10 Best Ice Fishing Heaters Reviewed In 2023

best ice fishing heaters

Our Top Pick After 39 Hours of Reviewing and Testing:

Mr. Heater F232000
Mr. Heater F232000
Why we think it is better?

4000-9000 BTU

Automatic shut-off

Handle folds down

Regulator swings out

Has propane connectivity if needed

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Are you searching for ice fishing heaters with excellent functionality? Or fishing for the best brands for these ice fishing heaters? Pester no more; your thoughts would be crystallized soon.

Just like a visit to The Fortunate Isles or the Disney World, ice fishing involves lots of fun and excitement but it also comes with glut coldness. With this as the backdrop, it is imperative to obtain the best of ice fishing heaters for protection against the cold, windy, frosty and inhospitable environment.

Surely, one of the major factors that makes or mars one’s ice fishing experience is the heaters you arm yourself with. For this reason, this content is a must-read for you; it ranks through some strategic yardsticks the most suitable ice fishing shelter heaters to purchase for a remarkable ice fishing experience.

Top 10 Best Ice Fishing Heaters

1. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

Criteria Rating

Weight: 100
Adjustability: 99
Safety Hazards: 99.5
Accessories: 100
Budget and Cost:100
Average = 99.7%

What We Love About It
  • 4000-9000 BTU
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Handle folds down
  • Regulator swings out
  • Has propane connectivity if needed
What We Didn’t Like
  • May produce carbon monoxide
  • Control knobs stick

2. Mr. Heater Big Buddy Ice Fishing Heater

Mr. Heater Big Buddy

Rating Criteria

Weight: 99
Adjustability: 98
Safety Hazards: 99
Accessories: 99
Budget and Cost: 98.5
Average = 98.7

What We Love About It
  • Adjustable control setting of three levels; high/low/medium.
  • Automatic shut-off when there is low oxygen.
  • Easy installation with its swivel regulator mount.
  • Inbuilt fan for effective circulation of heat.
  • Ceramic made exterior for absorbing shock.
What We Didn’t Like
  • It has a ponderous weight
  • Unusable in places like Canada and Massachusetts.

3. Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Ice Fishing Heater

No products found.

Rating Criteria

Weight: 98
Adjustability: 97
Safety Hazards: 98
Accessories: 97
Budget and Cost: 98
Average = 97.6

What We Love About It
  • Its lightweight makes it easily transportable
  • Steel made which makes it durable
  • Hazard preventive; it automatic shut off feature
  • Wide paddle base for great stability
  • Burn span is up to 7-8 hours
What We Didn’t Like
  • The product is a bit loud
  • Some customers complain about its smell

4. Heavy Duty Fan Forced Ceiling Mounting Heater

Heavy Duty Fan Forced Ceiling Mounting Heater

Rating Criteria

Weight: 96
Adjustability: 97
Safety Hazards: 96
Accessories: 97.5
Budget and Cost: 96
Average = 96.5

What We Love About It
  • Supplies good and radiant all-round warmth
  • Durability ensured with its stainless steel
  • Swivel value for convenient tank substitution
  • It functions for different purposes
  • It emits up to 10,000 BTU
What We Didn’t Like
  • Customers complain it is hard to light
  • Few buyers don’t fancy its 360° feature

5. Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater

Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater

Rating criteria

Weight: 95
Adjustability: 95.3
Safety Hazards: 95
Accessories: 95
Budget and Cost: 95
Average = 95.06

What We Love About It
  • It has a standard butane gas cartridge
  • Heats efficiently and burns slowly
  • It has a heat backup feature
  • Alterable control setting for different weather conditions
  • Perfect choice for emergencies
What We Didn’t Like
  • The butane cans last for only two hours
  • Handle gets too hot after use

  6. Ceramic Space Heater

No products found.

