Best Ice Fishing Lures Reviewed In 2023

best ice fishing lures

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It may not be the most popular type but did you know ice fishing is one of the most effective ways to catch fish?

With the right equipment, you can have great success and enjoyment with this angler adventure. There are multiple factors that can affect your efficiency which is why manufacturers offer a slew of options when it comes to lures. You can even explore the art of jigging which is also highly effective in the arena of ice fishing.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ice fishing lures available in a variety of designs that are specific to this specialty type. You can find sets, kits and individual offers that have been proven to get the job done. Peruse each section of the review to find the item that would be right for you.

The 10 Best Ice Fishing Lures In 2023:

Best Ice Fishing Lures Reviews

1. Dynamic Lures Ice Fishing Lure

Dynamic Lures Ice Fishing Lure

The Dynamic ice fishing lure has a vertical jig design with even weight distribution that allows it to bounce around in a motion appealing to your prey.

These ice fishing lures are two inches in length and has two treble hooks attached to it. These fixtures are size ten which is an ideal size for snagging different types of species. With this design, you can hunt bass, trout and even carp with ease. It comes in a package of just one that is reasonably priced.

Slender design

Due to its shape and size, this selection is able to hold it’s balanced and create lifelike movement in the water. It is able to carry out a jig motion which causes the entire structure to bounce in order to catch the attention of nearby prey.

Bright Colors

Colors can become more or less visible depending on the depth at which they are used. With the bright vibrant colors found on this product, you can attract even the most stubborn of fish at almost any depth you choose to use.

Cost and Value

Although the Dynamic ice lure comes in a package of one as opposed to other designs, it is constructed from ABS plastic which ensures strength and product longevity. This goes a long way when coupled with its reasonable pricing.

What We Love About It
  • Two 10 inch hooks
  • Two inches long
  • Treble design
  • ABS construction
  • Single count package
What We Didn’t Like
  • Can be quite light
  • May require some level of skill

Criteria Rating

Style: 100
Color: 100
Durability: 100
Ease of Use: 99
Materials: 100

Average: 99.8

2. Acme Kastmaster Lure (BuckTail Teaser)

Acme Kastmaster Lure

The Acme Lure Teaser lure is constructed from solid brass to promote longevity and increased product durability.

These ice fishing lures come with an accessory called a bucktail which is meant to tease and entice prey. It comes in four different weights from ⅛ ounce all the way up to ¾ ounce. Its solid brass construction limits the possibility of damage due to typical wear and degradation due to external conditions.

Versatile Use

You can use this particular selection under a variety of conditions which include changes in grounds such as experienced when changing from saltwater to freshwater and vice versa.

Hunting Range

You can use this product to catch a range of fish including trout, panfish and snapper blues. This is due in part to its immaculate movement in the water. It not only spins but can jig to attract creatures nearby.

Cost and value

Hooks on the Acme Lure Teaser lure features a treble design and weight capacity varies based on the size of the item you have selected. A ¾ ounce, for instance, can hold anywhere between 10 – 15lbs.

What We Love About It
  • Balanced Spoon
  • Wild action
  • Treble hook
  • Brass construction
  • Size variety
What We Didn’t Like
  • May require skill to use
  • Quality control may be low

Criteria Rating

Style: 100
Color: 98
Durability: 100
Ease of Use: 97
Materials: 99

Average: 98.8

3. Zwming Ice Fishing Jigs (Ice Fishing Lures)

Zwming Ice Fishing Jigs

The Zwming ice Fishing lure Kit is a 25 piece set that comes in a convenient tackle box for storage and organization.

These ice fishing lures feature a variety of shapes that allows you a level of flexibility when attempting to capture varying species. Designs also vary with some being constructed as a balancing jig while others have the appearance of an insect. Each item is coated with vibrant colors for visibility and different depths.

Realistic Appearance

The bright colors and stripes used to coat these selections not only give them an appealing look but a life-like appearance that is meant to entice almost any fish you come into contact with.

