Best Kayak Fishing Paddles In 2023

best kayak paddles for fishing

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Going kayaking without a kayak paddle isn’t a reasonable move. For excellent propulsion, you will need a solid and durable kayak paddle.

The weekend warriors or professionals often emphasize the importance of having a kayak paddle to reach inaccessible areas. Moreover, it provides you with a mobile platform to visit new locations for fishing.

Kayak Fishing Paddles comes in different types and styles to cater to various needs of both beginners and professionals. Therefore, we curated a round-up that offers something for everyone. So, it’s time you get on the boat with one of the best kayak paddles for fishing.

We have shortlisted the five best kayak paddle for fishing to let you have the best time for all the adventure enthusiasts. These products are selected based on their efficiency, features, and customer feedback.

Top Kayak Fishing Paddles

Let’s get started with the detailed reviews along with their Pros and Cons to help you choose the right kayak paddle as per your requirements.

Kayak Paddle Reviews

1.    Bending Branches Angler Pro Plus Kayak Paddle

If you’re planning to take part in a kayak fishing tournament, the first thing you require is a good quality kayak paddle. This is the most crucial piece of equipment you need to go out into the water.

Bending Branches is a reliable brand due to its exceptional construction, durability, and superior engineering. Moreover, the paddle can provide optimum displacement of water to help you move faster.

The shaft is made with T-700 carbon fiber, minimizing the strain on your joints and shoulders by enhancing the paddle stroke. Also, the paddles are lightweight, with 30 ounces to provide you with enough paddling power.

At 230 cm in size, the paddle comes with a rugged build that makes it great for kayak fishing. Furthermore, the blades are made of fiberglass, which is practically indestructible. Apart from that, the paddle has a ruler-printed handle to help determine the water visibility.

Lastly, the Bending Branches Angler Pro kayak paddles are made with larger blades for a powerful stroke. It also comes with a three-hole button-snap ferrule to let you adjust the angle of the blade for different paddling techniques. The ferrule angles lie between 0-60 degrees.

What We Love About It
  •       Lightweight paddle body for powerful strokes
  •       It comes with durable paddle construction
  •       Equipped with compression molded fiberglass blade
  •       Made with 100 percent carbon shaft
What We Didn’t Like
  •       The product is slightly expensive
  •       Some users might have problems with the angle adjustment

2.    Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

Werner Camano is a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-end paddles. You can choose the paddles from various lengths between 205-260 cm with just a 5 cm increment. Thus, you can easily find your suitable size with Werner Camano.

This paddle features the award-winning blade design of a low angled mid-sized blade. Therefore, it offers an ideal combination for those who want relaxed and gentle strokes.

The shaft of this kayak is made from carbon fiber, and it weighs just 1.53 pounds, making it easy to move around. In addition, it is stiff to provide efficient and powerful strokes and also reduce the swing weight. This allows you to easily paddle for long distances without putting excess effort and strain on your shoulders and joints.

The paddle comes with a marked ferrule along with various matching blades and feathering options. Moreover, the fiberglass blades are highly efficient, strong, and lightweight.

The blade strokes are thin enough for a lighter stroke without making any effort. Besides, the paddle comes with the Werner Smart View Adjustable System. This enables you to choose and identify the suitable blade angle as per your kayaking needs.

What We Love About It
  •       It offers a variety of options to choose from
  •       Highly durable fiberglass blade and carbon fiber shaft
  •       Lightweight paddles for lighter stroke and long-distance kayaking
  •       It comes with an award-winning low-angle blade design
What We Didn’t Like
  •       Smart View Adjustable system would require maintenance
  •       Fiberglass is vulnerable to damage when not stored properly

3.    Werner Paddle Shuna Straight STD Kayak Paddle

It seems impossible to imagine getting a high-quality kayak paddle at a reasonable price, right? Well, the Shuna STD Kayak Paddles are the best-selling kayak paddles known for their high angled design.

For those who want relaxed paddling, the lightweight paddles offer you the ease of paddling along with powerful strokes. Also, these mid-sized blades are great for all-around touring, and they will be suitable for many kayakers.

