Best Ice Fishing Bibs Reviewed In 2023

best ice fishing bibs

Our Top Pick After 44 Hours of Reviewing and Testing:

Arctix Men's Overalls Tundra Ice Fishing Bib
Arctix Men's Overalls Tundra Ice Fishing Bib
Why we think it is better?

Knees and seat are reinforced for a comfy rear

Extremely lightweight yet effectively insulated

Loops to hang keys and tools

Boot grippers which are integrated to keep you steady; no slipping

Dry quickly if exposed to water

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Products are tested by our team of experts with years of personal experience.

Why Should You Trust Us

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Ever frozen your butt off?

It’s not pleasant. You need to keep your body protected while you are ice fishing. Wearing the proper attire is mandatory. Ice fishing, of course, involves being exposed to the elements for hours, risking hypothermia and frostbite. Not only is your comfort important, but your health and safety must be addressed.B

Instead of going home cold and miserable at the end of the day, you can easily stay insulated during an ice fishing excursion with using an ice fishing bib, even in frigid weather. Bibs are a small investment with a huge return.

What follows is a list of the top best ice fishing bibs available for your consideration. Hopefully, you’ll never experience a frozen butt again.

Best Ice Fishing Bibs

Ice Fishing Bibs Reviews

1.    Arctix Men’s Tundra Ice Fishing Bib

Arctix Men's Overalls Tundra Bib

The Arctix Men’s bib is a sturdy, reliable, affordable choice. The bib is built to last, made of a strong blended polyester material that easily withstands sub-zero temperatures. The bib is also affordable, making it quite an attractive option.

Lightweight and Low Bulk

It weighs a mere 85 grams. Don’t be deceived by how lightweight the bib is; it keeps you warm and insulated without feeling 20 pounds heavier. The streamlined design is freeing, allowing you to have a full range of motion at all times.

Easy on, Easy off

The bib includes a full-length zipper. This makes it extremely easy to put on and take off. You won’t waste any time pulling the bib on over your clothes; struggling against coarse, unbendable material. The zipper allows you to be ready within seconds and on the ice in no time.

Cost and Value

The Arctix bib is one of the more affordable, best low-cost options on this list, but by no means is it cheap. Forget the old adage “you get what you pay for.” The bib is a rare product that presents great value at a low cost, considering the diminutive price tag, high consumer rating, and positive reputation. This is why it was voted top in our Reviews for the best.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 97

Protection: 98

Weight: 97

Ease of Use: 98

Insulation: 95

Average = 97.0

What We Love About It
  • Knees and seat are reinforced for a comfy rear
  • Extremely lightweight yet effectively insulated
  • Loops to hang keys and tools
  • Boot grippers which are integrated to keep you steady; no slipping
  • Dry quickly if exposed to water
What We Didn’t Like
  • Can develop scuff patches upon bending tolone
  • The seat needs to be reinforced in sub-zero temperatures


2.    Frogg Toggs Pro Advantage Ice Fishing Bibs

Frogg Toggs Pro Advantage Bib

The Frogg Toggs ice fishing bibs is an excellent choice for multiple reasons. From the bib’s performance to its lightweight design, it’s a bib you can feel smart about buying. The bib is even ethically constructed, made from completely recycled materials. It’s not just perfect for ice fishing; it’s an idea; for all water-related activities


The bib is made of synthetic materials, but, as previously mentioned, the materials are 100% recycled. The end result is a comfortable, lightweight bib that insulates the body without overheating it. Whether ice fishing or wading up to your knees for some fly fishing, you will feel comfortable in this unique, environmentally-friendly bib.

Completely Adjustable

The Frogg Togg ice fishing bib is adjustable. From the knees to the shoulder straps, everything can be tightened or loosened to fit your frame. This unique feature allows you to adjust the bib so that it will neither drag nor chafe. In conjunction with how lightweight the bib is, you will feel comfortable.