Durable Construction

Hooks on these ice fishing lures are constructed from carbon steel for increased strength and durability. Each tip has been made sharp to ensure that your catch does not get away once you have it in your grasp.

Cost and Value

The lifelike swimming action of the lures in the Zwiming Fishing Kit makes them highly effective. Light reflectors located along the surface of the item helps to intensify the vibrant colors used during the manufacturing process to coat the exterior.

What We Love About It
  • Effective in saltwater and freshwater
  • Effective on various species
  • Can glow in the dark
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Tacklebox included
What We Didn’t Like
  • Constructed with lead
  • May require skill for use

Criteria Rating

Style: 99
Color: 97
Durability: 98
Ease of Use: 96
Materials: 98

Average: 97.6

4. Sougayilang Ice Fishing Jigs (Treble Hook Heads)

Sougayilang Ice Fishing Jigs

The Sougayilang Fishing Jig comes in three sets of 25 for a massive combo package for the ultimate customer value offer.

Each item in this set has an attached treble hook and the set offers a range of choices for the savvy consumer. The designs used to create this kit are always state of the art and new model creations. There are up to six available styles including slick and minnow spoon.

Organized Storage

You aren’t left in the lurch when it comes to this vast collection as it comes with a storage container that allows you to sort your lures into their different styles for ease of use.

Color Variation

There are solid bold colors contained in this set along with vibrant multi-colored selections which allow customers to mix and match to find the ideal product that would work with maximum effect for the prey they wish to secure.

Cost and Value

You can use the Sougayilang Fishing Jig in saltwater and freshwater without being overly concerned about the damage that was done from saltwater exposure. The hooks have been sharpened mechanically for maximum penetration during use.

What We Love About It
  • Treble hook
  • 27 piece set
  • New designs
  • 6 different styles
  • Storage container included
What We Didn’t Like
  • Eye hole isn’t pre-cleaned
  • Can be incorrectly packaged

Criteria Rating

Style: 98
Color: 96
Durability: 97
Ease of Use: 94
Materials: 97

Average: 96.4

5. Sougayilang Ice Fishing Lures (Sharp Hook Fishing Bait)

Sougayilang Ice Fishing Lures

The Sougayilang Fishing Bait utilizes a three hook system where these are located to the front, rear and bottom of the structure.

These ice fishing lures have a life-like appearance and can be used to facilitate jigging. With this feature, you are sure to capture the attention of fish such as bass and walleye. It is coated with bright, vibrant colors to not only appeal to your prey but it also aids with visibility at varying depths.

Effective Product Design

The three hook system used on this selection is intended to improve overall efficiency as they are strategically located at the front, rear and bottom of the structure. This ensures you are able to hold on to your catch.

Construction Materials

These ice fishing lures are constructed from lead which allows them to offer great balance and weight even with their small size. It gives a solid appearance and improves overall durability and longevity.

Cost and Value

With the Sougayilang Fishing Bait, you get four individual pieces of bait per set which improves your value for money. Each piece has its own color and design to give consumers a margin of variety.

What We Love About It
  • 3 hooks
  • Jigging capabilities
  • Lifelike motion
  • Bright Colors
  • Solid-Body
What We Didn’t Like
  • Lead construction
  • The design may be flawed

Criteria Rating

Style: 97
Color: 95
Durability: 96
Ease of Use: 93
Materials: 95

Average: 95.2

6. Thkfish Ice Fishing (Hard Fishing Lures)

Thkfish Ice Fishing

The Thkfish Ice Fishing Lure is a 23 piece set that is ideal for ice water fishing and is constructed from lead.

These ice fishing lures contain up to six different designs that provide consumers with a range of choices. It has a life-like swimming action that proves effective when trying to attract prey such as crappie and panfish. The selection is versatile enough to be used in both saltwater and freshwater.

Vibrant Colors

Bright, vibrant colors on lures are commonly used to entice or attract fish but the intensity of the colors can serve another valuable purpose. It helps your product to remain visible at varying depths.

