5 Reasons that Transparent Kayaks are a Great Investment!

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If you enjoy the outdoors, especially being on the water, then there is a good chance that at some point in your life you have popped into a kayak and taken a glide across the surface of some body of water. Whether you happen to be scoping the mangroves for a monster snook, navigating the currents and eddies of a rushing river, or just taking a quick paddle to enjoy the outdoors, kayaks are becoming an increasingly popular option for the everyday trip out on the water.

Kayaking has allowed men and women of all walks of life with a way to enjoy the outdoors and promote physical activity as well. Now, thanks to companies like Florida’s Crystal Kayak Company, you can combine the utility and easy access of kayaking with all of the unique visibility of a glass-bottom boat ride! The invention of transparent kayaks is taking the water-goers world by storm and for a good reason. Below I will give you 5 reasons on why transparent kayaks are an awesome alternative to the traditional kayaking or boating experience.


  1. Transparent Kayaks allow you to experience your chosen body of water like you never have before!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran kayaker or a simply a first timer, taking a ride in a transparent kayak will completely change the way that you think about kayaking. If the body of water you choose has ANY visibility at all, then you will be in for a unique treat! Springs, spring-fed rivers, coastal beaches, the Gulf, etc. all of these locations are perfect for what a transparent kayak has to offer. Providing users with the same distinctive experience as a glass-bottom boat, kayakers now have the ability to see everything beneath them. Entire water-based businesses operate on the success of the glass-bottom boat industry, and that’s with the customers who purchase a ride being at the whim of the boat operator as they go on a ride as observers rather than participants. By hopping into a see-through kayak yourself, you will have complete control over where you want to explore so long as a few inches of water resides between you and the sandy or grassy bottom beneath you. You can throw away the role of observer and fully experience nature as a participant rather than a tourist. A see-through kayak will enable you to see all new schools of fish, coral reefs, ocean floors, and riverbeds; the list goes on! Consider also that, because the hull of the kayak breaches the water’s surface, your view through the bottom of your transparent kayak will nullify the Sun’s glare that can sometimes reduce your visibility when you are peering over the sides of your traditional kayak. One ride in a transparent kayak and you might find that the unique sights and experience of sitting in a see-through kayak takes all the fun out of a traditional one!Crystal Explorer Transparent Kayak underwater 1


  1. Transparent Kayaks are not just for the sight-seer, but are an awesome advantage for the outdoor sportsman (or sportswoman) as well!

As an avid fisherman, especially from the flexible seat of a lightweight and maneuverable kayak, I discovered that there is almost no better advantage you can have for any type of sport-fishing than trading out a high-density polyethylene kayak (the durable, soft plastic that your traditional kayak is composed of) for a see-through one! As a regular kayaker and fishermen of Florida’s Western Gulf Coast, I frequently glide across the grass flats and sandbars of 3-8 foot waters and search for that tell-tale sandy hole where the Red Drum makes his bed, or the camouflaged, plate-shaped outline of a Gulf Flounder as he slides along the sandbar. Typically, you have to rely on polarized sunglasses and the absence of top-water debris in order to maximize the visibility necessary for spot-fishing, but with the transparent kayak you can (as mentioned earlier) avoid the glare and see what is directly beneath you. I have seen such a number of red drum, flounder, trout, and other fish as they swam mere feet beneath my kayak’s transparent hull that it has left me wondering just how many fish I might have missed during all of the years that I have spent fishing in a traditional kayak. Furthermore, the visible advantages of a see-through kayak are not just limited to fishing, but also any type of crabbing or scalloping. Florida’s Western Coast boasts a world-famous scallop season that is based completely off of the boater’s ability to spot the tiny mollusks in thick, camouflaging turtle grass so that he or she can know where to get out and begin snorkeling for the delicious little morsels. Undergoing this process in a transparent kayak can save you hours of time spent jumping in and out of your kayak or boat to try and find a heavily-populated bed of scallops. Overall, transparent kayaks offer the outdoorsman (or woman) too many advantages to ignore.see through kayak


  1. Transparent Kayaks are much lighter than your average kayak, yet still incredibly durable and able to withstand a number of bumps and bruises!