Cost and Value

The bib is another winner that offers the best high value at a low cost. While the Frogg Togg is by no means cheap, its price is extremely reasonable. Its price is fair and its value is excellent, making everything from ice fishing to kayaking in cold weather comfortable and enjoyable, without packing on extra, bulky layers.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 97

Protection: 96

Weight: 97

Ease of Use: 97

Insulation: 94

Average = 95.6

What We Love About It
    • Versatile; ideal for ice fishing, boating, fly fishing, wading


  • Made of 100% recycled materials
  • 12” zipper on leg area that is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant
  • Seams are completely sealed and taped to prevent moisture infiltration
  • Can be worn over or under boots
What We Didn’t Like
  • The material develops a strong chemical odor when exposed to water that is difficult to get rid of
  • Some customers reported needing to take extra waterproofing measures, such as spraying the bib down with a water-repellant


3.    Grundéns Weather Watch Ice Fishing Trousers

Grundéns Weather Watch Fishing Bib Trousers

The Grundens ice fishing bibs is different. It’s available in a wide variety of bold colors, making its overall design a big whimsical while still sleek. This particular bib is easy to take care of and maintain; it’s even machine washable. The Grunden is a hassle-free option.

100% Nylon

The bib is constructed entirely of nylon. Nylon can be more comfortable than more complex, poly-based materials with dense, inorganic fibers. Additionally, the Grunden can be thrown in the washer and dryer with no special instructions, making it a convenient choice.

Color Options

The bib is available in multiple colors. The red, yellow, and camp are in stark contrast to the typical drab options. Camo is a great asset to have when hunting or fishing stealthily. So, if you want to be easily spotted, choose the bright red or yellow options. If you want to be invisible, consider camo.

Cost and Value

The ice fishing bib is on the expensive end of the spectrum, but based on expert and customer reviews, the cost is well worth it. The overall design is highly praised and said to be quite comfortable. Made entirely of nylon, the bib can be tossed in the washer with the rest of your laundry. No special instructions need to be followed. It gets high marks for insulation and warmth without overheating you, making it a versatile choice and a fantastic value.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 96

Protection: 94

Weight: 95

Ease of Use: 95

Insulation: 96

Average = 95.2

What We Love About It
  • There are a rainbow of colors to choose from
  • Made of 100% nylon
  • Camo options ideal for stealthy hunting and fishing
  • Lightweight and comfortable, yet durable and well-insulated
  • Long-lasting and well-made
What We Didn’t Like
  • Suitable for medium-duty, heavy-duty tasks
  • Only designed in men’s sizes, no options that fit women’s bodies


4.    Frogg Toggs Pilot II Guide Ice Fishing Bib

Frogg Toggs Pilot II Guide Bib

Pilot II Ice Fishing Bibs are full of advanced features. It is designed for serious use. The extra features make the bib convenient during a long day of ice fishing in the polar cold and will be appreciated by the wearer.

Secure Fit

The Pilot II offers perhaps the most secure fit yet. The bib includes locking buckles and suspenders. Due to the superior insulation, you will still stay warm and dry and will not be at risk of developing hypothermia or frostbite until you reach safety. Once you are at a secure location, you can quickly remove the Pilot II without exposing yourself to the icy cold, and you can warm up as the bib rapidly dries off.

Quick Drain Pockets

If you become saturated while wearing the Pilot II, the cargo pockets can be opened and rapidly drained. This prevents the bib from being weighed down and removes the frigid water. The quick drain pockets are a key safety asset.

Cost and Value

The Pilot II commands a hefty price tag, which is undoubtedly justified by the advanced features, excellent performance, and ability to withstand even the most demanding environment. With the bib’s secure fit, superior insulation, great comfort, and overall customer satisfaction, it’s an expensive bib that’s worth spending a little extra money to purchase.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 97

Protection: 93

Weight: 91

Ease of Use: 94

Insulation: 96

Average = 94.2

What We Love About It
  • Locking buckles, comfort-stretch suspenders/shoulder straps
  • Drainable cargo pockets
  • Waist adjustment – internal
  • Easy on/off with leg to knee side zippers
  • Safe, secure, zippered chest storage pockets
What We Didn’t Like
  • Considerably more expensive than the majority of bibs reviewed here
  • The complaint of the bib leaking after just one season of use

5.    WindRider Pro Foul Weather Gear

WindRider Pro Foul Weather Gear - Fishing Bibs

The WindRider ice fishing bib is a well-built, utilitarian, comfortable option for outdoorsmen to wear. It snugly and securely fits your individual body type. Perhaps not the most stylish option from an aesthetic purpose, in terms of usefulness, durability, strength, and overall quality, the WindRider cannot be beaten. If you’re looking for comfort, clever design, multiple uses, and a bib that you will not have to buy again.