Solid Construction

Due to the materials used and the physical appearance of the Thkfish Fishing Lure, it provided a balanced performance in the water. The lead construction also works to ensure durability and longevity.

Cost and Value

The hooks on these ice fishing lures are constructed from carbon steel ensuring it is strong, long-lasting and quite sharp which makes it effective when put to work in the field. Three hooks reduce the chance of escape.

What We Love About It
  • Mechanically sharpened
  • Barbed hook
  • Ideal for ice fishing
  • 24-hour customer service
  • 26 pieces per set
What We Didn’t Like
  • Lead construction
  • Quality control may be low

Criteria Rating

Style: 96
Color: 94
Durability: 95
Ease of Use: 92
Materials: 94

Average: 94.2

7. Blue Fox Rattlin’ Pixee Spoon Ice Fishing Lure

Blue Fox Rattlin' Pixee Spoon

The Blue Rattlin’ Spoon weighs twelve ounces and is constructed from brass for durability.

These ice fishing lures are premium grade and due to its light, thin sleep appearance it is able to penetrate into the depths of even the roughest waters. There is a range of color variations and coating combinations available. Consumers can select UV designs while other options include gold or metallic look.

VMC Hooks

The hooks on this selection are VMC and feature a nickel construction which ensures a sharp and highly effective finish. This design ensures deep penetration to help you hold on to your catch.

Heavy Construction

The way these ice fishing lures are constructed can greatly affect their performance. A heavy construction can help get an angler distance on their toss and the Blue Rattlin’ Spoon has a heavy construction.

Cost and Value

Due to the heavy construction, you can retrieve these ice fishing lures from lower depths quickly and efficiently. Ideal for any type of water conditions including fast-moving and rough environments.

What We Love About It
  • Egg sack insert
  • Brass plated
  • Hammered finish
  • VMC hook
  • Matching siwash
What We Didn’t Like
  • Performance can be inconsistent
  • Quality control may be low

Criteria Rating

Style: 95
Color: 92
Durability: 94
Ease of Use: 91
Materials: 93

Average: 93

8. Ice Fishing Jigs Kit (Metal Lures)

Ice Fishing Jigs Kit

The Ice Jig Lure comes in a twelve-piece kit with each selection measuring under one inch in length.

These ice fishing lures provide users with a range of six colors that can be used to attract nearby fish and also offers varying levels of visibility underwater. It is constructed from lead and has a unique shape that is designed to catch the attention of your prey. Hooks are sharp and built to last.

Versatile Performance

With this selection, you can attempt to lure a range o fish which include crappie, walleye, perch and many more. This allows you to focus on the task at hand while the product does its job.

Ideal Hook

The hook on these ice fishing lures is quite sharp which helps you to keep a firm hold on your catch once it has been snared. The design is also ideally constructed to perform well in winter and icy conditions.

Cost and Value

The Ice Jig Lure is part of a brand collection that gives consumers a range of options in the form of kits just like this one. You can vary your designs and test the performance of all the items in the line allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

What We Love About It
  • Comes in a kit
  • Constructed for winter conditions
  • Lightweight design
  • Multiple color variations
  • Sharp hook
What We Didn’t Like
  • Lead construction
  • Quality control may be low

Criteria Rating

Style: 96
Color: 91
Durability: 92
Ease of Use: 92
Materials: 92

Average: 92.6

9. Goture Ice Fishing Jigs Bait (Treble Single Hook)

Goture Ice Fishing Jigs Bait

The Goture Fishing Bait features treble hooks and a structure that can easily perform jigging when needed.

These ice fishing lures have a hook constructed from carbon steel which not only ensures it is sharp and strong but it promotes the durability of the selection. The outer area of the structure is nickel plated which allows the device to take on anti-corrosive properties for increased product longevity.

Design Parameters

The design of the Goture Fishing Bait is synonymous with balance. When a device is balanced the motion is much more controlled and produces a life-like movement that attracts the curious.