One of my earliest concerns with transparent kayaks, whenever I found they existed, was just how fragile they might be. They certainly appear to be much more vulnerable than your traditional kayak, given their glass-like appearance and the reduced weight. However, the incredible polycarbonate blend used by see-through kayak makers such as CrystalKayak or Molokini Kayaks is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding nearly all of the same battering that your traditional high-density polyethylene kayak could take. The reduced weight makes it much easier for the single-rider (although there are also a plethora of two-seater kayaks out there for the couple or friendly outing) to tote the vessel around. While scratches, as with any kayak material, will form on occasion, products like the magic eraser can get rid of the vast majority of these scratches in an instant! Given their comparable durability and the awesome storing/transportability of their unique, lightweight design, this is just one more reason why see-through kayaks are such an awesome alternative to the traditional kayak.


  1. Taking a transparent kayak out on the water is a great form of exercise that can be a great, interactive way of either getting into or maintain being in shape!

For millions of people across the country, getting into shape (or simply maintaining a desired level of fitness) can be very difficult. So many people make a commitment to follow a certain workout regimen or program and then, after a few weeks of the same old routine, their motivation plummets as boredom reduces the enthusiasm generated from starting a new program. Kayaking, especially in a one-of-a-kind see-through kayak, will provide you with an incredible new workout routine that can deliver you a different experience every single time that you step into your kayak! Kayaking provides the paddler with a distinctive upper body and core workout that will both burn huge amounts of calories and develop lean muscles long your back, core, chest, shoulders, and arms. According to the American Council on Exercise, a 125-lb. a person burns 283 calories per hour of kayaking while a 150-lb. a person burns 340, a 175-lb. a person burns 397 calories and a 200-lb. Comparatively, the statistics on walking for the same amount of time would be, for a 130-pound person, walking briskly at a pace of 3.5 mph or walking slowly uphill burns 80 to 90 calories per half-hour or 160 to 180 calories per hour. For a 200-pound person, a 3.5 mph pace burns about 120 calories per half-hour or 240 calories per hour. That would be hundreds of more calories per hour, AND the added bonus of experiencing incredible views both below and above as schools of fish, dolphins, sea turtles, or any other number of aquatic wildlife can be seen through the bottom of your transparent kayak. If you are like me, then you know the only thing that you can possibly think about when running laps around a track or along the rhythmic humming of a treadmill are just how many more times I have to put one leg in front of the other before I can hit the showers. When gliding across the water in a transparent kayak, you will have such a sensory overload of sights, smells, and ocean spray distracting you that you will barely even notice the fact that you are engaging in an awesome workout. A kayak like this will completely take away the need to count down the seconds as you walk or jog your way toward whatever arbitrary mileage goal you set for yourself when you convinced yourself to start your workout. And unlike any gym membership, after the initial purchase of a transparent kayak, you won’t have any monthly membership dues to pay as launching and using your kayak only requires the effort you put into it as you enjoy paddling your way into better shape.


  1. If you are looking to hang out with and meet other kayakers, no other kayak will draw as many interested looks or start more conversations than a transparent kayak!

Given the rise in kayaking’s popularity, it has started to become an excellent way to turn fun outdoor adventures into a great way to meet like-minded people through the formation of kayaking clubs and popular kayaking group destinations. Kayaking alongside other kayakers in a see-through boat makes it almost impossible not to start up a conversation with a number of questions or exclamations will pour in just by seeing your translucent vessel glide across the water. Unlike any other canoe or kayak, a see-through kayak can provide you with the best ice-breaker around and allow you to form meaningful relationships with people who share your similar interests. The novelty of such a vessel can be the perfect way to surprise the family, significant other, or even create an irreplaceable first date experience!

To sum it all up, the outdoors is a wonderful place. Whether its ocean breeze, mountain air, or the earthy smell of river clay, taking a trip outside and really experiencing the world around is an awesome, therapeutic experience for many people who call this country home. Kayaking can be a wonderful addition to that experience, especially when kayaking in a see-through vessel. Given its increased visibility, advantageous fishing qualities, and numerous health benefits, a see-through kayak will change the way you think about hitting the water. While the majority of the locations and activities that I mentioned were those found in Florida, particularly the West Coast of Florida, a transparent kayak is an awesome choice for any body of water. Whether you are navigating down a mountain stream in Montana, cruising up and down the beaches of the North East, or enjoying the crystal clear waters and beautiful reefs of the Florida Keys, trading in your traditional kayak or canoe for a see-through kayak is something that you will not want to miss. If you are looking for a little adventure in your life, whether it’s a changeup to the same old routine or simply another activity to put down on your list, I highly recommend that you consider renting or purchasing a transparent kayak and hitting the water as soon as you can!


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