The fiberglass blade boasts a dihedral shape which directs the water to maintain a smooth and even flow for stable strokes. Moreover, it helps you to get a well-balanced forward stroke.

Besides, the paddle features custom shaped low-profile reinforcement spine, which offers enhanced maneuverability of the blade. As a result, you get excellent blade stiffness, powerful strokes, and the full strength of the paddle.

Lastly, the Werners Unique Smart system divides the shaft into two parts for better viewing. Apart from that, the Smart view ferrule system can provide you a solid feel that doesn’t harm your gears.

What We Love About It
  •       The shaft can direct water for stable strokes
  •       Lightweight paddles relieve shoulder pains
  •       Available at a reasonable price
  •       Straight carbon fiber shaft for comfortable and controlled flex
What We Didn’t Like
  •       Offers no advance adjustment of length with split shaft system
  •       The straight shaft is difficult to maneuver

4.    Wilderness Systems Alpha Angler Kayak Fishing Paddle

Suppose you plan on fishing while you went for a camping trip; venturing through the river’s rough water can be challenging without solid paddles. That’s why you have the choice to buy Wilderness Systems Alpha Angler Kayak Fishing Paddle to let you pass through the rough waters with ease.

The wilderness is suitable for both beginner and professional kayakers as it allows you to adjust the length from 240 cm to 260 cm as per your requirements. Additionally, it comes with a low-profile lever that will enable you to adjust the paddle to fit any sitting position and fishing kayak.

Besides, the aggressive and powerful blade design is excellent for any kayaker to go fishing in any weather condition. Moreover, the powerful and mid-size foam core of the blade will work effectively in different water situations.

If you don’t want to spend more time on the water and prefer to get the fish quickly, the paddle can help you. The paddle comes with enough power to sustain higher speed and pull the boat efficiently.

What We Love About It
  •       Built-in adjustable length for kayakers with different heights
  •       Ideal to use with the low and high seating system
  •       Angle and design offers enough power for high speed
  •       The blade is designed in a way to provide powerful strokes
What We Didn’t Like
  •       The shaft can be slightly slippery
  •       Some users complained about the quality

5.    Bending Branches Angler Ace Fishing Kayak Paddle

You need a kayak paddle that can guarantee you effortless paddling every time. So, let’s welcome the last addition to the best kayak paddle for fishing, Bending Branches Angler Ace Fishing Kayak Paddle.

Made with a 100 percent carbon fiber shaft, the paddle is highly durable and lightweight. Also, you get a tape measurement on the shaft for water visibility.

The two-piece shaft is relatively compact, meaning you can easily store and transport it anywhere. Further, the feathering angles of the blades are adjustable with the help of metal ferrule within the range of 0 to 60 degrees.

The shaft comes with an oval shape to maintain a secure grip. Moreover, it indicates a dominant hold on the paddle. The blade also boasts a dihedral construction. It offers more advanced water propulsion with its spoon shape.

Apart from that, it comes with two high-angle blades constructed with carbon-reinforced nylon. The high-angled blade helps to displace more water so that you can glide faster without making an extra effort.

What We Love About It
  •       Dihedral blades offer improved water propulsion
  •       It comes with the ability to adjust feathering angles
  •       Displays 40-inch tape measure on the paddle
  •       Oval shape offers a secure and dominant grip
What We Didn’t Like
  •       The Weight is somewhat unbalanced
  •       Lightweight to the point that it can flip if hit with a strong wave

Things To Consider While Buying Kayak Fishing Paddle

Are you curious to know about your ideal kayak style and figure out which paddle suits you the best? Well, you need to consider a few essential factors before buying the best kayak fishing paddle. We have made a buyer’s guide for you to help you avoid any irresponsible purchase

Paddle Length

Kayak paddles don’t usually go by the rule of one-size-fits-all. However, having the wrong-sized paddle can often land you in trouble while you’re out on the water. Therefore, you need to consider the paddle length carefully as per the length of your fishing kayak.