 Rate criteria

Weight: 95
Adjustability: 94
Safety Hazards: 92
Accessories: 94
Budget and Cost: 96
Average = 94.2

What We Love About It
  • It is highly flexible and versatile
  • It has a spark arrestor for safety
  • it is a unique air flow regulating device
  • Removable legs and extendable pipes
What We Didn’t Like
  • The detachable parts can get misplaced
  • It’s hard to merge on the first installation

7. Camplux JK-1000 Portable Butane Heater

Camplux JK-1000 Portable Butane Heater

Rating criteria

Weight: 93
Adjustability: 94
Safety Hazards: 93
Accessories: 94
Budget and Cost: 94
Average = 93.6

What We Love About It
  • Alterable BTUs for up to 700sq. feet
  • BTUs of 9,000 – 15,000
  • It has a mesh burner of two layers
  • One of the cheapest heaters around
What We Didn’t Like
  • Some customers complain it stops randomly
  • It has a manual ignition

8. Dura heat 360 Degree Instant Radiant Propane Heater.

Dura heat 360 Degree Instant Radiant Propane Heater

Rating Criteria

Weight: 93
Adjustability: 92
Safety Hazards: 93
Accessories: 91
Budget and Cost: 92
Average = 92.2

What We Love About It
  • Works perfectly for emergency purpose
  • Warms area quickly and efficiently
  • Adjustable heat control setting of two levels
  • Used for both indoor and outdoor purposes
What We Didn’t Like
  • The propane tank burns quickly
  • Few customers complain about its adjustability.

9. Highlander Outdoor Compact Gas Heater

No products found.

Rating criteria

Weight: 91
Adjustability: 90
Safety Hazards: 91
Accessories: 90.5
Budget and Cost: 91
Average = 90.7

What We Love About It
  • Nice heater for emergency
  • It lasts for over five hours
  • It has 5,800 BTU
  • It entails an adjustable ceramic burner
What We Didn’t Like
  • Some customers complain about igniting it
  • No great choice for large space

10. IOOkME-H Portable Butane Gas Heater

No products found.

Rating criteria

Weight: 89
Adjustability: 90
Safety Hazards: 88.5
Accessories: 90
Budget and Cost: 89
Average = 89.3

What We Love About It
  • It is perfect for small space area
  • Last long; up to 14 hours
  • Supplies safe and flameless warmth
  • A safe heater to use
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not the best for large space area
  • Handle get too hot after use

Criteria Used for Evaluation


An important factor that cannot be overlooked is the weight of the heater. Considering the fact that an ice fishing shelter heater is a device that would be moved, it should be light. If it is too heavy, it would be inconvenient to carry along with you. Again, one thing that should not be absent in a good heater is its lightness.


Not all ice fishing shelter heaters are built with heat control setting whereas it an important item should be present. One may decide to sleep in the hut and during the fishing period and the temperature may drop which would demand a change in the magnitude of the heat output. From another view, heat control setting enables freedom of choice between High, Medium and Low as preferred by the owner.

The adjustability of the device does not only add to its versatility but its effectiveness. These two features must be inherently built in a priceless ice fishing shanty heater.

Safety Hazards

It is no news that every appliance has tendencies to malfunction which sometimes lead to explosions or fire outbreaks that would cause harm or injuries to people. Not only that, but this may also happen if the device is wrongly used, overused, not monitored while functioning etcetera. To prevent these hazards, some safety features are built with these heaters.

Consequently, the hazard preventive features of the heaters like

Automatic shut off: with this, the device would involuntarily off the output when the pilot light or flame is quenched.

Low  Oxygen censoring feature: This works against carbon monoxide. While working, the ice fishing heaters emit carbon monoxide and makes use of oxygen. So, when the oxygen level is reduced, the heater shut off to prevent carbon monoxide from rising to a harmful level feature.

The anti-tip over feature: This stops a fire from erupting if the device falls or drops. This is another important feature in the heater.

A metallic exterior that hinders heat from contacting the combustible materials present in it.


And lastly, the imperativeness all the other auxiliary equipment built with it for easy usage and functionality is also used in considering how perfectly made the ice fishing heaters are. The presence of accessories such as the fuel tanks, hoses, heat control setting, cases, bags etcetera is vividly checked. These materials are vital since they simplify their operation.

Budget and cost

On the cost of the heater, the rules are pretty simple; the higher the price of the heater, the higher the quality and the lower the price the lower the quality. To be safe, you should opt for an ice fishing heater that are expensive because the quality is more assured than the low priced ice fishing heater.

Note, every rule has its exception; there are inexpensive heaters that would satisfy you. So, if you do not want to spend much, you can go for inexpensive but satisfying one.

