Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet In 2023

best climbing shoes for wide feet

Our Top Pick After 20 Hours of Reviewing and Testing:

Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym
Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym
Why we think it is better?

Perfect shoes for edging and crack climbing

Comes with a slippers closure system

They fit wide feet

Flexible and durable rubber

It’s relatively sensitive

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Have you ever noticed that people with wide feet encounter a difficult time when shopping for shoes? Well, the same case applies to climbers that have wide feet. Most shoes won’t fit you nicely if you have wide feet. Anyway, you don’t have to worry so much because I will present you with a list of the best climbing shoes for wide feet.

I will guide you through the factors to consider when shopping for your climbing shoes.

The 5 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet In 2023:

Having spent weeks researching, consulting and testing various shoes, I was able to pick the top rated climbing shoes for people with wide feet. These shoes have been designed by the most reputable brands in the climbing industry. You won’t regret when you invest in any of these models. So, without wasting much time, lets jump straight to these bad boys and see what they have to offer.

Reviews of Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

1. Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe

Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe

The Five Ten Anasazi is a great choice for climbers with wide feet. Besides, it is considered to be in the aggressive category meaning that it is a performance-oriented climbing shoe. The good thing about this shoe is that it features a slipper closure system. At least, you can be assured that the shoe will take the shape of your feet and still offer you with the sensitivity and stretch required in a good climbing shoe.

Stellar Performance

If you are in the market for a performance oriented climbing shoe, the Anasazi is a great choice. What’s more? These shoes come with a flexible sole that allows you to slot your feet in cracks like an expert. Besides, its Stealth C4 rubber is absolutely amazing because it smears well and maintains its stickiness for long. Moreover, the Anasazi has a high quality unlined leather that is incredible when digging on smears.

It’s Comfortable & Durable

People with wide feet will always go for shoes that provide high levels of comfort and this is exactly what you get with the Five Ten Anasazi. The shoes will be a nuisance during the first few climbs, but things will get better as the shoe conforms to the shape of your feet. The slipper closure system has awesome elasticity in order to give you an easy time wearing and taking off your shoes between climbs. Sliding your feet in the Moccasyms is super easy because you can do it with the help of the heel pull tabs.

As I mentioned earlier, the Anasazi climbing shoes do not disappoint when it comes to the aspect of durability. The rubber soles and the leather exterior have been constructed in a way that these Anasazi will serve you for years.

  • Perfect shoes for edging and crack climbing
  • Comes with slipper closure system
  • They fit wide feet
  • Flexible and durable rubber
  • It’s relatively sensitive
  • They are not great for technical climbs



2. La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Miura VS Clinbing Shoe

La Sportiva Miura VS is one of the best climbing shoes for women with wide feet. This pair of shoe is designed for people who are transitioning to intermediate climbing. You can never go wrong with shoes that are made by the La Sportiva Climbing Company. These guys understand everything about climbing and they have the expertise to make great shoes. The good thing about the Miuras is that they are sensitive enough to grip on cracks and rough rocks. These awesome shoes can maneuver on almost all kinds of rock surfaces.

Nice Fit & Comfort

The good thing about the La Sportiva Miuras is that you can customize its fit and comfort. It comes with an easy to use lacing system. Besides, its lacing system is tight and comes with a quick-pull harness. The lacing system will definitely offer excellent support, fit and comfort as long as you pick the right size. A good fit should be tight enough to help you maneuver all those technical climbs.

This shoe comes with a soft and supportive upper leather that makes you feel comfortable. Besides, this pair is fitted with a Dentex lining that wicks away moisture, keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Performance & Durability

According to most female climbers, the La Sportiva Miura is one of the best intermediate climbing shoes in the market. With this shoe, you can performance lots of climbing techniques without struggling. It’s the asymmetrical shape and flat profile makes it an amazing choice for climbing on terrain and steep surfaces.

This high end shoe comes with a 4mm Vibram XS Edge rubber sole and a highly tensioned Slingshot Rand that allows you to smear, hook and edge professionally. Moreover, this rubber sole has been designed to last for years without losing its stickiness.

  • Great for Intermediate climbers
  • Comfortable fit
  • The upper section and rubber sole are extremely durable
  • Quick lacing system
  • Does not have the ability to tackle advanced stuff


Women’s Version Click here

3. Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

The Scarpa Instinct VS is one of the most popular shoes among climbers with wide feet. This pair of the shoe comes with a dual closure system i.e velcro and slipper. This means you will get a shoe that can rumble on small crystals and edges without a problem. The Scarpa Instinct VS is the best bet if you are climbing on steep terrain. On the other hand, they do not perform well on thin finger cracks. Let’s jump to the attributes that make the Scarpa Instincts a great pair of climbing shoes.

Solid Performance

The Scarpa Instincts VS is a performance oriented shoe that comes with Vibram XS Edge rubber. This rubber helps you make the most out of nubbins and tiny chips. Moreover, it is armed with a non slipping heel that allows you to tackle steep limestone and caves.

With a pair of Instincts, you can edge pretty well without relying on a tight fit. This can be attributed to the fact that the bi-tension rand pulls your toes to the front thus providing you with the power and confidence to the edge.

These shoes are not the perfect choice in terms of sensitivity. The Instincts have a stiff rubber sole that rarely bends. You cannot climb on routes that have bumps and divots as the holding features.