The ice fishing bib is both breathable and waterproof. A common problem among waterproof gear is that it doesn’t allow for proper airflow due to its sealed design. This can lead to discomfort, including feeling trapped or overheating. The incredible material manages to repel water and keep the body warm and dry without leaving you sweltering, dripping in sweat. You’re comfortable at all times; a rare find. This is largely due to the mesh lining, which allows for superb airflow. The only drawback is that the mesh makes the leg area fit snugly, which can make the material difficult to fit over footwear.


A common problem among bibs is that they lack the ability to carry important items like keys, cards, and tools. Some bibs include rings around the waist area, from which things can be attached, but this obviously weighs the bib down and can cause an improper fit. This bib, however, has pockets. The pockets allow you to securely carry a utility knife, card, or even cell phone, given the waterproof nature of the material.

Cost and Value

WindRider Ice fishing Bibs do costs a pretty penny, but is absolutely worth it. Every single detail of the bib’s design has obviously been studied and perfected by the bib’s design team. Like a finely engineered tool, the bib is like a wearable Swiss Army Knife; full of hidden, advanced features. From its double zippers to its lining, it’s a fantastic tool for an outdoors enthusiast.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 96

Protection: 93

Weight: 91

Ease of Use: 93

Insulation: 95

Average = 93.6

What We Love About It
  • Double zipper and storm flap for when nature calls
  • Secure pockets for carrying necessary items
  • Comfort fit thanks to the elastic waistband
  • Waterproof, breathable for optimum comfort
  • Constructed with double-layer insulated fabric
What We Didn’t Like
  • Sizing tends to run small
  • It can be difficult to put footwear on with the bib

6.    Striker Ice Men’s Insulated Predator Ice Fishing Bib

Striker Ice Men's Fishing Cold Weather Insulated Predator Bib

The Striker is a beautiful, sleek, well-designed bib for outdoorsmen and women who don’t just go fishing – they go on missions and expeditions. With extra features galore, excellent reviews, and unprecedented expert praise. From the built-in flotation device to the patented Tussor Shell material, the bib will keep you safe and warm.

Flotation Device

One of the unique aspects of the Striker is the built-in flotation device located in the torso region of the bib. In the event an accident takes place and you are submerged in icy water, the flotation device will instantly raise you to the surface and keep you afloat. You will be protected from hypothermia with the bib’s strong, reinforced insulation in tandem with the waterproof material and built-in flotation mechanism.

The Ice Fisherman’s Bib

The Striker is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to ice fishing bibs. From protecting you from wind and sub-zero temperatures to keeping you dry in snow and freezing ice; nothing compares to this particular bib. It’s second to none in terms of safety, comfort, technological ingenuity, and overall design.

Cost and Value

The Striker is an expensive purchase ice fishing suit. However, like a high-end phone, luxury car, or gorgeous home, it’s well worth the money. The Striker is an extremely high-end garment that is ideal for hardcore, passionate outdoors enthusiasts. So, the Striker is certainly an investment, but the return on investment is huge. It’s a superior value that should be considered as long as it’s within your budget. The only major con you should keep in mind is a somewhat vague return policy set forth by the seller. One customer reported unboxing a ripped bib, and the seller refused to exchange it. As such, check the seller’s policy on returns and exchanges before making a purchase. It’s unknown if it’s the manufacturer’s policy or the individual seller’s; the odds are, a reputable vendor will have a fair, customer-friendly program for returns and exchanges.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 97

Protection: 92

Weight: 90

Ease of Use: 92

Insulation: 96

Average = 93.4

What We Love About It
  • Built-in flotation device
  • Patented insular material
  • Sizing available for men, women, and children
  • Thermadex insulation
  • Hydrapore system allows for waterproof, breathable material
What We Didn’t Like
  • There is no fly, making calls of nature difficult to answer
  • Customer reported unfair return policy

7.    Frabill 2505021

Frabill 2505021 Ice Fishing Safety Gear

The Frabill is comfortable, waterproof and windproof. It is a moderately priced bib that has received generally positive results from customers and experts alike. Effective and practical, this bib is a great gift idea for an outdoors enthusiast without breaking the bank. Though the Frabill doesn’t have the same advanced features as some of the other options reviewed here, it should not be disregarded. Rather, it is a well-received workhorse that is simply designed to do its job: keep you warm and dry during a long day on the ice.

Thinsulate Lining

The bib features Thinsulate lining. As the name implies, the lining is lightweight and thin, yet still quite effective. It insulates the body, keeping warmth in, and repelling cold air and water. You are comfortably protected in the Frabill, despite being exposed to the elements.