Expert Tips

The Insulation

One of the vital things you need to consider first prior buying a heater is your ice fishing shelter. You must know how good your ice fishing shelter is insulated in keeping warmth in and preventing cold air; a heater which is suitable for indoor use soothes perfectly if you ice fishing shelter is well insulated but if the reverse is the case, a heater which is recommended for outdoor use would function perfectly and seamlessly.

The Time of the Trip/Camp

Another factor you must put into consideration is how much time you spend on the trip/camp. This is vital because the amount of fuel that would be enough for the trip must be taken along. So, you must know the exhaustion time of each cylinder of fuel to get the right amount you would need for the whole trip. Note that the rate at which the fuel gets exhausted is determined by how you use your heater on different levels of high, medium and low.

Consider the Size

A small sized heater is good because it would be easy to move and kept. For the BTUs required, the largeness of the space you want to heat would determine that. Each heater is built for the specific magnitude of space but to be on the safe side, always go for heaters that are adjustable to different levels of heat output. With this, you will enjoy your trip more because you can adjust the heater under different weather conditions to save fuel.

Other Factors to Consider


When using your heater in your ice fishing tent or shelter, note that it emits carbon monoxide and uses oxygen. For this reason, you must make sure there is ventilation for your shelter for safety. If not, there would be a shortage of oxygen and carbon monoxide the heater emits would develop to a dangerous level.

To prevent hazards, make sure you use heaters that are recommended for indoor use and obtain an oxygen depletion sensor. It helps a lot because it alerts you when the oxygen level is low and the carbon monoxide is high when using a heater in your ice fishing shelter. Preferably, go for ice fishing heaters that have this sensor in them or get the detector separately. Not only that, ensure the heater is ignited and placed away from objects and walls.


One of the features not to be overlooked in the selection of an ice fishing heater is its portability; how easily can it be moved. Portable ice fishing heaters are made with different items like tires, wheels, handles and others for ease in its mobility and carriage.

The portability of a heater is important considering the far distance that is between your home and the locale you intend to ice fish. For this reason, it is a factor that must be put into consideration.


Just like its portability, another criteria adopted in the ranking is the effectiveness and potency of the ice fishing heater. The effectiveness is determined by the heat output of the heater. Ice fishing heaters are styled with different heat output levels when measured with the British Thermal Units (BTUs), an endorsed process of the calculation of the heat output of the appliance. This feature is a determining factor of how satisfying the device is.

Ice fishing heaters that are portable often have their propane canisters at 1(Ib). At this level, it is suitable for use for anywhere within the range of 15,000 down to 2,500 BTUs.

Surely, no one would be glad about any device whatsoever which is inept and ineffective. With this, concurrent consideration of the magnitude of the area to be heated as well as the heat output level of the device is vital. This has a direct influence on its effectiveness.


This is a feature should be a determinant when choosing heaters for ice fishing. No matter the effectiveness of any ice fishing product or any product whatsoever, if it is not durable it is incomplete.

The durability of the heater has various advantages. It makes one economical in the sense that it reduces the cost of repurchasing and repair for a long period. But for heaters which are not durable, it is liable to incessant repairs which cost more. Precisely search for heaters that are steel made or has a metallic exterior and accessories which last longer.


When choosing a heater for your ice fishing camp, it is vital to consider the flexibility as well as the versatility of the heater. A heater with this feature has various advantages. Firstly, functioning for different things makes you spend less. You would save money for other uses. If you do not want to spend a lot on various devices, you should get a flexible ice fishing shelter heater that can adapt to various functions like cooking, camping, sporting, and many others.


The Brand of a product is another factor that can be considered when choosing your  heaters.  Apparently, different brands stand for something, in other words, some features are peculiar to some brands. This makes it easy to choose from. For example, Mr. Heater would have its distinctive features which Dyna-Glo or Texsport might not have.

From another view, considering brands would save you the stress of panicking on the choice to make which you give you the quality, durability, and other necessary advanced features you desire. The popular brands for ice fishing heaters are Mr heater, Texsport, Coleman, Marcom e.t.c. Note that in the deepest corners of the market, there are brands that are not popular but function perfectly. To find these brands you have to research to get different insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an ice fishing shelter heater?

