Best Cheap Paddle Boards Reviewed 2023: Adventure On A Budget

best cheap paddle boards

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I see you’ve taken an interest into paddleboarding, but let’s be honest here – it’s EXPENSIVE! Even the cheapest ones can burn a hole in your pocket.

I’ve been scouting for the best cheap paddle boards for a while now, and I wanted to help you out a bit.

Of course, with other information as well. You’re going to be in for a treat!

Best Budget Paddle Board In 2023:

Top Best Cheap Inflatable & SUP Boards Reviews

ImageModel NameReviewsPriceAvailability
Solstice-Bali-Stand-Up-PaddleboardSolstice Stand-Up Paddleboard 10’8”5 stars$$
Pelican Flow 106X Stand Up PaddleboardPelican Flow 116X Stand Up Paddleboard4.5 star$$$
Supflex 10' Inflatable Stand Up PaddleboardSupflex 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard4.5 star$$

Let’s Talk Practicality: Top Cheapest Paddle boards

Assuming you’ve just started out to taken into liking with paddleboards. A mere curiosity could turn into a hobby or even a sport.

However, investing in stand up paddle boards that are waaaay beyond the limit isn’t such a good idea. True enough, most high-quality boards are above $2,000 dollars. That shouldn’t really be a problem if you’re Bill Gates… (Which is really cool because THE Bill Gates is reading my article) but for the rest of the population, it isn’t a wise move.

There are boards that are only about a few hundreds of dollars. Of course, these guys are high-quality as well. Start your paddleboarding career with these paddle boards below:

1. Solstice Stand-Up Paddleboard 10’8”: Perfect Balance of Price and Convenience

Solstice Bali Stand-Up PaddleboardIf you’re looking for both price and convenience being covered up, this is as far as you could go. As a matter of fact, I’m quite surprised they’re selling this for a reasonable price.

This one saves you from the trouble of having to deal with fiberglass boards. Usually, you’d have to get your car a roof rack so you could transport the board from your house to the launch site.

However, Solstice gives you a lot of room. You simply have to inflate the board and deflate the board to keep it stored. Once air has been taken out, it’s pretty much light. You can even put it in your backpack for safekeeping. Seeing it fully inflated is pretty interesting, it becomes solid as a rock. At a glance, you’ll notice how durable the whole thing is. If you want a tip, go for 15psi when you’re inflating. The result is amazing!

Be sure you’ve done it thoroughly though, it’s unsightly if you haven’t gotten it down properly. You’ll notice that there’s a slight “bow” at the center.

Solstice Stand-Up isn’t meant for choppy waters, it doesn’t suit well. This is designed and constructed to take on flat water paddling. But overall, if you’re looking for an affordable board for recreational paddling, I’d highly recommend this. It’s worth every penny!


  • Cost-Effective Price
  • Rock Solid
  • Ideal For Flat Waters
  • Easy Transportation


  • Paddle isn’t part of the package.

2. Pelican Flow 116X Stand Up: SUP board: Affordable AND Durable

Pelican Flow 106X Stand Up PaddleboardLet’s look at what materials are being put together to create a rad-looking Pelican Flow. This has been constructed with RAM-X twin sheet.

It makes the product extremely durable, and with an affordable price tag, you could never go wrong with this baby. While it caters to professionals, it makes it a great stand up paddle board for beginners as well. You’re guaranteed of a constant coasting flow with 116X.

Amazingly, it carries the same feature as what most SUP boards which have a greater price range. You’re given a handy carrying handle (four to be exact). For convenience, you also have a center grab handle as well.

If you plan on going for a cruise in an area with shallow water, then you could take this with you. Its fin size is smaller for that reason alone. For a better grasp of tracking, this comes with grooves at the bottom of the board. To minimize the risk of injuries, this has an anti-slip deck. And of course, for longevity purposes, the rubber fin is able to withstand against hard surfaces like rocks.

If you’ve ever been in a kayak before, you’ll notice that the materials being used are similar. You don’t have to worry about carrying this board as extra handles make a 48-pound board feel like a 10-pound dumbbell – it’s pretty convenient.


  • Great For All Skill Levels
  • Perfect For Functionality
  • Can Withstand Rocks
  • Handle Moderate Choppy Waters


  • Occasional water collects issue.


3. Supflex 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board

Super Portable: Offers Anti-Slip Mat and 2 Detachable Fins

Supflex 10' Inflatable Stand Up PaddleboardThe backpack that comes with it has the size advantage – unlike other backpacks, this is easy enough to keep your board without any problems. Also, you’ll be able to keep the rest of the knickknacks in place as well.

Once you have unrolled the board, you’ll be able to see clearly its design. It’s pretty nice, I like its anti-slip mat’s style. It really makes the board stand out.

It has a padded carry handle and it distinguishes itself from the rest of the group as it delivery excellently for a balanced carry.  The bungee has just the right size, it isn’t too large. However, I’m surprised by how it’s still able to fit a rather small sack.

The fins are great, it comes in a set of 3, 2 of which aren’t detachable. Its main fin just stays in place. I must say, it’s been smartly made. The makers placed fin guards so that no harm would be done once it’s been deflated and rolled up. Going to its paddle, it’s in 3 pieces. These are simple to assemble, anyone could do it.