Zippered Vents

The bib features zippered vents which can be opened to allow for airflow. The airflow travels through the bib, allowing for optimum comfort. This prevents overheating without having to take the bib off. Of course, when it becomes cold or wet, the vents can be immediately zipped up, thus sealing the bib off again, making it waterproof (and cold-proof) once again.

Cost and Value

The bib is relatively inexpensive and quite affordable. However, it has received positive reviews and high marks in terms of customer satisfaction. All in all, this purchase represents an excellent return on investment. For a small price, you get an excellent product.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 96

Protection: 92

Weight: 90

Ease of Use: 91

Insulation: 94

Average = 92.6

What We Love About It
  • Thinsulate lining
  • Zippered vents for airflow
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to take on/off
  • Last for several seasons of heavy use
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not available in women and children’s sizes
  • Lack of variety in color/trim

8.    Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bib

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bib

The Eskimo Lockout bib is a sleek, well-designed bib that is streamlined, cleverly made and carefully manufactured option. It includes a patented Endura outer shell for unprecedented warmth and protection from the frigid temperatures one encounters while ice fishing. It also includes a Sureflote flotation-assist liner, an important safety feature. The bottom line here is that it looks cool (while keeping you warm) and works well, giving you the best of both worlds.


The outer shell, made with Eskimo Lockout’s patented Endura design, is next to none in terms of warmth and insulation. Icy, pounding wind and rain will not penetrate the bib, even the stinging rain that flies at you sideways is no match for Endura.


In the event you become submerged in water, with the built-in Sureflote flotation assist device, you have a virtual life-vest on your person at all times. This is of paramount importance if you are ice fishing. Even if you are a strong swimmer, should you accidentally fall into the ice, your body can easily go into shock, making it virtually impossible for you to pull yourself out of the water. However, with the Sureflote deployed, you will stay buoyant and will easily be pulled to safety.

Cost and Value

The bib is mid-ranged in price. Its overall value, however, is superior. Its ratings are stellar and it has many important safety features to offer. From superb warmth to the incredible safety of the Sureflote flotation assistance device, the bib is a fabulous value.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 95

Protection: 91

Weight: 90

Ease of Use: 91

Insulation: 93

Average = 92.0

What We Love About It
  • Sureflote flotation assist device
  • Endura outer shell for extreme warmth
  • Removable inner lining
  • Sealed, taped seams
  • Safe, securely sealing pockets
What We Didn’t Like
  • Can run small in size
  • Not available in sizes for women and children; only men

9.    Grundéns Women’s Neptune

Grundéns Women's Neptune Bib

The Neptune is one of the few bibs on the market designed specifically to fit women’s bodies. Obviously, ice fishing and outdoor activities are enjoyed by men, women and children alike. Thankfully, Grundens is wise to this fact and designed a bib tailored for women. As a bib itself, it is comfortable, waterproof, windproof and easy to take on and off.

Snap Cargo Pockets

As previously mentioned, one common issue among bibs is the lack of storage and the inability to carry items due to the risk of weighing the bib down. The Neptune features snap cargo packets with ample storage space that close securely. This is extremely convenient for carrying essential items, while still maintaining the integrity of the suit in terms of being adequately secured and sealed.

Adjustable Suspenders and Cuffs

The Neptune is extremely comfortable. The suspenders sit gently yet firmly on the shoulders for a secure fit. The straps will not fall down, which causes annoyance, aggravation and can be distracting while fishing. The suspenders prevent this from happening and keep the bib securely in place, as it should be, allowing you to focus on fishing.

Cost and Value

Neptune is reasonably priced and excellent value overall. There is nothing but positive customer reviews online, a testament to the value of the Neptune in and of itself. If you are looking for a gift for the outdoorswoman in your life, look no further than the Neptune. You will receive an excellent bib for a very fair price; a wonderful investment and value.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 94

Protection: 90

Weight: 90

Ease of Use: 91

Insulation: 92

Average = 91.4

What We Love About It
  • Specifically tailored for women
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comfortable, adjustable shoulder suspenders
  • Securely snapping cargo pockets
What We Didn’t Like
  • There are no options available for petite women; the cuffs have to be rolled up
  • There is not a wide variety of options in terms of color/trim

10.  Ice Armor Edge Cold Weather

Ice Armor Edge Cold Weather Bib

The Ice Armor Edge Cold Weather bib is a somewhat high-priced, versatile bib ideal for the serious outdoorsman. The bib has several appealing features that make it a stand-out purchase, but it is best known for its superior warmth. For ice fishing in extremely frigid temperatures, the Ice Armor truly lives up to its name, providing the kind of insulation you need to stay warm and safe.


