something that will safely and securely hold your SUP, to get it to its destination without damage. To prevent that, here are some considerations to make before buying an SUP car rack.

Paddle Board Car Rack or Trailer

The best options for carrying your SUP are a rack for on top of your car, or a trailer that is pulled behind it. Obviously, the type of vehicle that you have is a big part of this decision. The style of the hood of your car effects the type of carrying rack that can or cannot be used for your vehicle. If you do not have a flat surface, then you cannot set up a system on your roof for the boards. Additionally, if you choose a SUP trailer to pull behind your car, your vehicle needs a hitch. These can be installed, so it is not a big deal if you do not have one yet. You’d need to check with Thule’s “fit my car” compatibility chart

How Many Boards You Want to Carry

Is paddleboarding something that you are going to do alone? If not, then consider buying a rack that holds more than one board. Even if you live alone, you may find that you have a friend with an interest in the sport or that it is a fun dating activity. You are not required to buy one with extra spots, but it will be convenient if you bring along friends, family, or your romantic interest.

Protection of Your Board

When you spend good money on a paddleboard, you do not want it becoming nicked, scratched, or damaged while you are carrying it. Many racks come with pads to ensure the safety of your board. If pads are not included, buying some is a worthwhile investment to protect your SUP.


You do not want to risk driving down the road and having your board fall off behind you. Using tie downs, straps, or other methods of security is important to prevent mishaps like this and keep your board (and other drivers) safe as you go down the road.locking sup racks


Paddleboards come in many shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific paddleboarding activity. Some are wider to encourage balance, like those used for SUP yoga, while others focus on length and a specifically designed tip, to encourage speed. Regardless of your board type, be sure that the car rack or carrier that you choose meets your needs.

How Easy (or Hard) it is to Load

Something else to factor into your decision is if it will be complicated to get your SUP where you need it to go. The last thing that you want to deal with before hitting the water is wearing yourself out wrestling with your board or wasting time with a difficult set up.


Many of these car racks are useful, depending on the type of board that you have. Our top pick is:

Cruiser SUP Deluxe Soft Car Rack and Stand Up Paddle Board Carrier

If you do not have permanent roof racks installed on top of your vehicle, this is a great choice because the carrier protects your SUP and your vehicle. It is highly compatible with a wide range of vehicles and is an affordable option that will get your board from A to B.

As you make your decision, remember that the most important thing is choosing a compatible rack that gets your SUP where you need it to go, safely and securely. Once you have found something compatible, consider extra features like tie-downs or multi-board carriers before you decide.

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