Versatile Performance

Due to the materials used to create these ice fishing lures, it is able to be used under varying conditions while on the water. Anglers who operate in saltwater can expect the same performance as those using the selection under freshwater conditions.

Cost and Value

The eyes created on this product are 3D stereoscopic which promotes a life-like appearance that can be effective on many different types of fish including Crappies, Walleyes and Perch.

What We Love About It
  • Jig feature
  • Colorful paint
  • Embedded treble hook
  • 4 Piece set
  • 24-hour customer service
What We Didn’t Like
  • Quality control may be low
  • Can be incorrectly packaged

Criteria Rating

Style: 95
Color: 90
Durability: 91
Ease of Use: 90
Materials: 91

Average: 91.4

10. Jb Lures Gem-n-eye Original (2-pack) Lure Set

Jb Lures Gem-n-eye Original

The JB Gem-n-eye 2 lure pack is designed to attract walleyes, perch, and panfish. It also glows red for increased visibility.

These ice fishing lures are specifically manufactured for people who fish in the ice. It is highly durable and possesses features you won’t see on everyday designs. One of the most noticeable features is its ability to glow in the dark. This bright red glow is ideal for attracting prey in the deep dark waters under the ice.

Reputable Supplier

JB Lures is a well established and reputable supplier of tackles that have have been marked for quality and efficiency. Coming under the umbrella of such a well-founded company helps to underline the quality of the selection.

Specially Manufactured

Many of the items on this list are quite versatile and while they may be adequate for the ice, they are not specifically designed for it. With this product, you are provided with features specific to this field of employ.

Cost and Value

The JB Gem-n-eye comes in a set of two which immediately doubles the value for your money. It is also competitively priced which allows users to maximize their investment should they choose this ice fishing lure.

What We Love About It
  • 2 pack set
  • Glow in the dark
  • Ideal for ice fishing
  • Durable construction
  • Reputable supplier
What We Didn’t Like
  • May also attract larger fish
  • Has a capacity weight limit

Criteria Rating

Style: 94
Color: 89
Durability: 90
Ease of Use: 89
Materials: 90

Average: 90.4


best ice fishing lures


Some great advice that we sometimes take for granted is the urge to keep it simple but some manufacturers on our list have embraced that adage to their benefit. Their designs are slim, slender and as standard as they come. Instead of going for flash and a show their items convey a life-like appearance and tend to be balanced which enhances the quality of fishing. It also makes jigging easier and more effective due to its structure.

Others take a more modern approach when it comes to the design of their selections. They may create small drop-shaped products that are light and meant to travel through the air and cut through the water. They are meant to attract instead of enticing and due to their shape, they are able to penetrate down to the deeper parts of the water. Their weight and shape allow consumers to cast further than a standard design and they may even be advanced enough to handle rough external conditions.

While this may be all well and good for the average consumer, there are some of us that cannot deny that we love the flash and we live for the excitement and the companies that occupy the market today are not ignorant of these needs and wants. Some of them have produced specialized masterpieces intended to operate at higher levels in specific conditions. They may possess features such as a glow in the dark function meant to promote effectiveness and efficiency.


Although the color is perceived one way above ground it does not behave the same underwater. Some shades are easier to see the deeper you go than others. Bright colors such as red and blue tend to be more visible and deeper levels. This has been taken into consideration and many companies offer a range of colors that are designed to cater to the varying needs of anglers. It is not uncommon to see bright, vibrant colors coating the outside structure of these types of items.

Many of these selections come in a set of two, four or more. A kit can have as many as over twenty pieces all with different colors so consumers have the option of varying the bait to find the one that works best for them. The material used on the outer surface of the lures also plays a part in the way it performs in the field. For example, some of these are designed with light refracting technology which helps to increase the visibility of the bait in the ice.

In addition to the color coating, there are other ways in which a company might ensure increased visibility while utilizing the power of color. This is by means of a glow feature. Not only will these types of products produce extra light but it exudes a magnifying power on the color of the item which intensifies its visibility. Can you imagine a vivid red beacon floating in the deep? What a way to get the attention of a nearby prey and increase your chances of snagging a catch.