Incredible comfort & Fit

One of the features that will impress you about this pair of shoe is its comfort. For starters, its wide fit allows you to slip your feet pretty quickly. They have an elastic upper which makes the shoe ideal for all day bouldering and climbing crags.

  • They are wide enough to accommodate large feet
  • The shoe fits tightly
  • They are durable
  • Great for steep bouldering and sport climbing
  • They have a very high price tag



4. Evolv Shamans Climbing Shoe

Evolv Shamans Climbing Shoe

The Evolv Shaman is yet another great and wide climbing shoe that excels at steep climbing. With these shoes, you can face most of the toughest routes out there. The Shamans by Chris Sharma are famous for their unique love bump which helps to maintain the downturn of the shoe.  This feature ensures that your toes stay snug in the front section of the shoes.

Good Performance

The Shamans have been designed in a way that allows you to climb cracks. Well, the first version of this shoe was not that great for cracks but the current version has three sleek velcro straps that allow you to jam your feet in hand sized cracks. The pointed toe box can slot nicely into thinner cracks.

The other great thing about the Shaman is that it can maneuver pretty well in pockets. Its downturned toe can grab and pull itself into holes smoothly.

The only performance issue I have with the Evolv Shaman is the lack of sensitivity. Imagine having a 4.2mm rubber sole between your feet and rock surface!

Top notch Comfort

The comfort of the Shamans is top class especially because of its medium wide fit. Moreover, the love bump feature helps maintain your big toe in the power position. Make sure you size the Evolv Shaman to your street shoe so that you feel comfortable in them.

  • This shoe has top notch comfort
  • Comes with a 4.2 mm sole which is extremely durable
  • Fits snugly without pressure points
  • Great shoe for climbing tough routes
  • Does not have enough sensitivity
  • Not great for technical climbing


5. Butora Acro Wide Climbing Shoes

Butora Acro Wide Climbing Shoes

Butora is one of the few upcoming companies that has impressed with its line of products. One of their top rated shoes happens to be the Butora Acro which is a good climbing shoe for wide feet. This product has impressed a lot of boulderers, gym and sports climbers. So, let’s see why this climbing shoe has garnered a lot of hype.

Build Quality

One of the things that amazed me about the Butora Acro is its high quality construction. The various sections of the shoe have been assembled flawlessly.  Its fabric and thread are pretty solid; there is no way you are going to find frays. Butora Acro comes with a high quality rubber that will last you for a very long time.

Comfort & Fit

The Acro is a shoe that will provide you with the comfort you need when climbing. Just like most climbing shoes, it will take time for the shoes to conform to your feet. Once, you break in the Acros, you will definitely agree with me that they provide superior comfort and a nice fit. This shoe features a toe box that provides enough room for people with wide feet.

Awesome Performance

The Butora Acro is one of those climbing shoes that you can count on when tackling steep terrain as well as technical boulders. This has been made possible by the flexy full length midsole, stiff toe box, aggressive asymmetry and downturned profile.

  • Provides incredible edging than most of its competitors
  • Impressive design and build quality
  • Comes with a customizable velcro closure
  • The shoes does not have a ventilation system.


In summation, it is evident that there are several great shoes for climbers with wide feet. In fact, all our selections are shoes from the big players in the climbing industry. You can count on any of these shoes to help you with your climbing adventures. All the shoes listed here have been recommended by the industry’s most famous climbers. Make sure you drop a comment or contact us in case you got any doubts or questions you would like to raise.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Climbing Shoe Type

As I mentioned in my previous post on best climbing shoes for women, there exists four types of climbing shoes which include Aggressive, All around, Beginner and Traditional shoes. For expert climbers, aggressive shoes or all around shoes are the best option. Beginner climbing shoes are specifically designed for people who are just starting out.

Closure Systems

Once you have identified the type of shoe that suits your needs, it is imperative to consider the closure systems. You can either choose the lace-up, velcro, or slip on closure systems.

The Lace closure system is great in terms of providing a nice fit. You can loosen or tighten the shoes with ease. In case you are looking for a shoe that you can wear and take off easily, then you should probably go with the velcro closure system.

In case you are looking for a shoe that you can train with, the slippers closure system will definitely come to your rescue. This type of closure provides great levels of sensitivity. Shoes with this system are great for slotting and crack climbing because of their low profile.


The other important factor you ought to consider is the material used to construct the shoes. Most climbing shoes are either made of leather, synthetic materials or a combination of the two. Leather is a great choice if you are looking for durability and performance. On the other hand, synthetic shoes come in handy when you need ventilation and comfort. With synthetic shoes, you won’t have to struggle with sweating and odor. In case you are not sure about the right size, its advisable to go with leather shoes because they usually expand with time.

Comfort & Fit

The comfort and fit of your climbing shoes are very important when it comes to safety, control and power. I am pretty sure you would like to have a shoe that fits you well even when your feet swell during a climb. In most cases, you will find that you have to go for a bigger or smaller size when shopping for climbing shoes. The size you choose is always determined by the kind of comfort and fit you are looking for.

It’s always imperative to choose climbing shoes that come with the option of modifying the fit and comfort.

Nature Of Sole

Before you pick any climbing shoe, you need to check how the sole has been constructed. People with wide feet should go with 3mm to 4mm thick rubber soles. This thickness is ideal if you are looking for a sensitive and durable rubber sole. Finally, you have to ensure that the rubber sole can smear nicely.

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