The bib offers impeccable insulation. This is due to the materials used to construct both the lining and the shell. The lining is surprisingly breathable, considering how well it seals body heat in and keeps the wind and cold air out. Your body temperature will remain regulated even if the outdoor temperature fluctuates. If there is a sharp increase in the outdoor temperature, you do not have to worry about sweating and overheating or experiencing discomfort.

Magnetic Straps

A convenient feature is the bib’s magnetic straps that fasten the nylon suspenders. The suspenders stay in place safely and are easy to fasten and release. If your hands become cold, releasing the magnetic straps is much easier than trying to undo straps, buttons or zippers.

Cost and Value

The bib is on the expensive end and presents a good value. It is warm, comfortable, breathable and provides excellent insulation. All in all it is a good value if you intend on ice fishing in extremely cold temperatures.

Criteria Rating

Durability: 93

Protection: 90

Weight: 89

Ease of Use: 91

Insulation: 91

Average = 90.8

What We Love About It
  • Windproof, fully sealed
  • Breathable lining
  • Magnetic closures for secure straps
  • Fleece-lined pockets
  • Suitable for extreme temperatures
What We Didn’t Like
  • No flotation features
  • Issues with length (legs are extremely long)-

Criteria Used Best Ice Fishing Bibs


An ice fishing bib should not be something that needs to be bought frequently. A good bib should last for several seasons, if not for life, as long as proper care is taken to maintain them.

Durability means strength as well as overall construction. A durable fishing bib can take a beating. This is critical because ice fishing bibs are exposed to harsh conditions, sub-zero temperatures and even freezing water. They are also used in stressful positions, such as sitting, kneeling or crouching. If weak materials are used, scuffing, ripping and tearing can occur.

Carefully manufactured bibs made with thoughtful design and excellent construction will meet any test of durability, thus forming the basis of our evaluation.


Ice fishing, while enjoyable, can be a very dangerous sport. A bib must protect a person from ice, wind, rain, freezing temperatures and so forth. Frostbite, shock, hypothermia and cardiac arrest are real possibilities. Steps must be taken to mitigate these risks.

Additionally, many are equipped with built-in flotation devices. This is critical because there is always the possibility that an ice fisher could fall through the ice and become submerged. The body can quickly go into shock, making it difficult to recover and safely get to the surface.

Insulation is also critical. It can mean the difference between developing frostbite or hypothermia and staying healthy. The right suit will protect you. A cheap, poorly constructed one can put you at risk.


Ideally, they are lightweight yet effective. Surprisingly, many fishing bibs are lightweight, waterproof and still provide excellent insulation.

Previously, bibs used to be bulky and heavy. The days of cumbersome, uncomfortable bibs are gone. They are not designed to be as lightweight as possible while still providing excellent insulation, keeping body heat in and cold out.

Ease of Use

Bibs should not be a struggle to put on. They should be easy to put on over one’s regular clothing. You should be able to zip up your bib without anyone else’s help. They should zip securely, and easily fit over your footwear.

For men, double zippers are important. If a man should need to heed a call of nature, double zippers mean the difference between an adjustment accomplished in seconds and needing to take off the entire top half of the bib in frigid temperatures. Though it is not exactly elegant to discuss, these details are important.


Hypothermia and frostbite are very real dangers to consider while ice fishing or spending any extended period of time outside in the cold. Proper insulation is of the utmost importance. Even Nylon, surprisingly, can provide adequate insulation. Many materials that provide proper insulation are machine washable, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for quality.

As previously stated, it is not necessary for a bib to be thick or padded in order to provide proper insulation. As with Thinsulate shells and other materials, excellent insulation can be provided using advanced materials, including those made entirely of recycled products. With liners and outer layers, you will be insulated and stay at a comfortable temperature at all times.

Expert Tips

Sizing is Important

The best ice fishing bibs are made to fit snugly and many run small. This may require you to take updated measurements, rather than taking a guess and just ordering a bib online.

It is also a good idea to buy a bib with adjustable shoulder straps and cuffs. An elastic waist is also key. That way, your bib will not drag, the straps will stay up, and you can focus on fishing instead of fiddling with your bib.