These devices are designed to operate in harsh conditions. For example, saltwater fishing can prove to be challenging for many when it comes to durability. This is because this type of environment not only damages with moisture which is inevitable in this industry but saltwater, in particular, tends to speed up the degradation process, intensifying its effects. This is why some companies have opted to coat their items with materials that can resist this type of damage.

One popular material used to accomplish this is plastic. There are some items that have been coated with ABS plastic. The behavior of this material is not new to us and we are well aware of its water-resistant qualities. It does not possess anti-corrosive properties but it can create a barrier between the water and the core areas of the selection making it better able to stand up to these types of conditions on a continuous basis. This, however, is not the only means by which manufacturers increase the durability of their product.

They may also use coatings that contain metal. Some metals such as nickel and brass have a multi-purpose function. They look great which may be appealing to us and they also aid in light refraction which improves visibility with the fish, however, one of their most notable qualities is their anti-corrosive properties. These metals are ideal for any water condition and allow the product to withstand even the harshest of conditions when at sea.

Ease of Use

There are a few aspects of design that make some items easier to use than others. For example, having a sturdy construction enables bait to be balanced which helps make the movements more realistic. With lifelike movement in the water, it is far more likely that you will catch the attention of nearby prey or they become more curious as your lure floats through the water. What can help with a balance is not just the construction design but the materials used to create the selection.

The shape of a product can also have an impact on its ease of use. For example, so ice fishing lures are shaped like drops. This may seem insignificant but it has a marked difference when it comes to casting. Due to its shape, this type of design gets a great deal of distance when you toss your line. The impact makes in penetrating which allows it to go to lower depths that may be a challenge to get to with an item that has been constructed differently.

Light refractors and glowing products are the pinnacles of ease of use. When you are in this type of industry it is all about visibility and appeal and having an extra coating that can act as a light refractor enhances that natural glow which increases visibility. This, of course, does not stand its ground when it comes to glowing in the dark designs. These make color coating obsolete as they do all the heavy lifting for you. This is a great option for novice anglers.


ABS plastic is a great choice for anglers as it does not do as much damage to the environment. This material is recyclable so even if you lose it out in the water it is less likely to cause high levels of toxicity even if the fish ingest it. It is an established fact that if and when these ocean creatures ingest these toxic materials they are likely to pass on that toxin to humans when we use them as a source of food. Strength is another great feature of this product.

There are quite a few manufacturers that use lead as the main material which may not be positive to some consumers. This is because in some areas this material is banned when it comes to ice fishing. For locations where this is not the case, however, it presents a great opportunity to increase efficiency. One reason for this is that the material is quite dense which helps with balance. Jigging can be done to perfection with and movements are much more life-like.

Nickel is a metal we are all too familiar with and its dominant qualities are in full display when it comes to these types of items. They typically line the exterior of the structure, being used as a coating. The biggest reason for this is to take advantage of the anti-corrosive properties of this element. It can be seen predominantly in lures that are used in connection with saltwater angling. The coating allows your product to stand up to the increased moisture and degradation expected under these conditions.

Expert Tips

Hook Location

Many anglers will be delighted to own an item with plentiful hooks that are quite share and no one would argue with them, however, this is not always a blessing. Some designs, for example, may have hooks in up to three places. It can be located on either end of the structure and at the bottom. This is done to ensure you hold on to your catch but it also provides increased chances of your lure snagging and you’re losing it altogether. If you’re sporting an upgraded piece such as this, it is important to consider where you’ll be using it.

Construction Materials

When weighing your options for purchase consider the materials used. There are quite a few of these selections that use lead as the construction material and this particular product may be banned in some areas. Good, clean fun is always appreciated so you’d definitely want to avoid getting in trouble or causing harm while you are on the ice. There are quite a few amazing non-lead options of this is the case in your region.