A: An ice fishing heater is also called various names like ice fishing shack, ice hut, fish house, Bob house, ice fishing shanty, fish coop, and dark house. ( It might be called differently depending on the location you find yourself). It is a temporarily built hut on a piece of ice where temperatures are sub zeros.  It serves as a shelter for people while ice fishing for protection against the cold and chilly on the frozen body of water.

There are different varieties, some are expensive while some are not and they are larger than one another. A very good ice fishing shelter can be left on the ice for a long period of the fishing season although it would become frozen which makes it inconvenient to remove. In different countries, there are laws to guide the use of ice shelters. In some cases, some ice fishing shelters may be unlawful to use in a nation because of the law.

Q: Must I use an ice fishing shelter heater?

A: An Ice fishing shelter heater is one of the most vital things you need to have for an ice fishing trip. This is so because the area you are going to hunt for fish is very cold and you would need to create heat for yourself to keep yourself warm over the fishing period. With this device, you would be able to ice fish for a very long time without worrying about getting frozen. So while you fish in the cold area, you keep you ice fish shelter warm with your heater for safety.

Q: Is having Gas heaters in your ice fishing shelter harmful?

A: It is not harmful because most heaters come with oxygen depletion sensor which notifies you when the oxygen in your shelter is low and the carbon monoxide emitted by your heater has developed to a harmful level. Also, you should get heaters that are recommended for indoor use, they are safer for you.

Also, when using your heater, make sure you create ventilation to your shelter by opening a vent or a window and always put your heater away from objects and the walls, this would prevent fire outbreaks and hazards.

Q: How Large should my heater be?

A: The size of your heater would be determined by how wide the floor your ice fishing shelter is. After that, you go for a heater that is made for a space range your floor space falls under. Another thing you must check is the BTUs output of the heater (The BTUS is the British thermal units, it measures the magnitude of heat to be emitted by your heater) heaters for ice fishing  are made with different heat output; a heater with high heat output would be perfect for a wide space while a lower heat output would soothe for smaller space.

Q: Can the heat melt the ice?

A: Many people believe that heat of the heater might melt the ice which can cause you to fall on water but it is not true. Heaters for ice fishing  are made to heat your shelter very fast. It would take a lot of time to melt a piece of ice because it is not made that. The warmth it supplies would take years before it can melt ice. So, do not be nervous, you are in no danger of falling in water.

Q: What is the best way to maintain my ice fishing heater?

A: Ice fishing shanty heaters are very easy to maintain. Before cleaning it, ensure it is unplugged and shot-off. Make use of a wet cloth to wipe the heater around its body and for the grills, a brush would perfectly clean that.

When cleaning the heater, do not detach it to wipe the exterior, it might damage it if you do not connect them perfectly. It might even blow up so be careful. To clean the interior part, the best option is to use an air blower, please. If that did not cleanse it well use a longer and thinner brush.

Q: How do I figure out the magnitude of heat my tent would need?

A: To get the setting your heater should be, you can turn the knob to the highest then reduce it when the heat soothes you.

Q: How do I use my ice fishing heater?

A: Heating your ice fishing camp is simple. Firstly, you place your gas tank outside the tent then connect it to to your heater with a hose. Ensure it is well tightened to prevent leaks. After that, ignite the ice fishing shanty heater and set it at the right heat output for the space of your tent/shelter. That’s all, it is that simple.

Q: What other purposes can I use my heater for?

A: I am sure you must be contemplating whether the heater can be used for cooking or not. Amazingly, the heaters for ice fishing can be used to cook when you are on the frozen lake. To cook with it, place the grill on heater (some heater already have inbuilt grills) then arrange the foodstuffs on it and ignite. Wait till it is done for eating.

Q: Types of heaters?

A: All heaters can be classified into different classes based on their styles. The major types are Portable or propane, convection or radiant and feet and hand warmer.

Hand warmers are can be used for different purposes like hunting, football, snow skiing and ice fishing. Although they appear frail, they operate perfectly and lasts for about 10 hours. Under this type, there is also the butane powered heater. This type works seamlessly for than hand warmer. For use, it is put in the shoe, gloves, shoes and pockets.

Another type is the wall mount heater. As it sounds, these, these are propane heaters that are mounted on the wall.

The other two types are the radiant and convection heaters. They are common types. The convection heater depends on the airflow for the circulation of the heat it produces whole the radiant heater radiates heat.


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