Padding is Paramount

Padding in the seat, of course, is an absolute necessity. When you’re sitting on your rear end all day ice fishing, a little extra padding goes a long way. Similarly, you will have your knees bent. Without adequate padding, joint pain and stiffness are almost inevitable. Protect your body by choosing one that is well-padded.

Other Factors to Consider


Suspenders and adjustable shoulder straps can make the difference between being happy and miserable during a fishing expedition. Suspenders that fit improperly can fall down on the shoulder area, dragging the entire suit down. This is annoying and distracting, requiring constant adjustments while you should be focusing on your rod and line.

Adjustable cuffs are also important. Bibs are often sold in a one-size-fits-all capacity. Perhaps a bib will fit in terms of your body type, but the legs may be way too long, causing you to trip over your boots. Adjustable cuffs will eliminate this problem. You also want to be sure to choose a bib that adheres and integrates with your footwear so that your treads work as they should, properly gripping whatever surface you are on, and reducing the risk of slipping and falling.


Do not buy a bib from an unknown brand. Reputation is important. Also, check out other customer reviews to see what other people’s experiences have been. A brand that is known for high-quality products along with superior customer service is important. Therefore, do not go with a virtually unknown brand; it’s not worth the risk.

Grundens is one of the standout brands reviewed here. Grundens clearly puts a lot of thought into every aspect of their bibs. From the Neptune, designed for women, to the Weather Watch, with its light nylon exterior, Grundens has earned the right to be proud of each of its bibs.

Additionally, Arctix earned the number one spot on this list for a reason. Arctix manufactures high-quality bibs at fair prices, making them affordable, enjoyable and practical. Both Grundens and Arctix have fair return policies and high marks for customer service.

Advanced Features

With fishing bibs, it is all about convenience. Look for a bib that has adjustable shoulder straps so that you know you will be comfortable, and will not have to constantly fiddle with your bib.

Look for one that has pockets that seal securely, so that you can bring your keys, tools, phone and so forth with you without running the risk that your items will accidentally fall out of your pockets. Pockets are ideal, but other bibs have rings around the waist area that allow you to carry your critical items with you, without the risk of said items coming loose and falling into the water.

Sealed seams are important. This keeps moisture and cold temperatures from infiltrating the bib, a feature that you will appreciate after several hours in the cold weather.

Kneel and seat padding pay sound trivial when compared to other features, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s face it. When you’re ice fishing, you’re sitting on your rear end all day, and that can be quite uncomfortable. A little extra padding in the seat of the bib can mean the difference between going home feeling good and going home in a lot of pain. The same is true for the knee area. Typically, the knees are bent during ice fishing, and without proper padding, this can lead to joint stiffness and great discomfort.


Built-in flotation devices are perhaps the most important advanced feature of all. They can save your life if you accidentally become submerged underwater. The flotation assist devices will bring you right to the surface for easy rescue, thus reducing the risk that you will go into shock.

Removable liners are a nice feature as well. Occasionally, a fishing bib will cause you to become too hot. Removable liners and zippered vents allow you to easily cool off without removing your entire suit, a feature you will undoubtedly appreciate.


Remember, high cost does not always equate to high value. While some of the bibs reviewed on this list do command a high price tag, it is not necessary to spend a lot to get a lot when it comes to ice fishing bibs. Instead of falling for the old notion that the most expensive option is the best, take the time to read the customer reviews carefully. Undoubtedly, you will find an excellent bib that is inexpensive. It takes a little time and requires a little research, but your bank account will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I put my bib on before or after my footwear?

A: Typically, you put your bib on first and footwear second. Most bibs can be worn either over or under boots with equal comfort. However, bibs are not worn just for ice fishing. They can also be worn with tennis shoes or otherwise. It depends on how tight the legs fit, and whether there is a mesh liner.

Q: Are there fishing bibs for women?

A: Some sellers do offer options with men’s, women’s and children’s sizing. However, these bibs are few and far between. Your best bet is to do a search specifically for women’s ice fishing suits, and you will find several high-quality options to choose from, such as the Neptune. Hopefully, more options for women will be available on the market soon. In the meantime, there are bibs with adjustable shoulder straps, cuffs, padded knees and so forth.

Q: How much should I spend?

A: You can expect to spend anywhere from $80 to $300. Pricing runs the gamut, depending on what you are looking for. There are excellent options available at all prices, so do not be discouraged if a $300 bib is not financially viable.


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