Other Factors


With some designs such as jigs, you get the option of dressing it up. This is done by placing a skirt on it. These can be made from any type of material including feathers, hair or plastic. You can purchase them separately and similar to the bait itself, it comes a range of colors. This is no surprise as this accessory has the same objective as the item it is being placed on; to make itself more visible and attract the attention of any prey nearby.


Companies produce creations that are able to attract a range of species. Some may prove effective with just a few while others may have a wider reach. There are some designs although being advertised to prove effective with three to five species of fish that are actually capable of getting the attention of a catch outside of their designed jurisdiction. You won’t hear many complaints from a consumer about this “product flaw” however, it can be a challenge if the fish is too large for your bait or line to safely reel it in.


Ice fishing lures come in all shapes and sizes and is a feature that is quite beneficial as size can play a role in the efficiency of the product. Larger items are typically going up to around two inches in length. Generally, these are crafted to form the shape of a real-life fish which enables them to lure in a catch. They continue to get smaller with a variation in the overall design and can get as small as a few inches. These may come in the shape of a drop and tend to allow for a longer cast.


There are up to six styles of this product that are generally available on the market, each one bringing with them their own benefits and ability to adapt under diverse conditions. You can purchase them individually but some kits include most if not all of these style designs. The list of common styles include jigs, spinners, spoons, and plugs. Spinners are great for novice users while jigs require a bit more skill and precision to get the job done.


Most of these types of items are quite light, weighing in at just a few ounces. There are some designs, however, that are specifically constructed with weighted areas. These include styles such as jig and it is done for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is to give you more control during use. Although it may increase the overall weight of the selection it is to the ultimate benefit of the consumer as it aids in efficiency under varying external conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should style selection be based on the type of catch you want?

A: It is important to use the right style of bait to catch specific species of fish. There are a number of benefits to doing this. First is that you ensure your tactics will be effective but it is also essential in avoiding larger species. There is usually a weight capacity to these types of products and using bait that lures in larger fish can see your gear breaking and being lost to the water.

Q: Do the materials used for construction affect performance?

A: Yes it does, however, different materials act differently when in water. For example, plastic is light and buoyant, which makes it susceptible to floating. This can be a challenge if you are trying to sink the bait. You may, therefore, require additional weight to keep it submerged. Other materials such as lead require no such additions. These factors can be taken into consideration when shopping for the right product for you.

Q: Are these ice fishing lures safe to use?

A: Some materials used to construct these items can be harmful or toxic to the creatures living in the body of water and even to us as humans. Lead for example is poisonous to sea life and humans. Plastic, the soft kind to be exact, can be harmful to fish if ingested and since we eat fish; humans can also be negatively affected by the use of these types of materials.

Q: Is this style of fishing more effective than using live bait?

A: However, both these styles are effective and will get the job done well, the preference to either one lays in factors outside of the items themselves. For example, the skill of the angler is a major factor in which products to use as a more novice user will be better suited to live bait. Where and under what conditions you will be fishing will also play a huge role in whether a lure will be more effective as opposed to living bait. This is the case as with live bait you only get one use of each piece and the chances of catching an undesirable species are higher.

Q: How will I know which selection to use for which species?

A: If you are a veteran you can use your experience and instincts to decide this. As a novice user, you may need to learn more through trial and error techniques. In any regard, manufacturers have not left their consumers out in the lurch when it comes to product selection. They clearly state the species their products are designed for on their product websites. You can also find this information at the selected retail website in the product details section.

Q: How do you care for these items once you have them?

A: Make sure to rinse these ice fishing lures in freshwater, especially if you have been using them in saltwater. You can then gently apply some dish soap and use a soft brush or cloth to clean it thoroughly before rinsing again and leave to air dry. You can even apply some toilet bowl cleaner to older versions to remove any stains and visible imperfections. Again rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.


  1. Common materials used for constructing these products
  2. Effectiveness of live bait fishing vs lure fishing compared
  3. Why some construction materials can be dangerous
  4. Choosing the right style
  5. Caring for the device post purchase

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