For tall anglers and wider kayaks, you should consider buying longer kayak paddles. Next, you should know that the length of the kayak paddle is always measured in centimeters.

Moreover, keep in mind that the sizing chart shows the measurements for mostly low-seat positions. For the high-seat positions, you will need to add 10 cm extra to each size.


You will find kayak paddles available in various materials in the market. While each has its Pros and Cons, you can choose the material as per your paddling style, taste, and obviously, budget.

For starters, most paddles come with plastic blades and aluminum shafts. They are usually durable but heavy. In contrast, aluminum shafts are more affordable than other materials.

Let’s consider the suitable material for shafts and blades that make them long-lasting and durable.


You will find many shafts made of wood as it showcases endurance and strength. Moreover, the shafts were coated with timber to add immunity.

On the other hand, shafts made of aluminum are often more suitable for budget buyers than carbon fiber shafts and fiberglass. However, it tends to conduct heat and get ice-cold in the winters and extremely hot during summers.

Now, we have carbon and fiberglass-made shafts. Both the materials are powerful and lightweight. You can use them regularly, making it an essential purchase for serious kayakers.


Nylon and aluminum-plastic-made blades are best for beginners who’ve just joined the kayaking game. On the other hand, experienced anglers prefer fiberglass blades as they are lightweight and offer high durability. Moreover, they are best for recreational and traveling kayaking.

Lastly, the carbon fiber blades are more lightweight in comparison to fiberglass. They’re also used in functionality blades to reduce fatigue while letting you proceed through the water efficiently. However, they are slightly expensive compared to other variants.

Shape Of Blade

What blade shape should you choose for powerful and effective strokes on the water? Nowadays, dihedral blades are becoming more popular among kayakers compared to flat blades.

The sole reason is that the dihedral blades come with two powerful faces to help you direct the water flow. Thus, it makes the blades reasonably practical to use in different water conditions.

In contrast, you have asymmetric blades that allow you to move the paddle without using much of your energy. As a result, they are made to reduce strain and water flutters. Also, the angles in asymmetric blades help you optimize every stroke.

Generally, the blades for kayak paddles come in two designs, low-angle blade and high-angle blade.

Low-Angle Blade

The low-angle blades are long and narrow, making them a great choice when you have to cover long distances. They generate less power and propel less water. However, you do not need to put extra pressure on the blades for every stroke. Apart from that, low-angle blades can help you paddle even from low-seating positions.

High-Angle Blades

With a broad and short construction, the high-angle blades can help propel more water to drive quickly and efficiently with fewer strokes. They are slightly heavier but suitable for most kayakers.

Apart from that, you can enjoy paddling from high-angle blades while sitting on high-seat positions or sit-on-top kayaks.

Bent Shaft Vs. Straight Shaft

You get two options to choose from the shaft style; bent and straight. Let’s discuss what both types offer you to help you decide the suitable one for your needs.

Bent Shaft

With a bent shaft, you can easily change the hand position as there are two bends. It offers a natural grip. Moreover, it helps reduce stress and fatigue on the wrists by increasing the efficiency of paddling for longer trips.

So, if you want to explore and go fishing in the open waters, you should choose a bent shaft paddle.

Straight Shaft

With a straight shaft, you will be able to move in a straight line on the waters. This type of paddle is suitable to handle strong water currents. Moreover, it will help you make a transition between different strokes to maneuver on the waters quickly.

A straight shaft paddle would be great when you are kayaking on moving waters, fish rivers, or creeks.

Final Thoughts

Kayak Fishing Paddlers, don’t be discouraged from paddling if you can’t find the best kayak fishing paddles. Instead, it’s time to make some effort and look for a kayak paddle that best fits your needs and requirements.

Since you might find it challenging to choose one, we have tried to solve your problem and help you enjoy your paddling experience like never before. With the five best kayak fishing paddles reviewed above, you can narrow down your choices based on your style and budget preference.

Kayak fishing can be best to enjoy out in the wilderness. However, it requires you to have a reliable and strong paddle to help you on your ventures. Therefore, make sure that you choose the paddle with the right weight and length to have a memorable fishing experience.

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