They have prominent markings for its size. It doesn’t matter what your size is, you’re able to modify it to your desired length. Accidents are prone out in the sea, you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping your paddle. Another smart move from Supflex as its core is made out of foam to make it float.

You’ll notice that its valve, in particular, is being protected by a cap. It’s easy to deal with, all you have to do is lump it with the use of a quarter turn. It doesn’t really take long for the valve to open. As you pump, air pressure is being locked it. Deflating and inflating the board in general only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Generally, it’s a really good stand up paddle board for the price.


  • Great Backpack Size
  • Easy To Inflate and Deflate
  • Adjustable Paddle
  • Paddle’s Core is Foam


  • Bottom rubber may tend to be unstable.


Paddleboarding Skills For Show

Believe it or not, I’m still a fresh 20-something year old. And the popularity of paddleboards is only a “little” below my age. It has only started its popularity a little over a decade.

The sport itself is quite creative, you’re given a number of choices on how you want to ride the board. For instance, for your casual tour, fishing, racing, yoga, and my favorite, surfing (although I’m not good at it). Just name it, there’s probably a board for it.

It’s only normal that it takes skills and gets to get paddleboarding down. For my first few tries, I was struggling with my balance as well. Hey, I’m not that coordinated.

Naturally, your first step should be mastering the most basic of them all – paddling. Now, don’t say that it’s easy. It might sound easy but it needs time to get used to.

NOTE: You can start with paddling on flat water. I’m quite hardheaded so I decided to catch the waves right away. Needless to say, I’m thankful that my cousin – who’s an expert – was there. There are three skills you need to master before you can dream of getting into the hardcore group. Unfortunately, I had to learn it the hard way.

You need skillfully perform a 360-degree turn. The reason why it’s important is that it gives you the experience to easily pivot yourself towards the wave. Catching up with the wave needs a bit more time to learn, but it’s going to get easier.

You can find an excuse and say that you can paddle your way to catch the wave, but there are going to be a lot more missed opportunities when you’re at a distance. Being able to respond right away is only essential.

Moving on to mastering the second skill. You must have the capacity to sprint using your stand up paddle board. No, I don’t mean running on water and bringing your board with you – that would make you a ninja.

What I’m trying to say is, you’re capable of paddling with both speed and water. Yeah, you’re going to need to work your shoulders and arms, especially if the water is breaking. This is an awesome exercise on flat water paddling. If you want to be measured, do it with a twist. Here’s what I do for fun, I take intervals when I’m out on a cruise.

For example, at first, I take it slow. I’d set my watch to alarm every one minute (It is waterproof, no need to worry). After the alarm goes off, I use my full speed and power to paddle. After I hit the 60-second mark, I take a breather and go back to my usual speed.

On your first day, you might feel that your arm might fall off. But it just means that you need to practice A LOT more times before you can be a professional surfer. On the bright side, your arms will be solid after you’re comfortable with the intervals.

And before you head out to the water, make sure that you’ve already familiarized various paddle strokes. There are other strokes than just the normal paddling on the water. For instance, mastering of sweet strokes.

You’ll be able to control the board perfectly. Turning and drawing your board to move laterally is an important skill. This will be your final step to riding your first wave.

Remember About Your Safety

Remember About Your Safety 300x150 1Because no one wants to die paddleboarding. Unless that’s your lifelong dream, but I’m guessing you’ll already be at 80 or 90 something. DON’T FORGET THE LEASH!

Accidents can happen out in the ocean. You do know that there are scary, undiscovered species in the ocean. Maybe they’ll suddenly decide to show up and you fall off the board.

Even worse, FLYING SEAWATER COCKROACH! Either way, it’s better to be prepared. It can get really dangerous for you and your friends when one of the guys accidentally fall off. You need to be attached to the board. Just like what the experts say, “You need to be one with the board.”

Don’t get blown off, don’t get cocky and paddle places with offshore winds. This carries a great risk of you being blown away to Atlantis. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. For the first few weeks, until you can finally say you’re good enough, avoid yourself from facing big waves. Also, with lots of chops as well. At our local beach, paddleboarding has its own place.

There are also other beaches, especially if you’re traveling and not familiar with the rules, that restrict the sport to certain areas. Ask help from the locals and paddlers in the area, it’ll save you more than just time.

Going To The Waves!

Before you get all excited and attempt to ride the waves, chill for a moment or two and take the time to look at the wave.

This might take some time to get used to, but you need to be able to measure the frequency and length. It isn’t as hard as you’re expecting it to be. In fact, all you need is time out at the beach. You’ll be able to tell how long it is going to take for you to reach and ride it. Your energy will be saved in the process.

And yes, there are techniques in which you can use to past the break. The basis for this method is the height of the waves.

For instance, you’re able to lie on your board. This can work for waves which are a bit smaller, just under your knee height. Now, this trick is similar as to what you would do on a surfboard. You simply place your paddle underneath you and use your arms to propel forward to the waves.

When you’re noticing white water, you have to face it head on. You’re going to do a super cool move by putting your one hand on the paddle while the other one is at the bar of the board. As the waves are getting nearer, prop yourself up. If you’re facing a wave which is two feet and above, kneel on your board. You can choke up on the paddle as you do so.

Make sure that you have maneuvered the board to face the waves. After you’ve secured the position, take them head on. Before you have finally reached the board, make sure you’ve used all of your power to do a strong stroke. This will ensure that you won’t be pushed back by the wave’s force.

There’s going to be such time where you’re going to be comfortable with your knee position. You can eventually start standing up. At this point, you’re one step closer to your goal.

Being ON The Waves

Being On The Waves 300x150 1Here’s where stand up paddle boards are more superior to surfboards: You’ll be able to see waves sooner. It means you can take up a ride on the waves more than if you were to use a surfboard.

Now, this is where your training starts to get handy.

Once you have noticed that the wave is approaching, as fast as you can, use the board to face towards the beach. Thus, we’ve accomplished the first lesson: turning 360 degrees. When you’re approaching the wave, make sure that your strokes are consistent. It should have power and speed maintained.

When you do this, you’re guaranteed of catching the wave right away. The moment that the wave has reached you, you automatically have to change your stance. What you’re trying to achieve is to get a perfect body position as you would on a surfboard. You can achieve this by placing one foot behind the other. Preferably, you should make sure that the board’s nose it being kept from submerging into the water.

Knees must be slightly bent, this will aid in maintaining the ideal weight. It’ll give you balance on both of your body and legs.

After doing so, swiftly transfer the paddle board to the direction in which you plan to turn the paddleboard. The reason why this is important is that it helps in achieving equilibrium. If needed to, you can also use it slap the water. You may utilize the paddle to skim the water as well. As always, make sure to never let go of it. Don’t get carried away.

When the time comes you’ve successfully ridden your first waves, you’ll bound to catch a couple more in the future. You can exit the wave by kneeling down, you’re going to use the wave to go back the shore. Just make sure you have enjoyed your first few waves, the next ones are going to even better than before.

Paddleboarding On Vacation

Let’s talk about Venezuela and paddle boarding. Is there such a connection? You might be enjoying your time at the local beaches, but there’s something greater in store for your outside your comfort zone.

Now that we have discussed the basic things you need to get down when you’re catching the waves, it’s better to talk about your dream vacation.

Unfortunately, paddlers aren’t aware of the hidden paradise in Venezuela. So, I’m trying to reach out to the other enthusiasts out there. Locals, as expected, are proud of this prime beauty. The national park is being composed nothing less of majestic. It’s 32,000-hectares of nothing but the best of Caribbean vibe.

The park has persevered decades before I was born. It started out in the 1970s where Morrocoy National Park came to be. The visitors are overwhelmed by the number of choices. There are at least dozens to choose from. But what made everyone interested about it is its sandy beaches.

Honestly, its beauty can be competed with the world’s attraction – simply wonderful. If you have a plan to stay there for a good 30-day vacation, you’ll be greeted with different turquoise each day.

Posada La Ardileña Paradise: A Dream Come True!

parkNow, let’s talk about what’s in the park. Within the park, you’ll find a relatively small hotel. You can even call this as your ideal vacation house. Posada La Ardileña has their offers all planned out.

To save money and have the ultimate experience, you can go with its all-inclusive plan. You’re served with nothing but the best of food. The bed is pretty comfortable as well, you can sweet soundly at night after your paddle boarding adventure.

Your day is all being taken care of by their helpers. They even have a cooler with beer. Now, how’s that for a vacation? And of course, it’s not a complete day without a finishing massage.

While all of that sounds fun, it isn’t what we’re primarily looking for. The best part is that they give you the chance to mix it all up with stand up paddle boards. You’re able to access and give it a go. Venezuela isn’t really acquainted with the whole concept of paddleboarding yet. However, this hotel wanted to be the first. It offers you the best of paddle board quality.

The sea is pretty accessible once you pass through the docks. What you should really try is paddle boarding while looking at the sunset. It’s definitely something you should add to your bucket list for this year.

If you’re a professional, you can continue to paddle for 2-3 kilometers straight. Personally, I would go for an entire day of cruising around the park. The view is just something you don’t want to miss.

The reason why paddlers around the globe would want to try this out is that there’s a bird sanctuary being allocated. The best part is that it’s an easy access for paddlers! There are certain months of the year that makes it an ideal time for down winding. These months are from December to March. In given time, there’s a continuous onshore wind that makes it just perfect.

To ensure that you will be having a blast, you can call on a staff member to have your board arranged. The perfect spot would be at the back of the hotel where there the downwind is most desirable.

As for the remaining months of the year, the weather conditions are pretty much calming and soothing. It’s an escape from reality especially when you’re not in a hurry. This is an ideal place for you go on your very own paddleboard adventure without actually having to buy it. You could get a feel first in the great environment before making the big buying decision.

In this way, you’ll be able to have the time to get a feel for the sport. But don’t worry though, if you want to bring your own stand up paddle board then no worries. We’re going to talk about the best cheap paddleboard for you.